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Da Newz – July 3

July 3, 2008

Story of the Week: Guild Beta Begins

  • It was an announcement that was heard ’round the world… of guild communities. The very, very long-awaited guild beta was pronounced to start in July, with beta keys flying every which way to various guilds who applied. And yet… and yet Chrono Chaos was overlooked. WE SHALL NOT BE SLIGHTED!

Beta Ticker:

  • 752,553 (+8,950 from last week)

Quotes of the Week:

  • “I can’t say why but believe the hype for WAR. I’ve heard from plenty of trusted people that this game’s on a solid bee-line to success. Trusted by me anyway.” ~ JoBildo
  • “In truth, MMOG developers really haven’t seen anything comparable to this situation since the genre really began hitting its stride in early 2000. Even the competition between EverQuest II and the original release of WoW isn’t comparable.” ~ TTH on the WAR vs. WoW launch

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Fear, Itself

June 28, 2008

If we were burdened with the homework assignment of listing the greatest fears of the Warhammer Online community right now, “another delay” would be tied with “not living up to expectations” and “getting the stuffing beat out of it by WoW”, but just behind “spiders and spider-related superheroes”.

It’s the big invisible elephant in the WAR room: what if WAR’s going to be delayed again? It’s not outside of the realm of possibility, after all. Mythic has made the call twice to postpone WAR for futher testing and polish, and EA has stuck by them both times. Mythic’s also been adamant that WAR doesn’t ship until it meets their expectations, first and foremost. “It won’t ship until it’s done,” they’ve said, “And done right.”

Delays cause considerable conflicting emotions to well up in the hearts of fans (note, that’s not fans of Heart, which are a great group of people you should get to know today). On one hand, we’ve witnessed enough lackluster and faulty launches in the MMO genre to choke a sea cow (yes! another manatee graphic!), and the thought of WAR stumbling and falling flat right out of the gate is a truly cringe-worthy image. On the other hand, fans aren’t noted for their long-lasting patience, and two delays have tested what little credit there is already.

There comes a point where a game must be launched, or must be canceled/indefinitely postponed, due to the costs of development. Right now, WAR is purely in the red for EA. Every day, every month they work on the game is an outflow of money without a single dollar coming back in. EA can afford to be patient — after all, they need a big MMO hit and not another screw-up — but it’s not infinite. Sooner or later, WAR has to get out the door to bring the books back to the black.

So imagine this scenario: August or September rolls around, we’ve been in guild beta and perhaps NDA-drop land, but open beta’s yet to begin. After taking a hard look at beta numbers and surveying the closed beta crowd, Mythic feels that they need to push it back again — to Q1 or Q2 2009 — in order to really make everything click. Open beta gets pushed back as well, to October/November/December.

What would happen? Well, I think this time around fans might have more ground to be justifiably upset. Devs at this point have verbally committed to the “Fall 2008” ship date so many times it’s just as much of a mantra as is “War is Everywhere”. Top that with sales of the Collector’s Edition, which fans have been paying for as early as April 2008, and you’re going to have more angry players demanding to see the game they’ve already shelled out the big bucks for. And don’t forget, another delay would possibly let Lich King slip in the door first and draw in scores of WAR-wannabes who might be fed up with the delay and starving for new content that they’d return to WoW. Top that all with the public perception that a thrice-delayed game must be extremely faulty at the core, and WAR could become the butt of a lot of jokes.

It’s not a pretty picture. It’s not worst-case scenario, but it’s getting there. And yes, you’d still have a strong contingent of fans who would back up Mythic’s call and wait it out until WAR’s release. But if WAR doesn’t ship this fall, there’s going to be hell to pay — and hell doesn’t pay very well.


Da Newz – June 26

June 26, 2008

Story of the Week: Richard Bartle’s WAR=WoW Remark

  • The rule of the blogosphere is that if there isn’t enough real news going on, we’ll make it up ourselves. Richard Bartle, crown prince of MUDs, was quoted in an interview effectively saying that Warhammer and Warcraft were the same game. This ignited a firestorm of nerdrage, dozens of posts, and (surprisingly) dozens of replies from Bartle himself.

Beta Ticker:

  • 743,603
  • +14,757 from last week

Quotes of the Week:

  • “I’ve already played Warhammer. It was called World of Warcraft.” ~ Richard Bartle
  • “It’s fantasy with all the crap bits taken out.” ~ Paul Barnett
  • “If a developer’s confidence equated directly to the excellence of a video game, then Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning would easily be one of the best MMOs ever made.” ~ IGN
  • “[Age of Conan’s launch] showed us that it’s very important that you be as polished and complete when you launch your game.” ~ Jeff Hickman

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ChaosCast #2: Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By

June 16, 2008

It’s time once again for the troublesome trio of WAR bloggers (Snafzg, Keen and myself) to get together and waste… er, spend three hours of a Saturday afternoon recording a Warhammer Online podcast, only to have Keen’s computer lose our audio files. Repeatedly. You have NO idea how many times we recorded the “what attracted you to WAR?” section, and how many iterations we went through. In one recording — this is true — we got into a detailed fantasy of saving Paul Barnett from a burning building and giving his mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Pity you missed out.

Listen to ChaosCast #2: Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By!

Have a listener question for ChaosCast #3? Leave it in the comments section!

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Picking Over The March Newsletter

April 7, 2008

You know it’s been a breakneck news cycle lately since the monthly WAR newsletter — usually the topic of discussion for an entire week on any WAR fan site — was largely shoved aside in the wake of the delay announcement, the CE details, the Paris Event and my blossoming into puberty. Well, that last part technically happened in 1987, but I keep getting visited by the Big Honking Zit Fairy, so I assume that I’ve still got a growth spurt or two left in me.

Instead of breaking down the March newsletter piecemeal, I thought I’d give it a read through (which you can also do here) and note things that haven’t already been talked about to death in the past couple weeks:

  • Lots of rehashing over the delay and CE. The delay gets one paragraph, and the CE gets dozens. Huh.
  • Games Workshop is inviting future WAR players on April 12-13 to a GW store to get free lessons in tabletop Warhammer.
  • In March, Beta testers wrapped up both the HE/DE and Chaos/Empire focus tests, along with early crafting, renown ranks, and UI changes. They quote a few beta testers on these changes (positive, of course).
  • If you snag a copy of a Warhammer comic book from BOOM! Studios, you could win a chance in the beta.
  • There’s a nice article on the making of the Inevitable City — not so much the nitty-gritty aspects, but more the feel and process of its creation.
  • Marauder and Witch Hunter overviews & mastery paths. Nothing revolutionary, but I think both classes will be incredibly popular.
  • A really neat Bright Wizard wallpaper (sneak peak for the trailer).
  • Some of the concept art for weapons, like the Engineer’s wrenches, are pretty cool.
  • The Grab Bag is always my favorite (I’m tired of wading through videos at this point, and I appreciate some direct Q&A’s). Interesting tidbits: players as low as level 7 can travel to their capital cities, and when you capture an enemy city, you can kick down doors and loot to your heart’s content!

Da Newz

April 3, 2008

Da Newz is WAAAGH!’s weekly wrapup of WAR news bits and chunks.

BETA TICKER: 644,508 (+20,120 from last week)

  • Massively reports that WAR will have no dance emote.
  • is another site that got an interview with Mark Jacobs about the WAR delay. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man give out so many interviews, so it’s logical to assume he’s a cyborg.
  • “WAR’s delay: from the fallout comes further details” from Massively. In short: WAR news and media will continue at a good pace, WAR is not afraid of WoW, and the CE head start will be more than just a day.
  • New videos: Altdorf City and Dark Elves at GameSpy. High Elves and Altdorf City at IGN.
  • IGN wrote up a piece on City Sieges. As the cities — 9 in total — will be the ultimate focus of the RvR conflict, this is of special interest to many people anticipating WAR. Cities are being approached a bit like RPG characters: they have five levels to progress through as players accomplish tasks for the city, which will change the face of the city and allow players to access new content. There will even be dungeons under the city to explore.
  • GameSpy explored Chaos’ Inevitable City to their glee. More discussion in here about the “leveling up” of a city, the RvR war waged between capital cities, and capturable keeps.
  • GameSpy has its take on the Collector’s Edition, and it’s… pretty much the same as mine, only less swearing and rants against corporate greed in the Bahamas.
  • Check out Eurogamer’s interview with Jeff Hickman at the Paris event! VERY interesting quote about the release date: “I know the actual dates and it’s not six months. Let’s call it three to six months.”
  • Mark’s said that not all of the servers will be available for the head start (and, apparently, they are planning on “lots” of servers).
  • Open beta will begin this summer.
  • Cool Greenskins wallpaper over at Warhammer Vault.
  • GU Comics muses on class balance in WAR.
  • Mark specified what he includes as autumn/fall in terms of the release date: “I posted earlier in the week that I consider the Fall between September 23rd – December 21st. So, if you’re counting on August…”
  • WarCry gets their interview in with Mark Jacobs about the delay. At this point, is there any need to keep touching on this subject? Is there any previously unhidden factoids that might come to the light? I don’t think so.
  • A couple of video interviews with Jeff Hickman in Paris, talking about WAR.
  • Keen reports on a few tidbits of news coming from Paris: WAR might cost 14 Euros a month, and Mythic is estimating about 200-250 hours (8-10 days) /played to hit level 40 (the cap).
  • has a great “Hands On” article about WAR. “And so I beg Mythic to convince me to stop playing WoW and start playing WAR.” Amen.
  • Warhammer Vault’s April Fool’s: Warhammer’s first expansion announced!
  • April’s High Elf calendar wallpaper at Warhammer Vault.
  • Josh Drescher recaps the Paris Event, blog-style.
  • Hexus.gaming interviews Mythic about PQs, social networking and other fun topics.
  • WarCry got a nice hands-on experience at Paris, and you can read all about it here.
  • The Greenskin is there for us with their weekly Forum Watch – check it out!
  • Keen reports that Mark Jacobs expects over one million beta sign-ups before it’s all said and done. Holy schnikey!
  • Paul Barnett says that he’s working on an audio “read along” for the art book in the CE, probably to be downloadable after the CE ships.
  • “Chaos, Panic, Disorder: WAR CE Pre-Order Run-Down” at Massively.
  • Warhamma #13 is out — give it a good listen!
  • “One Week Later: WAR Collector’s Edition” at The Greenskin.
  • New Secret Life of Mobs comic: “Relationship Trouble”.

Eleven Best WAR Features Touted This Past Week

April 2, 2008

Because everything should go to eleven, dontcha know?

1. The Collector’s Edition – In the field of collector’s editions, WAR is poised to outdo them all with a collection of great out-of-game bonuses (art book, graphic novel, figurine) and plenty of in-game goodies (character heads, unique quests, fun items). $30 for all this? Consider it a steal!

2. Mark Jacobs weathering the delay fallout on Warhammer Alliance Forums – Right, wrong or somewhere in the middle on the decision to delay, Mark nevertheless hit the community with a preemptive olive branch of communication and diplomacy. For a good couple days, he answered the many, many worries and questions people had about the WAR delay. It proves we have a great dev team that not only cares about the game, but in the community.

3. This quote by Paul Barnett on a video interview – THEM: “W-w-why would that be there?” PAUL: “‘Cause it’s a Chaos Demon!” THEM: “Well what’s the reason for it being there?” PAUL: “Because its CHAOS! It’s just there…” THEM: “W-well won’t people get upset?” PAUL: “No, they’ll get KILLED! …It’ll be AWESOME!”

4. Plungers of the World – Instead of falling off a cliff to your death or getting stuck in an obscure piece of terrain, WAR will reward you for your exploration and then blow you the heck back into the map with large explosives.

5. Crafting – Really nice to get to see a bit of this, nicer still that gathering will come solely from mobs you kill (no node farming!), but it would be the nicest of all to get a more complete run-down on this facet of WAR.

6. Altdorf/Inevitable City walkthroughs – Since these will not only be the capitol cities of their factions but also the staging ground for end game RvR battles, it was great to get fully fleshed-out tours through them.

7. There’s a guy. In Altdorf. Who’s sitting on the can in an outhouse. And you can get a quest from him.

8. Guilds get their own UI look, as well as their own banners. Spiffy!

9. Open beta is announced to start “sometime this summer”. I know it can’t be soon enough for most folks.

10. The new WAR website – not only looks great, but they’re being pretty good with updating it regularly!

11. The March Newsletter – and I’ve been so busy going through all the other WAR info released recently, I haven’t even read mine yet!