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ChaosCast #7 – The Long Road Home

October 5, 2008

ChaosCast #7 – You know you need it, crave it and deserve it!  And it’s finally here after weeks of pre- and post-launch scheduling craziness.  If you never listened to ChaosCast before, it’s a podcast hosted by yours truly, Keen and Comrade Snafzg.   It’s like a nightmare blended with a sweet dessert, served up with the cherry of insanity.

We had a great time with the show — obviously, it’s been a while since we last met and the sheer number of topics threatened to be our undoing.  In the end, we loosely followed an outline but were unafraid of going on tangents upon tangents if we were distractible enough.  Give it a listen, and if you have a question you want us to tackle for the next podcasts’ Blowhole, leave it in this here comments section!

Show Notes/Outline
Round-table Discussion:
Open-forum of random discourse!
– What have we been playing? Likes? Dislikes?
– Launch
– Server Queues
– Scenario Queues
– Is there Open-RvR?
– How much will the game change once we start getting a decent rank 40 population?
– Collector’s Edition – worth it in the end?

1.01 Patch – First Major Patch to the game (part of the Round-Table discussion)
– AoE Grinding Nerf
– Bugs/glitches introduced in the patch
– Additional thoughts on WAR’s first major patch

Welcome to the Community

The Blowhole
Our listener mail section where we take the questions YOU submitted to us on our blogs and do our best to answer them with a discussion.

– Jakad asks: I would like to hear more about the PQ reward system.  How does a tank or healing class stack up to the DPS classes when trying to rank #1 Top Spot on the PQ Participation. It seems that the pure dps like the Squig Herder will always come out on top.  How is healing implemented into PQ Participation?
– Odius asks: The interview w/ Carrie Gouskos was awesome for insight into the ToK at the time. Since the game has been out for a few weeks now, how do you feel it adds to the game, and do you think you will find yourselves maybe going back to collect the titles for some of the more “strange” unlocks?


ChaosCast #6: WAR Beta Extravaganza!

August 30, 2008

We promised we would be back with more delicious post-NDA goodies, and back we are! The fellas of ChaosCast — myself, Keen and Snafzg — sat down the other night to chat about all sorts of topics we previously had to keep on the down low, including:

  • What was being in the beta for over a half year like?
  • What feminine mysteries does Keen behold?
  • Why does Syp always choose the hard way to do everything?
  • Will Chaos Dog return?
  • Is Snafzg always a cranky old coot?
  • What are we planning to do for the first week of release?

That… and SO much more, we ought to charge you rent! Tune in — it’s a really great episode, even if we start singing a drunken sea shanty toward the end (or do we?)!

Fun trivia question: to date, what are the six cartoon theme songs we’ve used at the end of ChaosCasts #1-6?


As always, we want listener questions for next episode’s Blow Hole! Just ask us anything in the comments section of this post, and I’ll add them in to the next show.


ChaosCast #5: NDA, Drop Your Sword!

August 19, 2008

That’s right — as soon as Mythic knew we were holding a brand-new ChaosCast hostage, they quickly caved in and released that pesky NDA. That means you, yes YOU, get to enjoy an all new, all singing podcast full of love, war and late night shinannigans.

In this episode, we talk about the “July” newsletter, being on the outs of the NDA-breaker crowd, NDA predictions (for, like, today), naysayers, marketing gimmicks and some more Warhammer Online sites we like and want to pimp.  Oh, and we happen to talk about beta.  Just a tad, you understand.

Listen to ChaosCast #5 here!

Since there’s a lot to cover between the drop of the NDA and release, we’re recording episode #6 in just a week and a half — and if you have any questions or topics that we should discuss during it (particularly pertaining to the WAR beta), drop a comment in this here post!


Drop The NDA, Or The Podcast Gets It

August 15, 2008

That’s right — we here at WAAAGH! Industries are not above a little hostage-taking now and then. Last night, an extremely sick Snafzg, a terribly drunk Keen, and my usual brilliant self got together in the WAAAGH! Cave and recorded a BRAND NEW ChaosCast. It is incredible. It is spectacular. It is, simply, the most beautiful thing you will ever hear. We fully anticipate many listeners removing their ears after they finish hearing it, because it will be the audio apex of their lives.

And here’s the thing — until the NDA drops, we can’t upload it. At all. It’s being held hostage in an undisclosed location, prodded with sharp sticks and allowed only one phone call a day to Mythic Entertainment, begging with a sob-filled voice for the powers that be to drop this silly NDA and let us spill the beans about Warhammer Online already.

Mark? Paul? Jeff and Jeff? You guys have 48 hours to capitulate to our demands, or else the podcast… gets delayed too. And we know that will just really ruin your day.

P.S. – For the rest of you, don’t forget to register your open beta and head start keys today!


Shut Up. I’m Listening.

August 4, 2008

Just a quick “thanks!” and “don’t forget me when you name your firstborn son or daughter!” to the podcast Shut Up, We’re Talking for making WAAAGH! their Blog of the Week!

Listen to Shut Up. We’re Talking. #31!


ChaosCast #4 – Carrie Gouskos

July 14, 2008

So, yeah, we recorded this episode last Thursday night, which — as you may deduce — was only hours away from the big bombshell of Friday’s announcements. Hence we were all happy and skippy and drunk on the fun of having Carrie Gouskos — Tome of Knowledge/UI dev — come on our show for a lengthy interview.

I think it was good timing, to be honest.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, but we had a great time talking with Carrie who, after much cajoling, agreed to join the legendary pretend guild Chrono Chaos! We’re going to have to figure out her dues… Maybe a town in WAR named after us? Snafzg spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out how he could mess up pronouncing her last name, an admirable effort from an admirable guy.

Episode #4 also had our community spotlight and listener questions — if you have questions for episode #5, please leave them in the comments section!

Make your ears happy and listen to ChaosCast #4 now!

Your hosts: Snafzg, Keen and myself.


ChaosCast #3: Babies, Basically & Dolphins

July 2, 2008

It’s time once again for the awesomest podcast in the downtown Detroit metro area that has to do with Warhammer Online and various related snack foods! That’s right… it’s ChaosCast Episode 3!

Kick it back with Keen, Snafzg and myself as we chew through the following topics:

Listen to ChaosCast #3 here.

If you have any listener questions for ChaosCast #4, just put them in the comments section of this post!