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Da Newz – July 3

July 3, 2008

Story of the Week: Guild Beta Begins

  • It was an announcement that was heard ’round the world… of guild communities. The very, very long-awaited guild beta was pronounced to start in July, with beta keys flying every which way to various guilds who applied. And yet… and yet Chrono Chaos was overlooked. WE SHALL NOT BE SLIGHTED!

Beta Ticker:

  • 752,553 (+8,950 from last week)

Quotes of the Week:

  • “I can’t say why but believe the hype for WAR. I’ve heard from plenty of trusted people that this game’s on a solid bee-line to success. Trusted by me anyway.” ~ JoBildo
  • “In truth, MMOG developers really haven’t seen anything comparable to this situation since the genre really began hitting its stride in early 2000. Even the competition between EverQuest II and the original release of WoW isn’t comparable.” ~ TTH on the WAR vs. WoW launch

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June Newsletter: Where Are The Tribbles, Darn It?

June 27, 2008

Okay, let’s get the biggest announcement out of the way first: you just KNOW that the Bastion Stairs dungeon is going to be abbreviated “BS” in in-game chat. “4 more for BS,” they’ll say, and then warrior-poets with a thesaurus and a heart full of lies will show up.

The Bastion Stairs is the big surprise of this newsletter — our first-ever peek into a full-fledged WAR dungeon (first ever at least to my eyes and knowledge). And it looks pretty darn awesome. The video flies through the entire place, which looks fairly expansive, if not hugely packed with dense swarms of mobs. Lots of red, high walls, flames and such. It made me wonder how fast we’re going to be able to go through these dungeons — will WAR be like WoW, where each pull is a carefully orchestrated maneuver of trapping, crowd control and tanking, or will we be able to wade into the fight without spending 15 minutes setting each battle up?

Questions, questions.

You might’ve noticed in Jeff Hickman’s video podcast that he briefly shows a screen with guild ranks and rewards. I haven’t posted on this stuff yet due to NDA, but since it’s right there, the ranks/rewards that you can see are as follows:

  1. Guild Vault
  2. Taxes and Tithes
  3. Guild Calendar
  4. Entry to Sigmar’s Hammer, Access Alliances
  5. Crafting Components
  6. 2 Standard Bearer Titles, Recruit’s Battle Standard, Tactic Slot 1, Tactic Point
  7. Guild Auctions
  8. Objective Claiming, Tactic Point
  9. Heraldry Reservation, Base Pattern, Base Color
  10. Recruit’s Standard Tactics Slot 2

The heraldry creation screen that Jeff shows has the options for 2 shapes, 45 base colors (and yes, pink is one of them), 3 patterns, 45 pattern colors, and 276 emblems (!). Jeff says that’s about 30,000 unique banner choices. Unique’s a key word here — no other guild on your server will have an identical banner, apparently.

He then goes into a lot about the standards guilds can carry into battle — with heraldry, trophies and tactic slots on them. Heraldry can go on people’s cloaks, too. The standards are a very cool battle feature that does reinforce guild unity, as well as make it feel more medieval war-like. Standards can be used to claim keeps, providing bonuses to the area, and giving the guild a constant stream of XP (another motivation for guilds to keep the keep, eh?). Standards can also be captured for rewards and tome unlocks, which gives another PvP objective.

Very nice video, as always. I sort of wish the entire newsletter would be done like this, they do such a great job that the rest of the newsletter is anti-climactic compared to it.

Moving on to the White Lion grab bag… again, might just be me, but really nothing new is being said here, only possibilities limited. White Lions come in one variety, two genders, don’t live on after master’s death, match the level of the master, are affected by masteries not your gear, don’t know yet if we can ride them as mounts, and can be healed by its master. There. That’s the whole grab bag. Whee.

There’s a pretty funny video about Guild Mongbat that “captured” the Mythic offices, a la keeps. Of course, this idea was — or soon will be — first thought up by Chrono Chaos, once we get H.G. Wells to stop monkeying around and fix the time machine.

Paul’s Video Blogs were a toss-up, as they often are. “Character Customization” gives us a tantalizing glance at the many character head options. “Orc Teeth” shows how Orcs have a variety of lower jaw teethies to pick from. “Win the Loot” shows the treasure box graphic that plops down on the playing field after you beat a PQ.

I like how much Paul cheerfully bashes marketing. “Evil marketing!”

That might not be the full newsletter as published next week, but that’ll be the meat of it — if you want to check out any of these articles or videos, stay tuned to this thread on WHA.


Ahoy June Newsletter!

June 26, 2008

As is custom in these WAR parts, it’s a big game to leap all over the first hidden (or not-so-hidden) tastes of the monthly newsletter. We’ll have a lot more coverage next week, but for now you can get a bit of your fix by reading this informative thread on Warhammer Alliance.


ChaosCast #1 – It’s My WAR And You’ll Bleed If I Want You To

June 2, 2008

One of the best perks of doing this blog is making new friends who share the same hobby. After a *really* late night on Saturday, Keen (of Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog), Snafzg (of The Greenskin) and myself stumbled our way through recording our very first Warhammer podcast, which we’re calling ChaosCast.

What’s ChaosCast? It’s our attempt at bridging the WAR blog community together, even if in a small way. Sure, it’s fun writing about these subjects in our blogs, but sometimes we need to hunker down in hunter-gatherer herds and hash things out as friends chatting.

It’s a bit of a long first podcast, as we had a lot to go over, but future ChaosCasts — we’re aiming for one every two or three weeks — will be shorter and contain 90% more karaoke. If there’s anything you’d like us to discuss in the show, just leave a comment on this post.

Hope you enjoy!

(Special thanks to Snazfg for doing the incredible music intro, and for Keen working up the graphic and setting up the podcast hosting. I just showed up and used my mouth to make sounds.)

Listen to ChaosCast #1 here!

Show notes:

  • Who we are and what we’re doing here
  • May newsletter discussion
  • New community sites: DaBigWaaagh, Book of Grudges & WaaagHead
  • The Wiki Invasion
  • NDA & getting into closed beta
  • Massively’s massively cool WAR articles

Random Thoughts On The May Newsletter

May 30, 2008

White Lion career – Okay, this was a surprise to nobody, as this has been the worst-kept secret for months now (so why did Mythic even try to hide it?). I think Order now has a new top favorite career (along with Witch Hunter), in an already popular racial choice (elves do pretty well, demographically, in other MMOs). It’ll be cool to have a pet that grows alongside of you for the entire game, and pet class lovers (like yours truly) will appreciate the bond this creates. Then again, I hate cats, and WoW is absolutely stuffed with cat-leading hunters. Do we need another class like that? At least the White Lions are melee-oriented, which is a switch from most MMO pet classes (where the player tends to be ranged while the pet tanks).

Paul’s Video Blogs – Does this man not know how to hold a camera straight? “Mike Confesses” is a nice testimony about how the WAR dev team actually likes playing their own game. “Orc Lighting” shows off how nice WAR’s graphics look with proper lighting. “Orc Teeth” gives us a brief glimpse on how people are chosen for beta. But the best is all of them recording cow noises.

Grab Bag #26 – Each capital city boasts three dungeons, two PQs for opposing forces and one raid boss event. Lots more stuff in here about capital cities, but honestly? It’s not the most exciting stuff in the world. We’ve seen a lot about Altdorf and the Inevitable City (Empire/Chaos), but virtually nothing so far on the other four capitals.

Crafting Podcast – Hey is that Mark Jacobs doing a podcast? Wow, I think it is! He’s not the best speaker, but he does seem passionate about crafting. He talks about how other crafting systems require you to make hundreds of junk items to level up (which he hates), and didn’t want it to be recipe-based (which has been overdone). Two crafting professions are confirmed (for now) to be apothecary and talisman making, while the four gathering professions are cultivating, butchering, scavenging, and magical salvaging. You can only have one gathering and one crafting skill at a time. Crafting trainers start showing up in the second chapter.

Cultivating grows weeds and fungi, which feeds into the apothecary skill. You can grow things anywhere from seeds/spores. Weeds and fungi take time to grow, and you can affect the growth speed with soil, water and nutrients. Magical salvaging breaks down an item for its bonus and magical essences (essences are used to make talismans). Scavenging and butchering extract resources from creatures (scavenging = sentient creatures, butchering = dumb beasts). Flies around a corpse tells you if it can be scavenged/butchered.

Apothecary creates potions, lotions and powders. Main ingredients + additional ingredients = experimental effects. Lots of experimentation and variety due to trial and error. Talismans are minor items of power that attach to items.

Above even the White Lion career, this crafting info was the most exciting part of the newsletter. I love the disposal of recipes, and instead the move to encourage players to combine and experiment! Apothecary and cultivating look the most interesting to me at this time, but I’m sure I’ll try them all.

Witch Elf Career Masteries – I know we’re still months from launch, but between now and the NDA drop, I’d really love to see Mythic get a bit more specific with skill, mastery, morale and talent lists. The generalizations (like in this career mastery section) is just too vague for me. Details, people!

Zone Overview/Scenarios 101 – Either Mythic isn’t presenting it the right way, or I’m just not naturally inclined to be excited about these types of articles, I don’t know. Big “pass” for me.

Concept Art: Dark Elf/Dwarf Mounts – Cool, yes. Although I’m a big fan of steampunk, WAR’s dwarfish engineering look doesn’t sit as right with me (as say, World of Warcraft) (heresy!). Still, jet packs!

Beta Journal – Eh.


Da Newz – May 29

May 29, 2008

Beta Ticker: 700.255 (+0 since last week)

Quote of the Week: I would rather hear William Shatner and Roseanne Barr singing a duet while having my fingernails pulled out one by one while sitting in a pool of molten lava than have Mythic’s own Official Forums for WAR. How’s that for clarity?” ~ Mark Jacobs

Story of the Week: White Lion career confirmed. As little of a surprise as it ended up being, the cat is finally out of the bag (heh) on the last High Elf class and the final revealed class of WAR: the White Lion career! GameSpot and Warhammer Alliance jumped the official gun on this by a day or so, but Mythic doesn’t seem too sore, and the official White Lion page is up. Meanwhile, GameSpot has a g-r-r-r-eat White Lion video to watch and a more fleshed-out interview to read.

In Other News:


Da Newz – May 8

May 8, 2008

Beta Ticker: 684,885 (+17,567 from last week)

Quote of the Week: “Death! Kill! Custard!” ~ The slogan on the 8-Bit Paul Barnett t-shirt

Story of the Week: The dev team did a huge conference call with 23 WAR and game review sites last week, prompting a plethora of articles more or less saying the exact same thing. We here at WAAAGH! were not invited, and thus are drowning in a vat of bitter tears and tabasco sauce.