The Death Star Is Within Range

October 1, 2008

Let’s call it: Wednesday, October 1 — city sieges in WAR officially begin.

*double take*

Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

It’s true. And it doesn’t look like it happened the way it should’ve.

I don’t have much more to add, other than “this does not bode well”.

Tomorrow: better boding!



  1. I’m all for the better team winning. Even though I play order I feel fine with Chaos sacking the city if they put the effort into it. My main concern is that they actually earn the win though. Building up the city is a global effort and from what I recall, as long as the opposing team holds the city the further its rating will drop. How discouraging do you think its going to be if an already minimal population’s achievements are wiped out repeatedly because the npc guards aren’t challenging enough, keep backdoors are bugged, and an extremely competitive and larger force simply schedules raids during off hours. If Order cant cut it because the cool kids wont play nice with everyone, that’s their problem. I’m just fearful the controlling mechanisms designed to offset a population imbalance and late night raids aren’t going to do their job.

  2. Could this be server related, perhaps one server has a better organized realm then others?

  3. My thoughts on this are as follows:

    Fix the bug that let them use the postern gate to get into the keep.

    Increase the number of guard spawns, their respawn rate, and what they consist of.

    Increase the toughness of the doors dramatically. It should be all but impossible to get through the wall or keep doors on the fortresses in the allotted 60 minutes without a Heavy Ram. I suspect this is also a bug, where these doors are using the stats from Tier 2 keep doors instead of what they should be using.

    That’s just the first three that come to mind right now.

  4. I enjoy your blog – but have to ask, how do you find the time to write so much, work, play WaR and have a family life ?

    Tips will be gladly taken….

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  5. On Monolith, it looks so far like Order will be doing this first, they’re definitely more organized and they’ve got more higher Ranked players.

    And that tints my take on the population imbalances, that the casuals have adopted Destruction, but the serious players interested in RvR are on the Order side of things.

  6. Check out this video at minute 3:

    Paul and Hickman in the video ask the audience which side they’ll play when the game launches….

    The massive Order/Chaos imbalance we’re seeing now should come as no surprise to Mythic…

  7. @ Fiale – Honestly, I write fast and I multitask like nobody’s business. And I probably don’t play as much WAR as your average non-blogger.

  8. Having this happen now, this early after release, is a good thing. Even better, it didn’t happen on my server, so my Altdorf didn’t suffer. Beta tests are all well and good, but nothing replaces testing the live version. Clearly, Mythic will fix the bugs and up the dificulty a few notches to prevent this from happening again. The next couple of sieges may result in more patching; who knows. But, WAR’s never-end-game content is all about sieging capitols; rest assured that Mythic will keep a close eye on this aspect of the game and make approriate adjustments.

    Those EU Destros may have been the first to sack Altdorf, but there will forever be a little asterisk next to the plaque. Can you say performance enhancing bug(juice), anyone?

  9. I’ve been spamming this idea around a lot this morning, but I think it’s a good approach to resolving pop imbalances generally and undefended points specifically:

    Mythic could make keep/castle/city/king warfare similar to RVR scenarios.

    Here’s how it would work:
    1)Attacking realm moves to take over a keep. Timer begins countdown…

    2)Defending realm players receive a message, similar to how scenarios work. For example, message might say: Destro is about to attack keep X: do you wish to defend it?

    3)Players who choose yes are immediately transported into the keep. While timer counts down, they quickly take their places and prepare for the attack.

    4)System calculates ratio between attacking/defending players, and spawns NPC defenders accordingly to bridge any gaps.

    5)Timer countdown ends, and battle begins. No more undefended keeps!

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