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Scenarios and You: A Primer

July 2, 2008

With all the Tome of Knowledge love, PQ affection, RvR fawning, Capturable Keeps cuddling, City Sieges nuzzling, and Richard Bartle hugging, one key component of WAR has been flying under the radar of most wanna-be players — myself included:


What are scenarios? As far as I can tell, they’re either scary role-playing exercises during group therapy, or instanced PvP maps — “battlegrounds”, if you will, and I won’t — where players looking for a tad more balanced PvP can jump into a unique situation and have a blast. It’s for people who like to wage war in a more structured environment, modeled after several fun summer camp games. Scenarios are 15-20 minute matches with a point system (500 points, usually), a population cap (say, 12-vs-12) and are played in level brackets (say, levels 1-8). Reportedly, you will have a button on your UI that will let you queue up for scenarios as you play the rest of the game.

For me, Mythic’s “Scenarios 101” series that they’ve been releasing in the newsletters are among the least-read. I wanted to dive into all of them and boil them down into a nice, neat list (I like lists, if you couldn’t tell) to see what kind of offerings are on the table — and whether they’ll interest me or you.


  • 12v12 players from levels 1-12
  • Tier 1 Empire vs. Chaos
  • Three capturable positions, marked by flags (Barracks, Lighthouse, Fortress)

Gates of Ekrund

  • 12v12 players from levels 1-12
  • Tier 1 Greenskin vs. Dwarf
  • Three capture locations: Gate Switch, Ammunition Room, Supply Room.

Mourkain Temple

  • 12v12 players from levels 10-21
  • Tier 2 Greenskin vs. Dwarf
  • Murderball: grab the artifact, hold on to it as long as possible!

Stone Troll Crossing

  • 12v12 players from levels 7-23
  • Tier 2 Empire vs. Chaos
  • Team deathmatch (kill or be killed), with one twist: an NPC faction, the trolls, are attacking both sides as well.

Talabec Dam

  • 12v12 or 18v18 players from level 18-40
  • Tier 3 Empire vs. Chaos
  • Bomb run: pick up a spawned bomb, which gives you 60 seconds to run to an enemy target to blow it up (chaos sigil or windmill).

Highpass Cemetary

  • 12v12 players from levels 18-40
  • Tier 3 Empire vs. Chaos
  • Two capture locations: the Stag and the Crypt
  • You have to hold BOTH locations at the same time to be awarded points

Doomfist Crater

  • 12v12 players from levels 23-40
  • Tier 3 Greenskin vs. Dwarf
  • King of the Hill (capture center platform) combined with Murderball (hold artifacts for more points)

Black Fire Basin

  • 12v12 players from levels 23-40
  • Tier 3 Greenskin vs. Dwarf
  • Classic capture the flag in the enemy’s keep.

Battle for Praag

  • 18v18 players from levels 23-40
  • Tier 4 Empire vs. Chaos
  • Tug of War: there are five capturable locations, but only one is in play — if your side captures it, the next location moves toward your final goal (and vice versa).

Maw of Madness

  • 12v12 players from levels 23-40
  • Tier 4 Empire vs. Chaos
  • Murderball: find and hold on to the “murderball” which grants your side extra points as you hold it and kill.

Grovod Caverns

  • 12v12 players from levels 23-40
  • Tier 4 Empire vs. Chaos
  • Capture the Flag: the twist is that the battlefield deteriorates (bridges snap) after each capture, changing the routes available.

Reikland Hills

  • 18v18 players from levels 23-40
  • Tier 4 Empire vs. Chaos
  • King of the Hill: the “hill” rotates to one or two of the following locations: Broken Bridge, Mill or Factory.

After six “Scenario 101” episodes, we’ve been treated to 12 of the scenarios, all either Chaos vs. Empire or Greenskin vs. Dwarf — no Elf-on-Elf catfights yet. PC Gamer reported that in earlier stages of beta, scenarios were proving so popular as to be stripping the game away from any serious world RvR focus. Ergo, scenarios were scaled back somewhat, and world PvP beefed up.

From looking at this list, it’s a nice spread of level ranges (notice that you can participate in your first scenario at level 1!), as well as game types. Capture points, king of the hill and murderball scenarios seem to dominate, although the bombing ones and the tug-of-war (Battle for Praag) are quite interesting to contemplate. These seem like a nice way to jump into a quick and dirty fight without having to look far for it.

My only main concern is that if you’re allowed to queue up for these scenarios at any point in the game world, it might cause problems as people abruptly leave groups or avoid a nasty PvP entanglement just to hit a scenario. Possible game-breaking immersion, is what I’m talking about.

What do you guys think about scenarios?


Da Newz – June 12

June 12, 2008

Story of the Week: Population Imbalance Apocalypse!

  • So this all started with a poll over at WHA – “Which class will you play on release?” Many people answered. Snafzg of The Greenskin poured the results into a headache-inducing spreadsheet, and came up with the conclusion that, as it stands now, more players are looking to play the Destruction side than Order, causing an unsettling imbalance in a PvP-centric game. Site upon site, blog upon blog took this news, ripped their shirts in twain, poured ashes on their heads, and declared a population imbalance apocalypse on WAR. I like it when people get up in a tizzy over something that hasn’t actually happened yet. It amuses the Syp.

Beta Ticker:

  • 728,846 beta applicants
  • +8,466 from last week

Quote of the Week:

  • “Quite simply, Public Quests are raids without the bullcrap.” ~ Michael Zenke

New WAR Sites and Blogs:


Misc. News:

Commentaries & Articles:



Comics, Songs & Fun:


Da Newz – April 10th

April 10, 2008

Da Newz is WAAAGH!’s weekly wrapup of WAR news bits and chunks.

BETA TICKER: 654,971 (+10,463 from last week)

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “For those who don’t want to see PvE in WAR, sorry, deal with it. For those who don’t want to see any form of PvP in WAR, sorry, deal with it. WAR has been designed, discussed and displayed as an RvR game with both PvE and PvP as part of the game. If you want to PvE your way up the ladder, you can. If you want to PvP your way up the ladder, you can. That’s been the plan from day one and it hasn’t changed at all.” ~ Mark Jacobs

  • Stratics hosted a House of Commons Dev Chat, the transcript of which you can read here.
  • Highlights to me include: everything you do contributes to Guild XP, Black Guard is still afk, you can travel between newbie zones fairly easy, gear does give a player an advantage (duh) but hopefully not overpoweringly so, PvE and RvR in end game go hand-in-hand, you can’t jump over any other character, Warcamps will be mini-city raids available to the world, renown can earn you stat packages to boost your baseline stats, lowbie players will have access to mounts but won’t own them, CE items are available to all your characters, dungeon loot systems should be “intelligent” and drop usable loot for that group, no integrated voice chat at launch, and no flying.
  • Loads of videos from the Paris Event, in no particular order:
  • Careers in WAR: You will earn 30+ Abilities & Morale that can change from fight to fight, you can combine Abilities with other players to create a combo, Morale abilities can turn the tide of a battle, you’ll get 20-25 Tactics to help you in RvR, Tactics can help you customize play sessions between solo and RvR, gives you choices, the Tactics Editor can save your favorite Tactic loadouts, the Mastery system came out of beta feedback, you get 30 Mastery points by the time you hit 40, there will be respecs, huge look at the Sorceress class.
  • Capital Cities: Cities have two modes (peaceful & contested), they are social hubs, some buildings only available to guilded folk, all the best loot is found in the city RvR situations, lots of utilities, iconic features/landmarks, banks might be attacked by robbers as the city gains in fame, random fun events, guards level up, city ratings equal realm-wide buffs, you will be alerted when your city is under attack.
  • Realm vs. Realm: PvP and RvR are NOT the same thing — RvR is so much more than that, RvR benefits both yourself and your realm, if you’re playing WAR you *will* be doing RvR, they are concerned about population balance, a lot of discussion on Keep RvR, Keeps should change hands every 4 hours or so but could go as long as days, more discussion on scenarios and city sieges.
  • Tome of Knowledge: Basic ToK overview, a couple of the unlocks are sending /tells 50 times or clicking on yourself 100 times, it likes to mock you, several tome unlocks in action are shown.
  • Q&A With Jeff Hickman: Mythic takes a hard line against gold sellers, the best items it the game are earned not bought, they have a plan for visual character growth but it is doubtful they’ll do it, they’re going to retool the dwarf mount, city pvp will be instanced, they generally don’t believe in raids, they have future patches and expansions mapped out, and you can throw tomatoes at captured enemy kings.
  • Producer’s Presentation: Jeff Hickman and Josh Dreshner, overview of GW and Mythic, they had a playable version of WAR 6 months into development, they seem VERY confident about a fall 2008 launch, and generally you’re getting about an hour and a half overview and summary of everything they’ve already said about WAR. If you’re only going to watch one video, this would be a safe bet.
  • Witch Hunter PvP Video: A half-hour of PvP action, from the perspective of the semi-stealthy Witch Hunter.