Shh… my wife’s asleep!

November 25, 2008

So I guess it’s okay to log onto the internet during vacation, y’know, just this once.  See what e-mail I’ve gotten (I need to enlarge my spleen why?).  Check up on the news (I think there was a presidential election or something, either Pinky or the Brain won).  Google Reader?  Hmm… 675 new posts…

/glance at wife, who is currently hogging all seven pillows in our hotel room.  Yeah, I guess I have time.

Read read read scan scan scan.

Reminded once again that Book of Grudges has hung up its hat, and I feel tremendously sad.  Happy, indeed, for what they gave to the community and that the reason they’re leaving is to play more WAR, not to abandon it.  If you haven’t paid your respects yet, now’s a good a time as any.  I remember when they started blogging in these 5-times-a-day microposts, and since developed into a WAR blog powerhouse.

Read read read your blog, read it down the stream…

Guess there’s nothing else major to… oh, wait, apparently contribution is a total sham.  And Santa Claus is actually your mom and dad.  And the tooth fairy is your creepy Uncle Ernie.  If this is false, Mythic needs NEEDS to prove so and reassure us with healthy numbers that our contribution is anything but a random number generator.  If it’s true, well, Mythic needs NEEDS to own up to the fact and fix it, ASAP.  Like, before 1.06.  If they stay silent, they’ve just lost a huge chunk of respect from their customers.  I’ll check back in on this when I return home.

Oh, and I guess there was a little matter of State of the Game II: The Quickening, which everyone’s already dissected, and it’s a little too late in the day for me to start doing so myself.


If I may.

Since this is a pretty bold proclamation that Mythic’s evaluated their strengths and weaknesses and is throwing the bulk of their chips into Open RvR as their primary priority, then I will quietly mourn the malnourished PvE content and ask for the following as PvE consolation prizes:

One: PQs are still a great idea — you just need to make them more playable once more.  Make all of them as simple to max out the INF bar as it was in the first chapter (c’mon, the influence loot isn’t that awesome anyway).  Give people incentive to “catch them all!” by rewarding players who complete all of the stages of all of the PQs in their pairing, and then all of the PQs in all three pairings.  And fix contribution, if it indeed be borked.

Two: Reduce mob strength, hit points and XP earned from killing them — and vastly increase their numbers.  Populate your world and make me feel like a hero by wading through dozens of mobs, hacking through them left and right, without wasting time pulling them one by one, slowly watching a HP bar go down.

Three: Speed up leveling.  Seriously.  I know some people claim that WAR is silly fast to level, but that’s not my experience, and I don’t see a lot of that around me, either.  Leveling in beta was fun because it was quick and it encouraged you to try out all sorts of alts.  As it stands, I don’t want to make an alt in WAR, ever, because of the hefty time commitment it takes to getting one to 40.  Ranking up to 40 should be quick — get me in the end game!  Encourage me to try out one of the other many careers you’ve designed!

Four: Unveil at least the majority of the Tome unlocks so that I can be better informed as to fun goals I want to set and achieve in PvE.  Make the Tome work more for me, not against me.

Five: Give me a good reason — give me lots of good reasons — why I should want to bind in a capital city and actually use it on a daily basis, instead as a tourist attraction.

Six: Evaluate and uptweak crafting in a big way.  Realize that in trying to protect your game’s economy from gold sellers you’ve become an overprotective parent who never lets their kid have any fun at all.  Give us ways to attain or make stuff worth buying and selling on the AH.

And although this isn’t a PvE thing so much as a game-wide thing, I have to agree with Heartless here — for the love of all that is holy, your number one priority should be fixing the hitching, lag, stuttering and generally poor graphical performance of massive combat.  For some reason, Reikland factory has been a near-slideshow for me, which apparently hits some players and not others (it could be a NVidia card problem, I dunno).  My card and computer can handle maxed-out settings on Fallout 3 with no problem.  I shouldn’t have to learn to live with this, and we should be hearing more about what Mythic’s doing to fix these severe issues instead of vague “game client running more smoothly” nonsense that we get in patch notes.

But, yeah, there’s some good stuff to be excited about in this new state of the game, and I’m cool with Mythic choosing oRvR to be their primary game focus.  It’s what can really set them apart (already does, to some extent) and provide unlimited end game combat that has insane variety and replayability.  This news isn’t going anywhere, so when I get back we’ll have a fireside chat or something and we’ll see what this will do to WAR at large.

Until then, I need to get to bed.  I have to fight to get a pillow back, and that’s a scenario that I’m already behind in.



  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one punching people in the face about graphic issues.

  2. Woo! Syp fix.

    As a fellow PvE lover, I feel your pain. I think the PvE in the game is stellar, based only on it’s storyline. But there is really not enough of it. As of last night I’ve finished every quest in my racial pairing and I’m still two levels shy of 40 :/

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  3. It really means a lot to read this. I remember when you first commented on one of our posts and I was really surprised and excited that anyone had just found the blog, rather than one of our friends being told to go look at it. And the support you’ve given us over the months has been truly incredible and meant a lot.

    All the kind words make us want to continue, but I look at how much more I’ve played just this week.. and I think it was the right decision (for now).

  4. Have a good time in RL! 🙂

  5. Watch the wife aggro, Syp. Wondering what you think of the latest round of transfers/mergers…

    And agreed on missing Book of Grudges.

  6. Ah, the sneaky vacation post can be the best. 🙂

    I wonder if part of the reason why Mythic didn’t want Influence and PQ’s in the Lakes was to avoid overlap with the rewards for the PVE PQ’s. Perhaps there will be slightly more people out in the world and willing to do PQ’s when the oRVR changes go live, but I’d certainly endorse your plan. 🙂

  7. “Two: Reduce mob strength, hit points and XP earned from killing them — and vastly increase their numbers. Populate your world and make me feel like a hero by wading through dozens of mobs, hacking through them left and right, without wasting time pulling them one by one, slowly watching a HP bar go down.”

    I agree completely. How does attacking one equal level nurgling/snotling/peasant make you feel like a hero? These sort of pest mobs should come in large groups that you have to wade through.

  8. I disagree. It would mess up career balance. I.e. a Bright Wizard could farm / grind more efficiently because of the mass AoE damage while a Witch Hunter would be rather ineffective since he must kill mobs one-by-one. Increased numbers of mobs would also cause a “no escape” situation, where you must fight, fight and fight while your scenario countdown timer expires, you run out of AP and cannot travel from point A to B by mount because you get hit all the time.

  9. I have to agree with the previous poster. Increasing mob numbers in some areas would be disastrous. Some pockets of the WAR world are very crowded already in terms of mobs and there’s no need to increase the number. It would take a design team a long time to go back and re-look at each area on a case by case basis to fix this.

    4) I have to disagree with you on this point. A friend of mine who plays WoW:WotLK says they already do this on WoW with all the achievements you haven’t done listed as well as the ones you’ve done and he doesn’t like the idea. Some of those achievements are completely silly or nigh-impossible (win a battleground perfect 2000:0) and you don’t have as much sense of accomplishment when you know what your goal is. It’s better to have it come up and be surprised really, that’s the fun in finding some of them.

  10. I can’t agree with Five. More people in capital cities means less people in oRvR.

  11. I’ve got 2 Radeon 3600s in a crossfire setup and everything is as smooth as a squigs bum on high quality. What I have noticed is that I find myself mashing F9 or F10 when I want to trigger my moral ability and it feels like it’s just not going off when in senarios. Thanks for the info regarding contribution, I was wondering about that myself when I ran a lvl 4 through a PQ as a lvl 19 and he scored 500 when I scored 350. I thought it might have been a level penalty thing, but now things make more sense.

  12. I’m not buying the contribution thing personally. Many of the examples people give of strange results involve one member of a group AFK’ing – but group contribution is largely shared. There are also many other potential unknowns – did they have group buffs running? Who gets those contributions? None of us know what is shared among the group, and how much of it is shared, so any tests which occur in a group are basically void.

    At the very least, I’ve seen two notable data points that counterprove the “random roll” theory (both are my own experience). First, late arrivals to a PQ always rank lower than those who complete the full PQ. Second is the group contribution – I have NEVER seen a group separated in the contribution chart, and playing with the same friends consistently I see consistent ordering within the group.

    I’ll certainly agree that contribution is a bit strange, but I’ve seen nothing to indicate that it is simply random. MMO gamers are notoriously unscientific in their examinations, and equally irresponsible in distributing their “analysis”. I don’t believe Mythic’s perfect, but it’ll take a lot more than what we’ve seen so far to convince me they’re outright lying.

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