50 Tidbits I’ve Loved In MMORPGs

July 28, 2008
  1. Non-combat pets. I’m a sucker for a loyal whatever to follow me around like an adoring fan trying in vain to get an autograph.
  2. Level-matching systems. Any way to let me and my buddy, who are 15 levels apart, have fun in the game together is a wonderful thing indeed.
  3. Hype.
  4. Speculation.
  5. Analysis.
  6. Being wowed by the littlest details done right.
  7. Great music that makes me want to stay in one spot until I’ve heard it all.
  8. In-jokes, puns and gags.
  9. Stupid ways I’ve died and am proud of them.
  10. Finding the right mix of guild for me. It’s harder than you’d think!
  11. Murloc movie title jokes. Lord help me, but I still think they’re funny.
  12. Combat pets. Loyal friends who kick butt for you while you hid in the corner from the Blair Witch.
  13. Going into a new zone for the very first time.
  14. Spending a half hour creating the perfect character — look, name, class, race, server, etc.
  15. Deleting that character right after logging in to make an even better one.
  16. /burp
  17. Having a trusting friend follow me blindly off a cliff.
  18. A responsive, intuitive user interface.
  19. Water that looks like water, not just blurry white fuzz.
  20. Discovering a new trick for an old skill.
  21. Funny, dumb or unique-looking gear.
  22. Saying something really weird in guild vent when everyone’s getting far too serious about a raid.
  23. Playing tag in the middle of a raid, or better yet, hide and go seek.
  24. Logging in to a mailbox stuffed with more money than Job.
  25. Responding to beggers by mimicking everything they say. “Can I haz gold?” “Can I haz gold?” “What?” “What?”
  26. Finding people in real life who play the games I do. And then having very awkward conversations with them about it.
  27. Destressing after a long day by lopping the head off a dragon and wearing it as a codpiece.
  28. When someone is randomly nice and/or selfless toward you.
  29. When I finally reach a huge goal and reap the rewards.
  30. The sense of advancement and achievement that is measurable and noticeable (unlike real life, sometimes).
  31. Feeling like I get my money’s worth out of a game.
  32. Getting sucked into race/realm/faction pride.
  33. Discovering that a class you’ve long overlooked is actually pretty fun to play, after all.
  34. Weather effects.
  35. Scripted events – in the game world, or in dungeons.
  36. The rare occasion when the game can honestly surprise me or catch me off guard.
  37. Being able to develop your character to fit your personality and playstyle.
  38. Taverns.
  39. Being almost at death’s door, then killing a guy to hit the next level — BING! Full life!
  40. Flying.
  41. When a skill or power that I use seriously impresses the rest of my group.
  42. Finally getting to the point where dying doesn’t bother me (nor wiping).
  43. Playing a girl toon and getting hit on by a guy, then /yell “I AM A GUY AND YOU JUST HIT ON ME AND NOW YOUR SEXUALITY IS IN QUESTION!”
  44. Unleashing a day’s worth of crazy in guild chat.
  45. When I say something completely ridiculous in guild chat, and a newbie guildie believes me, and then I have to go along with it for the rest of the night. (“Why, yes, I was a former spy for Belgium…”)
  46. Getting that kill/node/drop/quest item out from under the nose of a competing player of the opposite faction.
  47. /kiss and /hug to any players who start to get mean to me. If they’re really, really mean, I might Care Bear Shine on their butts.
  48. Reading up on the game when I’m not playing it (but, y’know, not ALL the time… that would be addiction!)
  49. Seeing a game you love suddenly achieve pop culture awareness.
  50. When I beat the game and see the coveted “THE END” screen. Yes, it really does exist! You’re just not good enough to get there, I guess.


  1. #45. I once told someone that ravagers were so awesome that they could shoot death rays from their eyes. Little did I know that they took me seriously, and spent the next day figuring out how to go about taming one…

  2. I recently created a character in a game and deleted it 5 mins later cos I thought of a better name. Seriously.

  3. I am a sucker for knock back, for some reason it is fun in any game.

  4. Holiday festivities! Crafting something cool even if it useless. Crafting something useful.

  5. You’ve missed your blog haven’t you? Hehe

  6. Wow, I thought my old WoW guild was the only group of crazies to do the Murloc movie title game. There were about 4 or 5 of us that did it for HOURS one night out of sheer boredom, and our poor GM thought they were titles of real movies, or at least machinima. Poor thing, she was so sad when she started googling titles and came up with nothing. Good times.

  7. Silly and completely insane RP fun… me and my CoH guild one time created one really tall, skinny dude dressed in purple (Wonka) and a whole bunch of identical short dudes named Oompa 1, Oompa 2, Oompa 3, etc…I think we ended up with about 20 Oompas. We created a guild named “Chocolate Factory” and spent an entire night dancing in various places and making crazed Oompa banter with folks… “dang wonka never lets us out of the factory! we’ve escaped! all we get to eat is dryer lint and sardines! then we’re beaten with licorice whips every night! hel-LO is that a female! i got something sweet for ya!” etc. My normally serious guildies were laughing so hard they were crying over vent that night.

    I think we made the CoH news and MMORadio with that one. Stuff like that is what makes a game fun… not necessarily every night, but every once in a while to keep things light.

  8. @bel Everyone on my entire server plays it, whether they like it or not. :\.

  9. Only thing better than a non-combat pet is a treasure hunt quest to obtain a unique one. Guild Wars had one which took you all over the three campaigns and the expansion gathering a book, an egg, nesting material, an incubator, some bird chow, etc. then off to a forge that could only be reached by finishing some of the hardest quests in Prophecies to hatch a mini Baby Moa pet. Way cool.

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