Poll: Merge or Remain?

November 30, 2008


  1. I just had a server transfer myself and I can assure you that it did the job just as well as a merge would. Granted, the people who were to stupid to move will have a even more boring time, but they have only themselves to blame.

    Merging or transferring, can’t really see one being worse PR than the other.

  2. Forced or not, merges have to be done. And honestly, I’ve already canceled my account, unless Azazel (already a destination server at that) gets back to high/high before my time runs out, im gone.

    Even then, I might still not come back, just cause Ive hit that ‘wall’ in the mid 20’s. Leveling is becoming a chore, not fun.

  3. Just had a server transfer. I thought great way big population. I did some T4 RVR Friday night, It was crazy I’ve never seen so many toons in RVR. Of course then it all fell apart. The lag was brutal, and the server crashed 2 times with in 15 minutes. So in the end on a big pop server I get less RVR.

  4. My guild lost some people because of the last merge. I agree that it helped, but I wouldn’t want to move yet again.

  5. Given that the transfer process is up and running in both the US and EU, I think it’s perhaps a little soon for forced merges and closing servers. The negative PR alone makes it worth putting off unless and until it becomes completely necessary, and with the ongoing transfers, I don’t think it is.

  6. At the moment I am yoyoing between merging servers and waiting to see what 1.1 does have on population numbers.

    I do think that merger servers has a negative tone, however that could be counteracted by people saying that the ORvR is going mad and people dragging into the game who have left.

    The comment about tier 2 and tier 3 from your previous post is vital. We need it to be vibrant, since alot of those possible returnees will be in those tiers and they need to be dragged into ORvR at that level. Since they aren’t going to be so inclined to grind there way up to tier 4, if they got bored the previous time.

    So at the moment I think its wait and see how 1.1 goes, as long as it isn’t to far away.

  7. If leveling is a chore, you’re doing it wrong. (A.K.A. “This is the part where I make sweeping generalizations based on my own experience. Ignore as desired.”)

    I’m 24 WP. Thanks to the server transfers, my server is hopping with oRvR. Getting together with just my brother results in tons of good times. And I’m only focused on PvP activities right now. I still have almost all of the PvE content to work through. Sure, I don’t level as quickly as I used to. But that’s the way it is. Doesn’t detract from the fact that I’m having a ton of fun just running around in random pugs. And maybe that’s why I like WAR so much. It took and made socially gaming so easy that even a guy like me who hates to try work with pugs could enjoy it.

  8. Not sure what to vote.

    I’m still 44 hours before I can finally create my Archmage and do some PVP…. probably die alot more though.

    Not that I’m counting or anything.

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