GameSpy Continues The Love

November 29, 2008

gamespy(I’m sure it’s not because this feature was sponsored by Warhammer Online or anything… right!)

I just thought this was a cool excerpt from GameSpy’s Holiday Buyer’s Guide:

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

World of Warcraft finally has some decent competition. We here at GameSpy have steadily played quite a bit of WoW since it came out in 2004, but Warhammer Online finally stole away some of our thralldom. It’s easy to see why. Warhammer borrows liberally from the undisputed market leader, but advances many ideas a few steps further. Foremost amongst these is PvP. In Warhammer, it’s the way you’re meant to play, and the execution is brilliant.

I played WoW for four years, and I feel that the majority of the time I spent was essentially a preamble to PvP. Warhammer Online helped me to realize this by putting this crucial aspect of the game at its front and center. As a PvP gamer, I previously had to quest, level, and partake of every other aspect of the “grind” in order to graduate into the experience I was after to begin with. If you’re anything like me, then WAR is probably for you. — Miguel


  1. “Warhammer borrows liberally from the undisputed market leader” — HAHAHAHA what a bunch of morons. I wish people could get a clue. How many times in how many forums must people explain this?


  2. Sponsered or not, i think for the most part this is true. Pvp, when its happening and fully manned, is the highlight of WAR. But I find it harder and harder to get into scenario’s. After hitting the imaginary wall that a lot of people talk about mid 20’s, I find my will to play sapped if i can’t get into a stream of scenario’s. I know I should not be relying solo on them to gain exp, but outside of grinding, its all thats left at my level. I hate grinding, its mindless, boring work. At least at lower levels, you gained exp fast enough to where you always felt ahead of the curve. You were intentionally staying back to finish a chapter’s Influence, etc. Oh well. Weekends are still a blast.

  3. I used to play wow, and I had to “pve” – level my characters in order to get to end game where I could then pvp, WAR definitely has an advantage.

  4. Yes. RvR (can say massive PvP) is very impressive. I like it most. PvE is like play counter-strike with BOTs ;].

  5. This review is obviously biased!

    Miguel, likely of Spanish descent, comes from a long line of fruity-helmeted soldiers! He’s bound to love any game featuring the KotBS!

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