Behave Yourselves

November 22, 2008

I’m taking the next week off blogging, work, school and the internet to take my wife on a much-deserved vacation away from it all.  Fret not — I shall return, more hearty and hale for the undertaking.

In the meanwhile, avail yourselves of all of the Warhammer Online links on the right-hand side there — there are literally tons, metric tons of great WAR blogs, and I expect you to get addicted to the huge variety of voice and opinion out there.

Take care, keep up the good fight, and until a week from now, may you find your own very special sand castle.


And then claim it!



  1. Enjoy your vacation 🙂

  2. Have fun!!

  3. Have a good one! And thank you for your blog. Its the only one I really read.

  4. /twitches

    How am I suppose to go a week without my Syp fix?!

  5. We’ll try our best to behave. Just don’t be long, ya hear?

  6. Pfft – you are gone? Let’s trash the place! Party time!

    Enjoy the break – travel safe. This place won’t look.. erm.. any different at all when you get back. promise!


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