ChaosCast and You

December 1, 2008

I’ve heard a few comments, here and there, floating along on the breeze like a guilty conscience, about the status of the next ChaosCast episode.  Short answer is: it’s coming.  Probably.  Maybe.

It’s not the easiest thing to get three guys in different time zones and countries together for a two-hour recording session, but it is a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, it’s just been insanely busy on my end and I haven’t made it a priority.  An average day’s responsibilities and activities for me include:

  • Running, editing and writing for my movie website, Mutant Reviewers From Hell
  • Making time to write in my spiritual blog, Watchman
  • Spending time with my wife
  • Working sometimes incredibly odd hours
  • Going to class and doing related reading, research and papers for seminary
  • Reading upwards of 200 new blog posts every day via Google Reader
  • Odd jobs around the house
  • And, y’know, sometimes playing games.

This isn’t an excuse, it’s just the explanation of a 32-year-old man who has a lot on his plate and has to balance different areas in his life.  Writing for WAAAGH! is very easy for me — I usually sit down and write two or three articles when I get a half-hour to spare, and then save them up for when days get nuts.  But I’ll never be a lightning-fast leveler or spend gobs of time raiding, because I simply can’t.

So I promise to get in touch with Keeny and Snaffy and see what we can get in the works (I know, for their part, they have been trying to find a good time to do this).


  1. Exactly. Take his schedule and then add two more very similar schedules and you can imagine how difficult it is to make time for CC #8! I think we were on a roll in the summer, many times wanting to record more often than our self-imposed twice-per-month quota, but once September hit, things got insane.

    Give me a couple days notice and I’ll make time this week (i.e., Wed/Thurs or even during the morning/afternoons this weekend).

  2. I, for one, do miss the podcasts.

    Bigger question: what happened to Mythic’s podcasts? For all the miscellaneous issues one could have, sending out Paul Barnett & Co. to publicize the game seems like a relatively cheap way to get some more marketing going and get some of the playerbase excited. Their publicity machine was so good prior to launch, why not continue? I think there have been maybe one or two since launch? We could see the live content team, the bug team, the xpac team, the cut classes team, etc…

  3. Just my opinion, but I don’t think they want to “waste” the marketing dollars right now. Regardless of how many TV ads they buy or milk cartons they throw a “Missing MMO?” label on, most of their target audience is frothing at the mouth for Wrath of the Lich King.

    I think they are waiting 2-3 months and will start a media blitz once they get a sense that the MMO community tide is starting to get a bit bored with WoW.

  4. That makes sense, but how much “marketing dollar” does a podcast cost? I know some were prettier than others but… I agree TV, milk cartons = waste of money. But Paul Barnett doing some Oi – come smash heads as black guard/KOTBS? Maybe that only appeals to the early adopters.

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