Testing Your Patience

August 31, 2008

Tomorrow morning is Labor Day (US), September 1 (World), T-Minus 17 days until Warhammer Online.

Right now, with the exception of Elder testers on separate servers, nobody is playing WAR, and there’s a general feeling of restlessness.

The wait. Oh, sweet Zeus, the wait.

How are you doing? Is WoW’s 3.0 patch luring you back or making you second-guess your future allegiance to WAR? Are you so antsy that you’ve subbed up with another MMO to make it through the next 17 days? Or are you spending the interval reading up on every last scrap of WAR info, forum and blog post out there?

Are you going to wait for release at this point, having already tasted the fruits of beta to see what they held? Or do you need your fix so bad that, come the 7th, you’ll be hopping around in game once more?

Me? I’m fine. School gears up this week, fall programs at church the next — busy work will not escape me. Plus, I just picked up Final Fantasy IV for the DS, and I’m determined to get through a huge chunk of it by the 14th.

Two weeks. I’ve waited seven months. I’ve dug my trenches and bunkered down. WoW can take a flying leap off a diving board into an empty pool of promises, and I’ll move on with a clear conscience.


  1. Me?
    I’ll be watching and re-watching videos, reading up on blogs, building career paths on wardb.com, and counting the days until the 7th. Then I’ll have the sweet taste of beta to decide officially what class I’m gonna play, then by the time pre-order headstart takes off, I’ll be set.
    Sooo stoked.

  2. I hear you on the wait. OB couldn’t come soon enough at this point. I renewed my WoW sub. for something to do in the meantime, even. I posted on my blog a while back that Blizzard releasing 3.0 so early just seems like an underhanded move, IMO. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, so there’s no chance of their keeping me with this one. I’d think most other WAR enthusiasts will feel the same, at least if they’re in OB and only have another week to wait until they can get their hands on WAR again.

  3. I’m reading books, getting my life in order and catching up on rest, husband and cats!

  4. Well, WoW 3.0 patch hasn’t hit quite yet…but yeah I’m just leveling a druid alt and relaxing. Bought a new 22″ monitor and Raedon 4850 video card to prepare for WAR! Can’t wait.

  5. Fortunately the next two weeks are busy in work. Then Gamesday. Then the live game headstart.

    It’s the three days between me and the 14th where I am not working that’ll cause trouble.
    Time to buy more books.

  6. Ive been playing WoW for a pretty long time, but i suddenly came to the realization I haven’t logged into it for 3 weeks now ^^

    Yes that is how much the WAR experience has dragged me away pining for pastures new ^^

    Then again it may be because i’ve been feverishly refreshing my email in the hope that my EU pre-order open beta keys have been delevered

    Curse you EA *shakes fist*

  7. Even though I have an active WoW account for another few weeks, already paid for, I have no desire to log into it. Weird. Must of been those few weeks of playing WAR.

    I’ve been going nuts. In that short time playing, I’ve become an addict. I can’t wait for Sept 14th and getting to make a character for keeps.

    Until then, been watching movies, reading anything I can, and going on some dates. Pretty boring stuff. Really wish they could’ve let us keep playing. They are just big meanies.

  8. I have read every last shred of blog/preview/review/forums I could find. No matter how hard I try I can’t login to WOW, though the account has a few days left. I did check vent to say hi to some people…

  9. […] about posting something about the wait for the release of Warhammer Online, when I found that Syp had posted something on Waaagh! which covered very nicely, and in a more concise way, what I had been […]

  10. I downloaded shadowbane and almost killed myself from the click to move gameplay…

  11. Final Fantasy IV holds a special place in my heart. Big Whale FTW.

  12. I’m reading Warhammer novels (almost finished with the Gotrek & Felix first omnibus) and working on Christmas presents. Yes, Christmas presents, because this December I’ll be busy playing WAR. 😉

  13. well, you can read my post about WAR, but honestly, I was never more than a casual Wow Player, I can imagine that it is different for those of you hardcore gamers. Well, I will be playing at some point.

  14. like leak, and for the past 3-4 days, I have been looking up videos and blogs about Warhammer nonstop.( you gotta go to class and I guess..sleep sometime right?) Which is what led me to your blog :).

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