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Da Newz – June 12

June 12, 2008

Story of the Week: Population Imbalance Apocalypse!

  • So this all started with a poll over at WHA – “Which class will you play on release?” Many people answered. Snafzg of The Greenskin poured the results into a headache-inducing spreadsheet, and came up with the conclusion that, as it stands now, more players are looking to play the Destruction side than Order, causing an unsettling imbalance in a PvP-centric game. Site upon site, blog upon blog took this news, ripped their shirts in twain, poured ashes on their heads, and declared a population imbalance apocalypse on WAR. I like it when people get up in a tizzy over something that hasn’t actually happened yet. It amuses the Syp.

Beta Ticker:

  • 728,846 beta applicants
  • +8,466 from last week

Quote of the Week:

  • “Quite simply, Public Quests are raids without the bullcrap.” ~ Michael Zenke

New WAR Sites and Blogs:


Misc. News:

Commentaries & Articles:



Comics, Songs & Fun:


Da Newz – June 5

June 5, 2008

Beta Ticker: 720,380 (up +20,125 from last week)

Quote of the Week: “We’re sort of winking at you, you know? We’re saying ‘oh, we know what you’re going to do.'” ~ Carrie Gouskos on the Tome of Knowledge

Story of the Week: Massively visits Mythic. Michael Zenke just became the most envied person in the Warhammer world, as he was invited into EA Mythic to conduct numerous interviews, play testing and investigations into WAR. A week later, and we have 15 (!) articles for his work. Here they are:

In Other News:


HAHAHA… Suckin’ Them In

June 4, 2008

Before I forget, the other night I logged on to World of Warcraft only to have my guild leader, Moxie, tell me she was pretty upset with me.

What now? It couldn’t have been the hit I put out on her dog, that sort of thing takes time.

“Because of you and your stupid blog,” she said, “My husband and I just dropped $300 for three WAR Collector’s Editions.”

“Um… you’re welcome? I’m sorry?” I replied. Moxie had been a Warhammer tabletop fan back in the day, so I didn’t feel too bad at prostelitizing WAR to her. “How come three?”

She paused. “Because we’ve learned our lesson from WoW — we’re buying an extra CE to sell on eBay after they’re all sold out.”

Smart cookie. Yay, they’re coming over to play WAR!

P.S. – They couldn’t resist, and the two of them bought a fourth copy as well.


Da Newz – May 8

May 8, 2008

Beta Ticker: 684,885 (+17,567 from last week)

Quote of the Week: “Death! Kill! Custard!” ~ The slogan on the 8-Bit Paul Barnett t-shirt

Story of the Week: The dev team did a huge conference call with 23 WAR and game review sites last week, prompting a plethora of articles more or less saying the exact same thing. We here at WAAAGH! were not invited, and thus are drowning in a vat of bitter tears and tabasco sauce.


Imperial Inquisition – Ted of Warhamma

May 6, 2008

The Imperial Inquisition is proud today to welcome to the rack one of the earliest and strongest voices of WAR fandom — Ted of the Warhamma podcast. While the podcast is on a temporary hiatus, Ted is still alive and kicking, as is his love for you.

WAAAGH!: Tell us a bit about yourself — your handle/screen name/real name, age, real life occupation, your previous MMO experience, and your play style.

TED: My name is Ted Childers although online I’ve gone by many names such as Tedero, Awesomizer and Freaky Big. I’m a 30something living in Houston, TX where I work as a Desktop Support Supervisor for a large manufacturing company. My first online gaming experience was back in my early college days circa 1993-1995 where I played (and coded) the MUDs Highlands and Dawn of the Immortals. After leaving the MUD scene I didn’t get back into online gaming (aside from FPS games like Tribes and Quake) until City of Heroes came out. I played CoH for a few months and then jumped over to World of Warcraft where I’ve spent most of my time playing an alliance rogue. I’ve also dabbled with Star Wars Galaxies, City of Villains, Guild Wars and Vanguard.

I guess my play style is hardcore casual if there is such a thing. I love being a part of an organized group with scheduled events but not to the point where I’m required to participate not matter what cards RL deals ya.

WAAAGH!: What type of social play do you gravitate towards: soloing, participating in small guilds/small groups, or participating in large guilds/large raids?

TED: I love the spectrum of all types of social play. I enjoy soloing just as much as hooking up with a small group of friends although I’m not much into PUGs. When it comes to large raids I’m down but only if the guild is all about friendship and having a great time. I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to align yourself with a-holes and sycophants just to enjoy large raids. I’ve been fortunate by having been a part of guilds that play well together yet still strive to reach the coveted endgame content.

WAAAGH!: What motivated you to get involved with the WAR community and how did you go about doing it?

TED: Jason, the webmaster of, tricked me into it. He and I struck up a friendship back in our WoW days and even back then he knew I was interested in podcasting. He lured me over to check out his site to see what I thought about it. When I saw it was Warhammer I was like OMG, I love Warhammer! Although I never played the fantasy battle game I was HUGE into the spin off game, Blood Bowl! I even helped run the General Sam Conference Blood Bowl league back in college. So, as he and I gushed over the game he whispered into my ear the super secret Manchurian Candidate password that turned me into a podcasting super soldier. Well, super geek at least. I haven’t looked back since.

WAAAGH!: What are some of the more notable trends you’ve observed in the WAR community since you’ve been active in it?

TED: This is the first time I’ve ever been this hardcore into a game that hasn’t even come out yet. I’m just blown away by the buzz, hype and momentum the community generates for a game they’ve never played yet they (and myself!) are totally convinced that it’s going to be the best thing since pockets and the Internet. I’m also very impressed by the degree of contact the game developers have dedicated to the community. It’s the ultimate of instant gratification that a developer will take the time to talk to you as long as you’re polite and well spoken. Such a level of community involvement must be fairly unheard of for a first tier MMO like WAR.

WAAAGH!: Did you play Dark Age of Camelot (or do you still), and what did you like/hate about it?

TED: Unfortunately, I missed the DAoC boat. When I joined the mainstream MMO scene with my fiends to play City of Heroes, they had already put the finishing touches on their DAoC scrapbooks and looked back at the game with fond memories.

WAAAGH!: What PvP experience do you have, and what are your general feelings on it?

TED: My only MMO PvP experience has been playing on a WoW PvP server and participating in battlegrounds. Being part of a PvP server was frustrating at times for sure but all in all I actually kinda dug the constant fear of danger. However, when it comes to WoW battlegrounds I found the experience to be rather dull. Sure, I enjoyed fighting against other players but the battleground maps just felt like meaningless FPS map instead of being a part the perpetual world. That’s why I’m so stoked about scenarios and sieges in WAR. It’s PvP where the outcome MEANS something! In WAR, PvP has a purpose and a goal which is something no other MMO can claim as far as I know.

WAAAGH!: What faction (order/chaos) do you plan siding with when the game releases, and why?

TED: I played the “good guys” in WoW so this time around in WAR I want to focus on the armies of destruction.

WAAAGH!: What class(es) currently appeal to you the most, and are they similar or different to classes you typically play in other MMOs?

TED: Since I’ve played a melee dps class in WoW I’m looking for a change of pace. Thus, my career choices right now are leaning towards the tank careers (Black Orc, Chosen and Black Guard) and the ranged DPS careers (Squig Herder, Magus and Sorceress). The support careers are intriguing but I’m not sure I can go from a player who focused solely on dps to one who has to really keep their eye on everyone (allies and enemies). If I had to narrow down to my top three careers they would be Magus, Sorceress and Chosen…

WAAAGH!: What features of WAR have you the most excited to experience?

TED: City capture! The Tomb of Knowledge! Public Quests! Scenarios! Keep sieges! Lairs! It’s probably easier to ask what I’m the least excited to experience… hmm, then again maybe that’s hard to answer as well!

WAAAGH!: Did you apply for the beta, did you get into the beta, and have you pre-ordered the CE?

TED: As soon as Jason told me about the game I applied to the beta. I’m ashamed to say that even exploited several podcasts in my quest to get into the beta. Unfortunately, EA/Mythic doesn’t answer well to slightly humorous veiled empty threats… still no beta lovin’ for me. As for the CE, I’m afraid I’ve been a bit obsessive. I’ve ordered a copy from Gamestop, Amazon and I plan to pick up a box from Best Buy. The way I see it, they’ll make great gifts for holidays and bar mitzvahs!

WAAAGH!: What concerns do you have for WAR’s gameplay and future?

TED: The only aspect of WAR that has me a little worried is their decision to limit the toolbar UI. Sure, you can have several saved loadouts that you can switch out between battles but I’m so used to having access to all my character’s abilities at once. I’m trying not to let it bother me since I have yet to even see it in action. It will certainly add another layer of strategy to the game that’s for sure. I just hope it’s seen as a fun challenge and not a frustrating turn off. As for the game’s future, I firmly believe that WAR will be a stellar game that may not be the WoW killer but it will certainly make a mark on the MMOscape. With the EA marketing juggernaut backing them up, WAR is poised to leave a huge impression on many current and future MMO players.

WAAAGH!: What will you be doing with your gaming time between now and WAR’s release?

TED: I just bought a big honkin’ tv so I’ll probably embrace the console scene for a while, at least until WAR gets here. The PC is still my platform of choice but with the greatest MMO on the horizon I’d rather talk about WAR then mess around with the competition.


Da Newz

April 3, 2008

Da Newz is WAAAGH!’s weekly wrapup of WAR news bits and chunks.

BETA TICKER: 644,508 (+20,120 from last week)

  • Massively reports that WAR will have no dance emote.
  • is another site that got an interview with Mark Jacobs about the WAR delay. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man give out so many interviews, so it’s logical to assume he’s a cyborg.
  • “WAR’s delay: from the fallout comes further details” from Massively. In short: WAR news and media will continue at a good pace, WAR is not afraid of WoW, and the CE head start will be more than just a day.
  • New videos: Altdorf City and Dark Elves at GameSpy. High Elves and Altdorf City at IGN.
  • IGN wrote up a piece on City Sieges. As the cities — 9 in total — will be the ultimate focus of the RvR conflict, this is of special interest to many people anticipating WAR. Cities are being approached a bit like RPG characters: they have five levels to progress through as players accomplish tasks for the city, which will change the face of the city and allow players to access new content. There will even be dungeons under the city to explore.
  • GameSpy explored Chaos’ Inevitable City to their glee. More discussion in here about the “leveling up” of a city, the RvR war waged between capital cities, and capturable keeps.
  • GameSpy has its take on the Collector’s Edition, and it’s… pretty much the same as mine, only less swearing and rants against corporate greed in the Bahamas.
  • Check out Eurogamer’s interview with Jeff Hickman at the Paris event! VERY interesting quote about the release date: “I know the actual dates and it’s not six months. Let’s call it three to six months.”
  • Mark’s said that not all of the servers will be available for the head start (and, apparently, they are planning on “lots” of servers).
  • Open beta will begin this summer.
  • Cool Greenskins wallpaper over at Warhammer Vault.
  • GU Comics muses on class balance in WAR.
  • Mark specified what he includes as autumn/fall in terms of the release date: “I posted earlier in the week that I consider the Fall between September 23rd – December 21st. So, if you’re counting on August…”
  • WarCry gets their interview in with Mark Jacobs about the delay. At this point, is there any need to keep touching on this subject? Is there any previously unhidden factoids that might come to the light? I don’t think so.
  • A couple of video interviews with Jeff Hickman in Paris, talking about WAR.
  • Keen reports on a few tidbits of news coming from Paris: WAR might cost 14 Euros a month, and Mythic is estimating about 200-250 hours (8-10 days) /played to hit level 40 (the cap).
  • has a great “Hands On” article about WAR. “And so I beg Mythic to convince me to stop playing WoW and start playing WAR.” Amen.
  • Warhammer Vault’s April Fool’s: Warhammer’s first expansion announced!
  • April’s High Elf calendar wallpaper at Warhammer Vault.
  • Josh Drescher recaps the Paris Event, blog-style.
  • Hexus.gaming interviews Mythic about PQs, social networking and other fun topics.
  • WarCry got a nice hands-on experience at Paris, and you can read all about it here.
  • The Greenskin is there for us with their weekly Forum Watch – check it out!
  • Keen reports that Mark Jacobs expects over one million beta sign-ups before it’s all said and done. Holy schnikey!
  • Paul Barnett says that he’s working on an audio “read along” for the art book in the CE, probably to be downloadable after the CE ships.
  • “Chaos, Panic, Disorder: WAR CE Pre-Order Run-Down” at Massively.
  • Warhamma #13 is out — give it a good listen!
  • “One Week Later: WAR Collector’s Edition” at The Greenskin.
  • New Secret Life of Mobs comic: “Relationship Trouble”.

Eleven Best WAR Features Touted This Past Week

April 2, 2008

Because everything should go to eleven, dontcha know?

1. The Collector’s Edition – In the field of collector’s editions, WAR is poised to outdo them all with a collection of great out-of-game bonuses (art book, graphic novel, figurine) and plenty of in-game goodies (character heads, unique quests, fun items). $30 for all this? Consider it a steal!

2. Mark Jacobs weathering the delay fallout on Warhammer Alliance Forums – Right, wrong or somewhere in the middle on the decision to delay, Mark nevertheless hit the community with a preemptive olive branch of communication and diplomacy. For a good couple days, he answered the many, many worries and questions people had about the WAR delay. It proves we have a great dev team that not only cares about the game, but in the community.

3. This quote by Paul Barnett on a video interview – THEM: “W-w-why would that be there?” PAUL: “‘Cause it’s a Chaos Demon!” THEM: “Well what’s the reason for it being there?” PAUL: “Because its CHAOS! It’s just there…” THEM: “W-well won’t people get upset?” PAUL: “No, they’ll get KILLED! …It’ll be AWESOME!”

4. Plungers of the World – Instead of falling off a cliff to your death or getting stuck in an obscure piece of terrain, WAR will reward you for your exploration and then blow you the heck back into the map with large explosives.

5. Crafting – Really nice to get to see a bit of this, nicer still that gathering will come solely from mobs you kill (no node farming!), but it would be the nicest of all to get a more complete run-down on this facet of WAR.

6. Altdorf/Inevitable City walkthroughs – Since these will not only be the capitol cities of their factions but also the staging ground for end game RvR battles, it was great to get fully fleshed-out tours through them.

7. There’s a guy. In Altdorf. Who’s sitting on the can in an outhouse. And you can get a quest from him.

8. Guilds get their own UI look, as well as their own banners. Spiffy!

9. Open beta is announced to start “sometime this summer”. I know it can’t be soon enough for most folks.

10. The new WAR website – not only looks great, but they’re being pretty good with updating it regularly!

11. The March Newsletter – and I’ve been so busy going through all the other WAR info released recently, I haven’t even read mine yet!


Collector’s Edition preview

March 28, 2008

So. This past Wednesday. Two days ago. What’s now become known as “D-Day” — the day the WAR community fell to its knees, all Darth Vader-style, and went “NOOOOOO!” as we heard of the delay. I won’t admit that this news in any way depressed me, because then I’d be saying that a video game that isn’t even out has its claws sunk deep into my psyche and I should just fork over a couple thousand bucks for therapist fees right here and now.

So. D-Day. I’m plodding through it, looking at WAAAGH! and thinking of how I can stretch an exposé on squigs to last for a good five weeks. I don’t think I can, to be honest. My wife calls and we chat a bit, and I try not to cry too hard over the phone, as that is not seemly for a man to do concerning anything that’s non-relationship-related. But then I mention the WAR Collector’s Edition, and in a surprising move of coolness for a non-hardcore gamer, she gives me blessed permission to go ahead and plunk down a hefty chunk of change to secure my copy.

What can I say? It was a sucky day, but this made it suck far less.

I’ve been dying to go through the Collector’s Edition and Pre-Order details according to the website, but this week… man. Been getting slammed with huge WAR news after more huge news. I still have the March newsletter and Ten Ton Hammer’s massive WAR coverage… but one thing at a time.

So. The Collector’s Edition. Cost: $80. According to different official sources, only 50,000 – 60,000 of these puppies will be made, with a few more whipped up for Mythic’s use. You can order them through a local retailer or (as I did) online. The package will be about seven pounds and come in a rather large box. What does this treasure trove contain? Keep on reading!

A Games Workshop Pewter Miniature

I know Warhammer fans pay gobs of money for these things, and while I’ll never be playing tabletop Warhammer due to most of my budget going towards “gas” and perhaps “food” these days, it’s a cool addition to get an orc figure with a little goblin riding shotgun on his shoulder. However: “Assembly and painting required”. Ugh. Excuse me? I don’t have those microscopic paintbrushes! So unless I want to tie-dye mine, it’s gonna remain silver.

An Original Graphic Novel, aka “Comic Book”

It’s a 128-page full-color graphic novel, with six stories (one for each race) telling of the events leading up to the game. Actually, this’ll be nice as a prologue to playing the game, and I always need more material for quality toilet-time reading. Once I’m done with it, however, I’m sure I’ll probably never pick it up again. Same goes for the

The Art of Warhammer Online Book

Some folks go ga-ga for art books, and I guess if you’re picking up a CE you might be one of those people. I am not. Art in a book never feels right to me — art should be framed. If they could make it so the pages could come out and I could use them to wallpaper my nursery, then so much the better. 224 full-color pages for your light perusal.

In-Game Item: The Libram of Insight

Now here’s what I’m talking about! For me, CE’s are about two things: getting into the game early, and getting cool little in-game bonuses that wouldn’t be available otherwise. This Libram is pretty nifty: it gives your character a +10% XP bump for an hour (usable three times only), which will be nice for those slow leveling patches. I hope this will be available to every character I create.

In-Game Content: Quests, Rewards & Titles

These are all connnected: when you log in for the first time, your tome of knowledge will have one (or more) of twelve exclusive quests awaiting you, depending on your racial pick. Each quest has a unique reward and grats you a unique title. I really like this, because it’ll last me longer than most CE bonuses — every time I make a new character on a race I’ve never played before, hey, new quests! For instance, a dwarf quest will grant you a bottomless mug of ale (with a bit of a hangover).

In-Game Character Creation: 12 Unique Heads

Even better than quests are 12 heads available at character creation (one for each race/gender, presumably) — two of the heads I reposted to the right there. I love this! Having more choices during character creation is always, ALWAYS a good thing.

The Game Itself

But… y’know, we have an art book, so who’s going to have time to play?

Pre-Order Bonus: Access Into The Open Beta

Mythic’s idea of the Open Beta isn’t “open to all”, but rather “NDA is lifted”. We’re obviously not at that stage yet, and unless I can’t resist temptation, I won’t be doing beta for fear of ruining my virgin WAR experience at launch. Still, it’s a nice option to have.

Pre-Order Bonus: Live Game Head Start

There she is, in all her beauty: “live game head start”. More and more MMOs are doing this these days, and it’s a wonderful thing — get a jump on the horde of other players, grab the names you want for your account, and experience the newbie zones before a mob of newbies descends. It’s been confirmed that this head start is more than just one day, although we have no idea how long. I really liked LOTRO’s head start, in which we got two weeks (I think) to get our characters going, but we were level capped. It helped to spread out the players a bit and relieve congestion on launch day.

Pre-Order Bonus: In-Game Items

Finally, there’s a couple more in-game items from the pre-order: a “portable camp” (neat!) and a ring that does some additional damage per hit. The ring is nice, but I assume not that nice and will be replaced early on in the game. The camp, however, might be a great little RP thing: fun to take your home with you everywhere you travel.

That’s it! So is my $87 well-spent? I think so, but in a half of a year, I guess I’ll know for sure!


Da Newz – Delay, CE & March Newsletter

March 26, 2008

Beta Ticker: 624,388

Without a doubt, this has been the busiest news week concerning WAR since I started WAAAGH!… um… two weeks ago. If it continues at this pace, as current trends predict, I might as well hire on a full staff of forty Fozzy Bears to cover the press. I just need the tomatoes to pay them with.

The big news starting off is, surprisingly enough, not the Collector’s Edition, but the aforementioned delay in WAR’s release until “autumn”. Expect to see that word — “autumn” — used about a billion times between now and then as people speculate on the release. Remember, Nmutua is Autumn backwards. I’ve already discussed the delay at length as has Mark Jacobs, so if you need more perspectives, shall I call on my color-challenged friend Mr. Greenskin or my navy buddy Commander Keen or Doc Heartless? I think I shall.

Update: GameSpy scored an interview as well as WarCry with Mark with yet more questions about the delay. Read at your heart’s peril.

After licking your wounds over that announcement, at least there’s a silver lining or two to this whole bloody mess: the Big, Mega, Super-Duper, Spectacular, Peachy Keen announcement of the Collector’s Edition and the Pre-Order over on the main site. Although I promised to talk about it today, there’s really so much here that it warrants its own special article (so stay tuned!).

If that wasn’t enough, the March WAR Newsletter is either here or on its way, depending on your sources. You can get your fill here or here or here (or just sign up to get the newsletter delivered to your inbox already!). Do you have a question about guilds that you want answered by a WAR dev? is taking all comers in an effort to cull a few good queries for a future newsletter!

To keep things more succinct than last week, here’s a roundup of other notable WAR news:

  • The Grouchy Gamer scored an exclusive interview on March 13 with WAR’s Community Coordinator, James Nichols. James reports that the WAR beta (and non-beta) community has been “awesome”, discusses how they’ve been doing the “Focus Betas”, the high number of beta applicants, learning about Warhammer lore, and various aspects of his job.
  • Play has a nice WAR preview – nothing too new, but well-written and a good briefing for those not in the WAR know.
  • The Europe Press Site Event has drawn out a lot of new info, and WHA forums are there to summarize it all for you. What caught my eye? If you’re a really exceptional player, your home city might erect a statue of you!
  • Ten Ton Hammer has a good FAQ on Keeps and Sieges.
  • Keen and Graev’s Goblannoyed #0 – get in while the getting is good!
  • I’m never gonna give you up, I’m never gonna let you down.
  • Warhammer Vault posted a classy High Elf wallpaper for you to enjoy.
  • Two new Dev Diaries to digest! In “The Writing of WAR”, Matt Daniels discusses how a character’s backstory is layered, how they incorporate the lore, and how they make backstories relevant to all the races. Destin Bales munches through “The Pre-Production Process”, where an astounding 10,000 pages of content goes through various stages to make it in the game.
  • 16 new screencaps at WorthPlaying!
  • West Karana muses “What can beta leaks tell us about upcoming games?”
  • Mark Jacobs confirmed that there will be NO lifetime subscription (such as a one-time fee to play as long as the game is alive) for WAR.
  • Greenskin’s Forum Watch for the week!

To Beta Or Not To Beta, That Is The Question

March 25, 2008

With the expected announcement of the Collector’s Edition tomorrow and the pre-order offer to get a foot in the door of the beta, a lot more future WARions will have to ask themselves: do I really, REALLY want to get into the beta, especially if the chance is sitting right before me?

For many people and certain species of hummingbirds, the answer is “What are you KIDDING? Of COURSE yes!” They hunger, they can’t wait, their patience is finite and the sweet nector of gameplay is an irresistible siren’s song.

I am planning on preorder the CE for sure at this point, if only to get a jump start on the live servers right before the release. However, I’ve had to struggle with the temptation of joining in with the Open Beta before release. As much as I really do want to get playing WAR, you do make some sacrifices by joining up with the Beta Squad (formerly BetaMax):

1. Any characters you make and grow attached to have a very limited lifespan — I hate making characters I know will be wiped. I’ve been in the Mythos beta for months and have a hard time playing it, not because it’s dull (it certainly isn’t!) but because I loathe losing a character I’ve poured time and effort into.

2. You forfeit the innocence of your first day live server WAR experience for something that’s, in my opinion, lesser. You won’t be playing a final build, you will be taking away some of the elements that make the first real day such a rush, and what information you may have gained will be just as easily attainable after the game comes out.

I’ve been in my share of betas, and I’ve always regretted that I caved in and joined the WoW open beta a few weeks before launch. My first day in the beta was magical for many reasons, but like sampling the forbidden fruits of carnality before you say “I do!” at the altar, I robbed the main event of its full impact.

So, barring another lapse into temptation, I’m going to elect to remain outside of the beta and just wait for the early jump onto the live servers (whoops… almost typed “liver servers”, which might be higher in iron but lesser in gameplay). While I’ll have to wait until then to write about my first-hand experiences in WAR, I think it’ll be okay — there’s more than plenty to jaw about between now and then.