LF Guild – Long Walks On Beach A Must

July 28, 2008

No, I’m not actually actively hunting for a guild at the moment — too much is up in the air with friends to commit right now — but if I was, here’s what is always most important to me in any MMO:

  1. A guild that knows the value of maturity. I’m not necessarily saying “adults only”, as teens or younger can be quite mature MMO players, but that the attitude of most of the guildies skews to being respectful of each other, that swearing in guild chat is kept to a minimum, and that offensive slurs and stereotypes are left at the door.
  2. A guild that embraces the concept of fun. This nixes, for me, ultra-hardcore guilds that are so hell-bent on being the Best that they stress their guild mates out by demanding perfection, pouncing on every mistake and error and missed raiding time. I need a guild that does silly things, that is forgiving after a wipe (especially when it’s my fault, which we’ll just assume is all of the time), that puts on fun events for fun’s sake, and that jokes around with each other a lot.
  3. A guild that builds each other up, doesn’t get cliquish or elitist, and that basically becomes a surrogate online family.
  4. A guild with a good name that I’m not embarrassed to display below my character’s forever.
  5. A guild with strong, central leadership that is accessible yet firm, that has a vision for the guild and sticks with it.
  6. A guild with great officers that know their stuff and don’t abuse their power (as I am wont to do whenever I’m handed an electric monkey).
  7. A guild that knows how to handle beggers, whiners and grumpy Guses.
  8. It’s a plus if it’s a guild that has friends from previous MMOs I’ve played.

I’m sure there are more, and all of this is hard to specifically define, other than “I know it when I see it.” So what are your guild requirements?



  1. That all sounds like what I’d like to see in an MMO guild. My RL friends are a must now, and they’ll be playing Warhammer with me.

    I had a lot of bad experiences in WoW so far as guilds go. If there are guilds that don’t function on a constant stream of rage and belittlement from the leadership, I have yet to find one. I have two hopes for Warhammer. One is that my group of friends, which is currently almost large enough to fulfill the 12-person party on its own, will in fact be enough to enjoy the game. My second hope is that, since we all have one common, united goal (and not localized gear-grinding goals), guild relationships inside and outside will be different.

    Have you played DAoC, Syp? If so, how did guilds in it compare to guilds in other games (the more gear-goal-oriented ones)?

  2. I like friendly people that don’t swear everytime they die or an item they need doesn’t drop. Swearing over voice chat or typed (that’s the worst because you have to think about it before you type it). A slip is ok but potty mouth is just immature.
    I also look for people that understand I can’t play for 40 hours a week. .. And all the stuff you said.

  3. Sounds like a perfect list to me. I’m actually shopping for a LOTRO guild right now (though I feel a bit guilty about it since I’m just using LOTRO to pass time until War comes out) and I’m looking for exactly that guild you described. πŸ™‚

    I’m glad you added good name in there, in particular. I’ve actually been ridiculed for not wanting to join an otherwise decent seeming guild because it had a name I couldn’t embrace.

    And in a separate incident, I was in a guild called TheOlderGamers in Age of Conan. It was a ‘practical’ name in that members came from a website community of the same name. But I hated having such a non-immersive tag floating over my head. To the point where I started playing alts (before finally giving up on AoC altogether, but for unrelated reasons).

  4. Having come from a background in a competitive 8-man guild in DAOC, I can tell you that guild meltdowns can be just as hilarious as they are hurtful to the feelings.

    “****! ****ing ****! Why doesn’t someone ****ing heal me! Quit playing around with your ****, take it out of your *** and ****ing heal me! Screw it. I’m logging off… ****!”

    Person signs off and everyone else just bursts into laughter!

  5. That’s pretty much my ideal guild as well, with the addition of folks knowing and understanding that I can’t necessarily play all night, every night. Folks have jobs and school and so on, and real life always comes first. I don’t like being made to feel guilty because I went to go see a movie rather than be available to run a raid (that I didn’t sign up for in the first place).

    And the cursing thing is important as well… an occasional slip is okay, and I’m pretty flexible for PUGs, but I don’t want to listen/see cursing every night in guild chat.

  6. I was spoiled in WoW always had nice guilds around me, ,many which originated from ‘TheOlderGamers’

    You are welcome to check out ‘The dogs of war’
    (and no we probably won’t have that name in warhammer πŸ˜‰ )
    RP won’t be enforced but it’s always nice, right? πŸ˜›

  7. Good stuff. I’d only disagree/expand on a couple points:

    1. On the guild name thing, I’d give an exemption for guilds that have been around for quite a while. My DAoC guild has been active since launch and has a name that violates a lot of those rules. But it’s not like anyone wants to change it now. We’ve earned the right to our cheesy name. It’s like TOS (original Star Trek series), anyone making a show like that today would be laughed at and disregarded… but given the time it was brilliant! πŸ™‚

    2. My guild restricts membership to those 25 and older. Harsh? Maybe. But I like it. Its not only about the maturity factor… I know several teen agers that act more mature than some people in their 40s. Although it does help some with maturity.

    However it is also about maintaining social boundaries that have served civilization well. I’m probably in a minority here, but in my social circle, children and teens still refer to adults as Mr./Mrs. [Last Name]. Seniors (especially Matriarchs) and religious leaders are still treated with deference and even a sort of reverence. I’m not in as but of a hurry as the rest of the world seems to be to homogenize everyone down into a big mass of pop culture assimilated units of consumption. I’d don’t want to be in a guild with other people’s children. Doesn’t sit right with me.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post!

  8. You guys demonstrate perfectly how diverse and wide-ranging our expectations of a “perfect guild” is to find — and I think that’s cool.

    Fizzle, I actually was part of OTG for a few weeks in LOTRO at the start… I didn’t have a qualm with them other than the enormous size (I guess another one of my “wants” is a small-to-medium guild so I don’t feel lost in the crowd), and the seriousness and firmness of some guild application rules can definitely lead to a higher level of maturity and quality.

  9. Than i suppose TOG is also to big for you ?

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