Night of the Podcast People

October 1, 2008

One quick ‘n dirty way to get a mention on this here blog is if you happen to do a podcast and give a shoutout to WAAAGH! I’ve listened to two recently that have done so, which is exactly why you should stampede over to their sites, overwhelm their bandwidth, and show up in their bedrooms as they wake up, demanding their autographs:

  • WAAAGH Radio – This new, excellently-done podcast is ripe for your ears, and they mentioned WAAAGH! at the end of the show.

Speaking of podcasts, not a day goes by where one of you don’t phone me up, all hysterical, over when the next ChaosCast is coming out. It’s always tough to get all three of us hosts together, and between launch, work and the new school year (Keen and I are taking classes, while Snafzg has a busy schedule picking belly button lint) we haven’t had time… until now. Well, Thursday. We’re going to try to record on Thursday. Is that okay? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?


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