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Da Newz – July 3

July 3, 2008

Story of the Week: Guild Beta Begins

  • It was an announcement that was heard ’round the world… of guild communities. The very, very long-awaited guild beta was pronounced to start in July, with beta keys flying every which way to various guilds who applied. And yet… and yet Chrono Chaos was overlooked. WE SHALL NOT BE SLIGHTED!

Beta Ticker:

  • 752,553 (+8,950 from last week)

Quotes of the Week:

  • “I can’t say why but believe the hype for WAR. I’ve heard from plenty of trusted people that this game’s on a solid bee-line to success. Trusted by me anyway.” ~ JoBildo
  • “In truth, MMOG developers really haven’t seen anything comparable to this situation since the genre really began hitting its stride in early 2000. Even the competition between EverQuest II and the original release of WoW isn’t comparable.” ~ TTH on the WAR vs. WoW launch

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ChaosCast #3: Babies, Basically & Dolphins

July 2, 2008

It’s time once again for the awesomest podcast in the downtown Detroit metro area that has to do with Warhammer Online and various related snack foods! That’s right… it’s ChaosCast Episode 3!

Kick it back with Keen, Snafzg and myself as we chew through the following topics:

Listen to ChaosCast #3 here.

If you have any listener questions for ChaosCast #4, just put them in the comments section of this post!


Da Newz – June 19

June 19, 2008

Story of the Week: Baltimore Games Day 2008

  • A little bit of the old, a little bit of the new: this was the mantra of the devs who came to the Games Day convention, parceling out a few new snippets of info (10 character slots! population caps! expansion in the works!) and regurgitating a lot of older stuff. Many visitors noted that 8 of the classes were unavailable to play on the show floor, including the elusive Black Guard.

Beta Ticker:

  • 736,315
  • +7,469 from last week

Quote of the Week:

  • “Paul runs on love, kindness, and the blood of many elves!” ~ Mythic rep

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If You’re Not Sick Of Hearing My Voice Already…

June 17, 2008

…You soon will be! Due to freak timing, I ended up on two podcasts released on the same day. I already talked about our bi-weekly ChaosCast yesterday, so today let me point you over to Warhammer Geek, where their Podcast of Reckoning #3 offers you an aural orgasm. They were kind enough to invite me onto the show for a community interview, which you can catch around minute 51 (but listen to the whole podcast!). Also, they got Wrenn from Warhammer Conflict on there, and a parody song to wrap things up.


ChaosCast #2: Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By

June 16, 2008

It’s time once again for the troublesome trio of WAR bloggers (Snafzg, Keen and myself) to get together and waste… er, spend three hours of a Saturday afternoon recording a Warhammer Online podcast, only to have Keen’s computer lose our audio files. Repeatedly. You have NO idea how many times we recorded the “what attracted you to WAR?” section, and how many iterations we went through. In one recording — this is true — we got into a detailed fantasy of saving Paul Barnett from a burning building and giving his mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Pity you missed out.

Listen to ChaosCast #2: Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By!

Have a listener question for ChaosCast #3? Leave it in the comments section!

Show Notes:


Da Newz – June 12

June 12, 2008

Story of the Week: Population Imbalance Apocalypse!

  • So this all started with a poll over at WHA – “Which class will you play on release?” Many people answered. Snafzg of The Greenskin poured the results into a headache-inducing spreadsheet, and came up with the conclusion that, as it stands now, more players are looking to play the Destruction side than Order, causing an unsettling imbalance in a PvP-centric game. Site upon site, blog upon blog took this news, ripped their shirts in twain, poured ashes on their heads, and declared a population imbalance apocalypse on WAR. I like it when people get up in a tizzy over something that hasn’t actually happened yet. It amuses the Syp.

Beta Ticker:

  • 728,846 beta applicants
  • +8,466 from last week

Quote of the Week:

  • “Quite simply, Public Quests are raids without the bullcrap.” ~ Michael Zenke

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Da Newz – June 5

June 5, 2008

Beta Ticker: 720,380 (up +20,125 from last week)

Quote of the Week: “We’re sort of winking at you, you know? We’re saying ‘oh, we know what you’re going to do.'” ~ Carrie Gouskos on the Tome of Knowledge

Story of the Week: Massively visits Mythic. Michael Zenke just became the most envied person in the Warhammer world, as he was invited into EA Mythic to conduct numerous interviews, play testing and investigations into WAR. A week later, and we have 15 (!) articles for his work. Here they are:

In Other News: