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Da Newz – June 5

June 5, 2008

Beta Ticker: 720,380 (up +20,125 from last week)

Quote of the Week: “We’re sort of winking at you, you know? We’re saying ‘oh, we know what you’re going to do.'” ~ Carrie Gouskos on the Tome of Knowledge

Story of the Week: Massively visits Mythic. Michael Zenke just became the most envied person in the Warhammer world, as he was invited into EA Mythic to conduct numerous interviews, play testing and investigations into WAR. A week later, and we have 15 (!) articles for his work. Here they are:

In Other News:


ChaosCast #1 – It’s My WAR And You’ll Bleed If I Want You To

June 2, 2008

One of the best perks of doing this blog is making new friends who share the same hobby. After a *really* late night on Saturday, Keen (of Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog), Snafzg (of The Greenskin) and myself stumbled our way through recording our very first Warhammer podcast, which we’re calling ChaosCast.

What’s ChaosCast? It’s our attempt at bridging the WAR blog community together, even if in a small way. Sure, it’s fun writing about these subjects in our blogs, but sometimes we need to hunker down in hunter-gatherer herds and hash things out as friends chatting.

It’s a bit of a long first podcast, as we had a lot to go over, but future ChaosCasts — we’re aiming for one every two or three weeks — will be shorter and contain 90% more karaoke. If there’s anything you’d like us to discuss in the show, just leave a comment on this post.

Hope you enjoy!

(Special thanks to Snazfg for doing the incredible music intro, and for Keen working up the graphic and setting up the podcast hosting. I just showed up and used my mouth to make sounds.)

Listen to ChaosCast #1 here!

Show notes:

  • Who we are and what we’re doing here
  • May newsletter discussion
  • New community sites: DaBigWaaagh, Book of Grudges & WaaagHead
  • The Wiki Invasion
  • NDA & getting into closed beta
  • Massively’s massively cool WAR articles

Da Newz – May 15

May 15, 2008

Beta Ticker: 692,706 (+7,821 from last week)

Quote of the Week:The best way to look at it is that Warhammer is Batman.” ~ Josh Drescher

Story of the Week: Oddly enough, the biggest story about WAR this week wasn’t about WAR at all — but instead, the blitz of World of Warcraft expansion info that was suddenly thrown all over the place. Many Warhammer fans are nervously chewing their nails at the shift in spotlight (and unrestrained speculation about the supposed fall head-to-head battle of the two titles), but Massively actually thinks WoW is a positive factor in the future success of WAR. In any case, a clash between these two titles looks to happen this fall, as Vivendi confirmed that Wrath is “anticipated to be released in the second half of 2008.”

In other news: