Syp’s Playlist [1]: Order

July 15, 2008

Since I get asked a lot what classes/server types/faction I’m going to be playing, I thought I’d do a quick three-part article listing my current preferences. I’ve been reluctant to do so, mostly because I know it makes a world of difference once I actually get my hands on a game and test drive them for real. I’m planning on experimenting a lot in open beta to find my first main, but in the meanwhile, here’s the top 10 classes (listed from 1 – most likely to play to 10 – least likely) on the Order side… if I roll that:

  1. Dwarf Engineer – Has pets, a neat steampunk look, uses down-and-dirty technology instead of that high-falootin’ magic, has a BOOMSTICK. How can I not roll one of these?
  2. Empire Witch Hunter – I know, I know, pretty much everyone’s going to roll one of these. I’m going to, not so much for the rogue-ish play mechanics, but for the insanely awesome look. Plus, pistol-and-sword combo hasn’t been done much elsewhere in MMOs.
  3. High Elf White Lion – The only elf I’m going to put in my top five, as I personally loathe elves in all RPGs. This one gets the nod for being the only “true” Order pet class… although cats? Elves? Yeah, that hasn’t been beaten into the ground by any other MMO I’ve played…
  4. Empire Battlepriest – The whole “battle mage” or “plate cleric” thing appeals to a lot of people in other games, and I can see it being pretty neat being a near-tank with healing powers. Pretty much a paladin, but seeing as how Empire lost their tank, this might be picking up the slack.
  5. Dwarf Runepriest – Interesting low-magic, whack-them-with-a-stick approach, but I’m not sold on the look. Robes? Guy looks like he’s ready to take a shower.
  6. Empire Bright Wizard – KABLOOEY! Fun for pyros, although the near-exclusive focus on fire magic is less than diverse (hasn’t fire magic been done to death in EVERY RPG up to this point?). Still, has a bit of an allure to him.
  7. High Elf Archmage – I guess… I guess the magic might be cool. I guess. See my comments on elves above.
  8. Dwarf Ironbreaker – Might get more of a look now that the number of tank classes on each side are down to three, but this just doesn’t do a lot for me. I think that the beards coming out of these guys’ helmets look like squid tentacles.
  9. High Elf Shadow Warrior – The baby of bad fantasy fiction, Legolas and a rogue. No thanks.
  10. High Swordmaster – An elf with a sword. Meh.

R.I.P. Hammerer and Knight of the Blazing Sun.



  1. Not much on the side of Order interest me. But if I had to pick, I’d go with Bright Wizard on the fact that they can blow themselves up, and the Swordmaster just because I just finished reading a warhammer novel that includes them and now have a back story to go along with them. The Dwarfs just look like walking boxes to me.

  2. @_@

    You mock me, sir! Seventh?! ouch.
    Srsly, no offense taken. I can understand some elf hate, but understand that I can’t support it. 😉 However, the mechanic is down right funkylicious. I’m curious to see where Shaman will rank in when you do the Destruction run down.

  3. Your hatred of elves confounds me…The only reason I’m looking at playing Order in any capacity is to try the elf careers, which all look awesome, PLUS they’re with elves! Who doesn’t love elves?

    Oh yeah, you…

  4. Seems to me people have backed off the witch hunter a bit. Have to use combo points like a wow rogue. Blah.

    If I go order – elf with putty tat. Or elf with bow. Either way I already have a feeling that destruction will pwn order. Why? Just read the forums. All destruction people do is blab how they will pwn order. You don’t get such elitist bragging by order players. At least not to the same extent. All the boasting is pushing me toward order.

  5. I don’t love Elves. Especially Dark Elves. They creep me out…..

  6. Weird, i get a feeling of deja vu reading this – I’m sure I saw something similar on a forum somewhere, like…

    Elves are cool – Do you want to live forever punk?

  7. Engineer!

  8. Oddly enough, I’m not particularly crazy about the elves either, although they’re typically one of my favorite races. The WAR elves look weird to me, like ferrets with constipation issues.

    For Order, I’m liking the Witch Hunter, Bright Wizard, and Runepriest (have to have a healer!). For Destruction, I’m gravitating towards the Magus and ::shudder:: Sorceress and Witch Elf.

  9. […] Jump to Comments Syp started it, blame […]

  10. I’m interested in your destruction class picks.

    I’ve been following the Magus as my main since i heard about them. I know heaps of people don’t like the disc though, which is good really. I’d rather play an underpopulated class then an overpopulated one.

  11. Brotik and I now have our own playlists. >.>

  12. I’m going to make it my personal mission to make the lives of every LOTRO based named char miserable…esp the elves named Legolas.

  13. You don’t like tanks do you! SHAME!

  14. Give it up, Syp! Move to Destruction, become a DE!!!

    Join the Dark Side!! 😀

  15. Agree all the way with your list. Engineer and Witch Hunter top out my favourite Order classes, Elves can stay bottom and rot for all I care.

    I’ll be going 100% green for launch though. Only thing I have to decide is which shade of green as all three really appeal to my sense of orcyness.

  16. @ thade — Sure I mock! Mock with love!

    Destruction list to come… fer sure, duders!

  17. For Order I think Warrior Priest and White Lion have the most appeal for me.

    For the most part I agree about elves… there’s just something a little to sissy-foo foo about them usually.

  18. haha Warhammer elves sissy-foo foo ? uh uh … so wrong.. don’t like elves normaly tho, but these guys are just great ! =P

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