The Mod Squad

December 2, 2008

I’ve been holding off on experimenting with mods in WAR for a few reasons: one, I consider it part of my duty to cover this game as it is in its purest, Mythic-delivered form; two, I’m lazy; and three, I wanted to wait until after a major patch, let things settle a bit (and mods catch up), and go from there.

So I’m earmarking next week to trying out Warhammer Online mods for the first time — and I’m asking you for guidance!  I’m willing to try out any of the mods YOU find useful and fun, and give you my thoughts on them.

Don’t be nuts or list every mod in existence (I am going to limit it to only one or two mods a commenter), just list the “must have’s” that you feel I should include in my gaming experience.  Comment away!


  1. I am thinking the same as you. I have not modded my WAR yet either. I am waiting for some of the stuff to get ironed out and standardized before I start messing around. Plus, Mythic themselves are starting to make changes and may start adding some of the mods themselves.

    by the way.. Work has blocked your site as expected but your suggestion to use google read has been a savior. There is also a cool function which will translate any (most?) languages into English. Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. I’m going to recommend that you try Casualties of War and Nobby’s Nuts. They are both great at filtering the ORVR information that would normally get ignored by the player.

    Casualties will display a scoreboard for skirmishes that are happening near you that you might not even be aware of otherwise, and Nobby’s will help you find a keep or objective to defend/take with much greater ease than sorting through the various zone maps.

  3. Do I really need to stick to only one or two? I’m a very addon-happy guy, but trust me that I have good reason to use each and every one of them. I’ll try to be brief and only list the absolute must-haves.

    LibSlash: not much an addon “per se”, but a library that most addons use for slash “command-line” shortcuts.

    SpamMeNot: just install this and forget about gold selling spam on the chat channels.

    Join Selected Scenarios: works as advertised; shows a window to select which scenarios you want to select. Good to avoid Tor Anroc.

    zMailMod: allows you to send many items for other characters with a single click.

    Fast Friends: syncs your Friend and Ignore lists between your characters. Good for people with many alts.

    ClosetGoblin: if you have a character with more then one set of equips (like healing and dps sets), this allows you to switch between those almost instantly.

    Well, I use many many more than those, but that should give you a good start. 😉

  4. tome titan – a in game listing of achievements to go after

    Great as a check list when you are leveling to know if you forgot to talk to a particular noteworthy person, or there was a lore unlock around that corner.

    In the near future this will have map integration baked in (much sought after)

    A must have for achievers.

  5. You’ve mentioned how much you like tome unlocks.
    Check this out: http://war.curse.com/downloads/war-addons/details/ttitan.aspx

    Or is this considered cheating? 🙂

  6. If I had to pick two mods I guess I’d say
    Warhammer Scrolling Combat Text
    Tithe Tracker

    Scrolling Combat Text with out any configuration instantly makes you more aware of what’s going on in combat. It’s easier to see when you are getting attacked, enter/leave combat, and much more. The built in SCT really stinks.

    Tithe Tracker is a small mod that won’t change your game play but gives you some really interesting statistics. Most people don’t realize how little they contribute to their guild, now you’ll know. Tithes and Taxes are tracked seperately so you’ll be able to set that tax rate based on actual numbers rather than what ‘sounds right’.

  7. I am going to look into mods as well. I searched on Google and found the following ones I would like to try: http://delicious.com/chris_falzone/mods

    Note that I play a healing class so I am geared towards the healing type mods.

    I’ll need to check out CoW and NN as well they sound interesting.

    Let us know what you find.

  8. LibSlash
    Tome Titan
    Buff Throttle

    Those are what I would recommend.

  9. I think 2 of my favorites are the RVR stats tab, really something I’d have assumed would have been included. As a compliment to that, Little Black Book. It’s great to see a Vengance kill popup, especially for the squishier of us.

  10. Warhammer Scrolling Combat Text: I never saw the need for anything like this and poopooed the idea. Something convinced me to give it a go though and now I’m a believer. It gives me the information I need right where I can see it with ease.

    Squared: This is supposedly essential for healers. I use it on my zealot alt and it’s incredibly useful. It’s a grid of squares that are health meters for everyone in your warband/scenario. Click the square to target the needy.

    Just for fun try Little Black Book. It’s a bit quirky but it keeps track of who killed you, and who you got revenge by killing in return.

  11. I never understood why some people say mods are cheating, or not playing the way intended, etc. If you were not expected to use them, they would not be supported my Mythic.

    Personally i think there area couple mods I could not play without. Some things you’d think are would already be there, but are not… yet.

    “LibSlash” is required for 95% of other mods, It adds slash command functionality.

    “UIMenuEnabler” adds a button to the ‘ESC’ menu so you can turn on/off mods from within the game.

    “TargetOnButtonDown” I don’t know if this has been fixed by Mythic yet, but have you noticed that when targeting a PC with the mouse, you don’t change targets until you let go of the mouse. Nothing to set up, nothing visual to get in the way, simple, easy fix. HUGE improvement. If you only get one mod, this is the one.

    “AlertMaster” its supposed to get rid of alert spam, its not too good at that. Its pretty low rated as well, but I like it just cause it also makes those alerts in a smaller font but still easily readable.

    “SpamMeNot” stops about 80% of spam whispers. Its even recommended by Mythic themselves.

    “CleanUnitFrames” gets rid of a lot of flowery crap around things like the group windows. Saves a lot of real estate for actually seeing the game (or more mods!)

    There are a ton of other good ones, like Squared, Vertigo, AssHat, DeadTargetLock, Waaghbar, TomeTracker, as well. Except they, and others are more up to you. There used to be many more I refused to play without, but Mythic has done a good job of incorporating them into the default UI fast. So don’t be surprised if you see a lot of high rated mods while browsing that do things that are already in the game.

    Also, as a side note, I suggest you make sure and get you mods from a reputable site like http://www.curse.com. In WoW, some mods were beleived to be part of the account hacking problems.

  12. I have alot so many in fact I am not sure why I have them. I have requested that Curse add a way to export the names at least to help out guildies since many of them are not computer savvy. Some mods should be mandatory ..they fix in game issues. Mythic has stated that they support mods (open source) because anything a mod can do anyone can do; its built into the interface.
    1) get the curse client http://www.curse.com/client/
    it will allow you to see only warhammer mods and has a autoupdate feature so you set it and forget it mostly.
    a)download all the LIB pieces almost every mod relies on them.
    2)Chat Alert! sound notification when you get a guild, warband chat, or tell
    3)Autodismount self explainatory
    4)Scenario Alert audio sound when a scenario has popped …great when i am watching my kids.
    5)Chatterer puts tells, guild, warband chat in bold and scrolls overhead ..you cant miss chat again.
    6)BlackBox and ovdeadnomore removes the stuck respawning bar and makes it more like a casting bar
    7) TargetRing adds a above ground ring on your target instead of ground hard to see ring
    8) Warboard this is the best mod I have seen hands down …it and its corresponding plug ins have made the interface much more clear.

    I will be doing a write up on my site too. Amazing how many really talented people are writing mods out there.

  13. Go to http://www.curse.com, install their client, then pick (note, I’m doing this from memory, so may get some numbers wrong):

    zMailMod – great for bulk mail transfers

    Squares – particularly for healers, this is a must-have – simply puts some green squares up on your screen, they show health and give a handy clickable target for everyone in your warband. This is indispensable for my shammy.

    AuctionStats – because every MMO needs one, apparently – adds cost info to hover windows from scan of auction house.

    TomeTitan – help you find where all the shinies are 🙂

    RealmStatus – an absolute must-have regardless of who you are, this gives you /rs to find the current victory points for all realms, and puts numbers on your realm status bar top right. oRVR goodness.

    TargetInfoWindows – this one needs some tweaking, once it’s installed go to the window layout tool in War and move the windows it adds from top-left to the centre top of the screen for visibility. This will tell you what it knows about an enemy when you target them – great for getting a large warning when you tab onto a healer. It apparently learns only in scenarios, so you may not get immediate or complete targetting info – but when you do, it’s great 😉

    Those are probably the highlights, but check in the curses client for a huge list of mods. Note, if you’re running windowed, you can flick to the curses client, install a new mod, and then /reloadui in your war window and they’ll come online – ditto in reverse for removing, so no relaunching to try things out.

    Silarsis, Darklands Shaman

  14. Minor one: Actionbarcolor.
    Paints the whole hotbar-button red instead of just the number which represents the action. It’s just so easy to see if a target is in range or line of sight.

    Major one: CleanUnitFrames (though I’m waiting for a proper version of Streamlined UnitFrames)
    Just nice and clean unit frames..

  15. Hey syp i no im a bit late with war but i just got in a month ago. I liked the podcast u did with snaf and keen chaoscadt u guys did great with it i think u shud come back if ur still in WAR then send me a tell im on destruction server iron rock my shaman is level34 greegar if u are still in and get the chance wanna talk bout blog and the podcast thank you<

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