Heavy Metal To Do List

November 19, 2008

Calis, one of my guildies, passed along a full list of the daily chores, er, tasks, er, quests that encompass the Heavy Metal event:

1. Participate in the Reikland Factory Scenario

2. Complete 3 Stages of a Public Quest

3. Complete the Scouting Quest that begins in Reikland Factory Scenario

4. Visit the Herald in a Capital City

5. Find the Sand Castle in the Reikland Factory Scenario

6. Visit a Capital City

7. Defeat 15 enemy players in open RvR

8. Kill 10 Factory Chickens in the Reikland Factory Scenario

9. Kill 20 Undead

10. Detonate the Steam Tank Ammo in the Reikland Factory Scenario

11. Complete 5 Quests

12. Throw 5 Gaffer’s Gravybombs at enemy players in the Reikland Factory Scenario

13. Complete 3 Stages of a Public Quest

14. Have your realm eat the Famous Factory Sandwich in the Reikland Factory Scenario

Thanks Calis!



  1. Wow. Day seven is going to be nuts, with everyone and their lion streaming into the RvR zones. I love it.

    And day five will be interesting. Forget the flags, it’s going to be a brutal fight for some little scrap of beach.

  2. Oh I can’t wait to find out what gravybombs are.

  3. Kill 20 Factory Chickens???
    Stream Host
    Stream Host

  4. It takes 14 days?

  5. Loving the game and the event but was queued up for over 1 hour on Chaos Wastes and still no Reikland Factory scenario….

    Hope that I get to play the scenario at least once :L

  6. Hah! #14 is very intriguing.

    #11 might be rough for me… what day does that fall on? Next Friday? Hoping work let’s us off early the day after gobble-day, so I can make sure I have enough time to do it.

  7. Yeah yesterday was an odd day for scenarios in Tier 4… They just were not popping quickly like they normally do and Reik only popped 3 times for me when normally it was back to back.

  8. Anyone notice a lot of high level toons doing their “3 stages of a Public Quest” for Heavy Metal down in the lowbie Chapters? Does this annoy people, or do you find it to be fun / engaging?

    I have to admit, I’m guilty of it. Last night I took my my level 18 Witch Hunter and did the Burning Windmill Chapter 2 PQ, took my level 20 Chosen and did the Silken Chapter ??? PQ, and took my level 13 Shadow Warrior and did the Blackhill Camp Garrison Chapter ??? PQ.

    In the case of my Chosen and Shadow Warrior, I actually met some pretty good people to do the quest with (mix of high, mid and low levels). With my Chosen, the lowbie won on the loot roll so that was good, but with my Shadow Warrior the lowbie Swordmaster died and couldn’t make his way back before we killed off the hero and got no loot (boo).
    I felt bad, but not too bad because I gave him a pretty good (level 11) tunic and pair of boots when I first met him.

    With the Witch Hunter, the two other guys doing the PQ didn’t even say a word to me, and just disbanded the minute the PQ was over. Felt kinda cheap – thought Order tended to be more friendly / engaging than Destro, but it would seem I was proved wrong!
    So I logged on with my level 10 Warrior Priest and did the Chapter 1 PQ (one with the giant), and I was happy to see a level 15 Witch Hunter there who gave my toon a free level 11 hammer. My faith in the Emperor & his people was restored!

    Anyways, would be nice if there was some sort of “etiquette” for high level toons when they go sluming in the lowbie areas. Like, when you go to Cuba / the Dominican or somewhere down there – bring lots of little gifts and say “thank you” a lot.

    Hmm – that last comment could be misinterpreted.
    I’m not calling Cubans / Dominicans “lowbies” in life or saying they all live in slums, just to clear that up! Just saying you should be nice when you’re visiting someone else’s turf.

  9. Yeah, strangely RF isn’t popping very frequently for me either (med/med at primetime)…

  10. After the first week all supposedly the events do not have to be done on the exact day so people can worry about the holidays and not playing the game thankfully.

    And yeah on our server the poor giant in chapter 1 of Nordland is probably asking for morep ay after the butt wihpping he received all day yesterday from the steady strem of people coming to kill him 🙂

  11. I love what they’ve done here – by ‘forcing’ players to do public quests and PVE, maybe it will rekindle some interest in these zones.

    I love PQs, but it’s very hard to find people to join up for them at times. Most people are focused on scenarios or keep flipping.

    Smart, Mythic – very smart…

  12. […] and after reading the full to do list at Waaagh I see that 7 of the 14 tasks involve the new Scenario. Joy. tagged GOA, Heavy Metal posted in […]

  13. Interesting list!

  14. […] too much time by zapping back to Tier 1 and soloing a PQ there. From the list of forthcoming tasks over at Waaagh!, it doesn’t seem to get much more time consuming, either. Not that it really matters, as […]

  15. yo yo yo

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