Random Picture Tuesday!

December 2, 2008

I decided to clean out my screenshots folder this morning, and pass along the savings to you!


Yay!  I earned a bright, shiny new trophy!  Whee… what?  Oh, I guess I have to give it to the enemy then.


Syp vs. Pig — the eternal MMO struggle continues.  In memory of Book of Grudges!  (Seriously, guys, come back already… the joke’s up!)


You know how there was that Jurassic Park quote “life will find a way”?  In WAR, it’s “gold spammers will find a way” — here, they’ve moved the battle into my mailbox!


In a zone that I grew to hate with the passion of a million dying stars, I found actual proof of Hell.  Here it is.  This innocent-looking corner of the map is home to an atrociously hard-to-navigate mining pit that killed me a million times as I tried to get all the way to the bottom for a quest.

I hate Badlands.  So.  Very.  Much.


I don’t recall the particular circumstances of this evening, but good moods were nowhere to be found.  For the record, I’ve never played, nor ever wanted to play, Everquest.


  1. I just abandoned all my quests in that blasted Badlands dump. Killing Frostbristles in Kadrin is much more rewarding!

  2. Im only in ch 12 on T3 (with multiple char’s), but Ive always stayed in Chaos lands. Seems like the most populace (on my 2 servers anyway), also like the PQ’s there.

  3. Ah I remember that cavern in badlands aswell. Somehow I managed to make my way down without dying and was able to finish my quests, but it was very hard

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