Tome Raiders LFM!

November 20, 2008


The most excellent and most mentally disturbed group of folks that grudgingly allows me to play along with them and sing loudly on Vent has opened the doors of recruitment for the first time since open beta. That’s right! Now, you too can become a <Tome Raider>!

What’s a Tome Raider?

It’s a myth… a legend… and a lackey, all in one.

It’s the heights of mankind’s destiny, and the lows of a crappy loot roll.

It’s the frighteningly deep voice of Gronte, the nonstop chatter of Doxie, the “crap am I dead AGAIN?” exclamation of Moon, the “your MAMA!” insults of Risca, and the fabled appearance of our GM Silianu. Or Silly Putty. One of the two.

It’s the opportunity for you to go, “I’m safe and secure in my sanity, but I need to put it all on the line for fun’s sake.”

It’s the alliance between three guilds that unite to form Voltron, Defender of the Universe and Taco Bell.

It’s the ugliest guild cloak this side of a fingerpainting factory — and yet we’re weirdly proud of it.

It’s a place where bad puns and obscure movie references are not only tolerated, but encouraged and egged on.

And it’s missing you. Apply today! Regret it tomorrow! Or never! I’m not a psychic!

(Anyway, if you’re on the side of Order on Phoenix Throne, shoot on over to the Tome Raiders website, check us out and see if you might be a good fit.)



  1. Why oh why God have I chosen Ostermark? You guys seem to be a fun throng 😉

  2. It seems like we’re all recruiting these days, eh!? 😛

  3. While I am placing a beatdown on the Lich King at the moment, I wholeheartedly endorse Tome Raiders. They are a VERY friendly and fun group of folks, good eggs all of them. ❤

    Except for that Syp guy, I hear that he eats cheese puffs while he plays and his keyboard has been caked over with orange cheese dust. Beware the orange cheese dust!

  4. mmmmmm Cheese puffs. I’d lick that keyboard…

    Anyway, a guy playing a Dwarven female cant be bad! (like me…)

  5. I think I have a lvl 1 on the server that has been struggling to get to lvl 2… perhaps he just needs a loving home.

  6. Nonstop chatter of the Doxie?! And to think I’ve been given so much crap for not staying the lobby on vent lately!

    We do have the ugliest guild cloak I have ever seen. Some day we are going to have to wrestle Giv down and force him to see reason.

  7. Shameless! 🙂

  8. Apparently you have missed my cries and pleas on the VN forums to fix the guild cloak colors, and give everyone a reroll on their heraldy.

    Sad thing is me and Xayda spent several hours choosing colors, and when we saw the final horrible result the Heraldy gave us, we sat there in bewilderment.

    I recommend all guilds unhappy with the turnout of their cloaks visit this thread http://vnboards.ign.com/warhammer_online_age_of_reckoning_general_board/b22997/109375699/p1/?78 and also send in-game feedback by appeal.

    Sorry to protest in this lovely thread, Tome Raiders are great!

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