60 Minutes with WAR

November 19, 2008

I’ve always found forum threads and blog posts on “post your tips/tricks/hints here” the most useful in any MMO I’ve played, and I’ve been keeping my eyes open for something similar. Happily, Mr. Wizards & Wenches pointed me to this great post at the WHA forums, which I’ve compiled to pass along. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this awesome thread!

Here are some great Warhammer Online tips and tactics that you may — or may not! — already know about:

  1. If you spin your character around fast on the character selection screen, they get really dizzy and do a silly pose.
  2. Barrels in Altdorf are fun to break — deadly too!
  3. If you’re doing butchering, kill deer — their loot tables are similar to humans and they respawn fast — and spiders.
  4. You can have your gear dyed in 2 colors. At the merchant, left click for “main color” and right click for “secondary color”.
  5. /addon command. Opens a window to enable/disable installed add-ons.
  6. You can use pocket items by dragging them to your spellbar.
  7. When you take an RvR objective, if you wait around for 3 minutes you get extra renown.
  8. The little “clock” thingys that appear on peoples names on your UI is the morale indicator.
  9. You can join a group by typing /join partyleadername or /join partymembername so as long as the group is open.
  10. You can sort bags based on what you pick up.
  11. When equipping trophies, you have to click on the trophy in your profile window, then select the left or right arrows to determine it’s location on your body.
  12. There are renown trainers and renown merchants in Keeps.
  13. White Lions: /petname <pet name>
  14. Marauders/White Lions Charge + Flee does stack: Use Flee first, then Charge (it doesn’t work vice versa) and get a 80% speed increase!
  15. You can split stacks of items with holding SHIFT then clicking them.
  16. Any quest that requires you to kill something count kills in a group.
  17. Talk to the Rally Master to set bind points.
  18. On the actual tab of a chat box (must click on the tab, not in the main chat, if you right click you will get the options to change colors/fonts/filters.
  19. You can mouse over various BOs to see what kind of buff you can get from going to them.
  20. One of the BO buffs is a +10 to all crafting skills for 30 minutes – allowing you to use the higher level materials for skillups.
  21. The small icon, just under your portrait, shows ALL open parties in your area.
  22. You can give details about your open party’s purpose with /partynote <note>. The text shows in the hover popup in the open party listing.
  23. 777 tome unlocks (not including titles and some people) gets you a book trophy.
  24. There is a portal in IC that you can go into and it will warp you to various places momentarily.
  25. /special and /warhammer
  26. /pet <petname> works for engineers. But the name will reset each time a new turret is put out.
  27. I kept clicking myself instead of the corpse when trying to loot things until I discovered that there’s a click-through self option in the options menu.
  28. /rg to report gold sellers.
  29. Forming specific parties: /partyguildonly /partyallianceonly /warbandguildonly /warbandallianceonly
  30. You have to spend an extra mastery point to get the skill/morale/tactic in your mastery path, once you’ve gotten high enough for it.
  31. Morale is hotkeyed. It starts with F9 then F10 then F11 and finally F12.
  32. Bind in a place that has a fight path very close, like the starting area.
  33. You can type /pvp to remove your RvR flag. If you do not engage an RvR opponent for 10mins it will cut off.
  34. To equip a talisman, take the equipment you are wearing off and put it in your bag. Shift click the item to socket the talisman.
  35. If you’re close to a keep but miles from the camp and flight master? Go into the keep and join a scenario… when you come out poof you’re at the camp. Or alternatively die in the RvR lake and *poof* easy way to get to the camp when you’re miles away.
  36. The command /lockout will show the timers of recently visited instances, and how long time in minutes until you can redo it.
  37. If you’re in a party and a friend wants to join, you can /invite <name> and it automatically forwards the invite to the group/warband leader (he gets a popup “xxxx wants to join yes/no”).
  38. You get a title for fully unlocking an armor set.
  39. CTRL+TAB cycles through friendly targets, extremely useful for healers.
  40. You can hit “O” or the 3 faces by chat to open the Social Window, then the last tab over is Options. In the Social Window Options there is a checkbox for “all parties you form will be private”.
  41. If you click on you influence bar it will bring up the ToK. From there you can see both the items you can receive as rewards in that chapter and also exactly how much influence you have and how much you need (numerically) to get to the next influence level or complete Elite.
  42. If you click ~55-60 times on the friendly farm animals around Troll Country and I assume other places as well, they fart.
  43. Many times you need to right click on an item in your quest inventory to complete a stage of a quest.
  44. Every keep has a “Backdoor” usable only by the faction controlling the keep. This allow you to enter the keep without having to slip through the attacking force at the front door!
  45. High level WE and WH get a pick lock ability that allows them to use Postern Doors in enemy keeps, to answer the above.
  46. If you change the opaqueness (Opacity?) of the Cultivation menu, you can easily see through (but not click through) it, allowing you to Cultivate and quest at the same time.
  47. Hold down SHIFT + Z to remove the UI. Then press Print Screen for great pics for your desktop.
  48. You can exit a scenario instance by running towards the WAR logo-shaped transparent wall near the spawn area. It only works IF the match hasn’t started yet (i.e., the 45sec timer is still ticking).
  49. There’s a little arrow at the top of my quest list on the right hand side of my screen that toggles my active quests to show or hide.
  50. When you enter a PQ zone, the color of the PQ name on the UI indicates its difficulty: Green/Yellow/Red.
  51. The little green “arrow up” icon near your portrait indicates you have training or renown rewards available.
  52. There are several arrows pointing outwards from your reticle (circle around your feet): white/yellow – targetted team member (indicates RVR status also); teal – untargetted team members; red – hostiles.
  53. /warbandpromote <Name> will raise a wb member to be a wb assistant, even though it doesn’t advise you of the success of the command
  54. You can “queue” abilities before the global cooldown is over. For instance, if you use an instant attack, then press it again before the GCD ends, you will perform that attack as soon as the GCD is finished.
  55. You gain “war engine” abilities by reaching a certain renown rank.
  56. Pressing Shift + Up Arrow (or down arrow) while entering chat text lets you toggle through the previous messages you have sent into the chat bar!
  57. It is possible to put a talisman in an item that already has one. The new one will simply replace the old one so you don’t have to wait for a talisman to expire before replacing it with a better one.
  58. Sheathing your weapons (“X” key by default), disabling your cloak and disabling your helmet only shows on your client machine. To everyone else in the game world, it’s as if nothing changed.
  59. You can have a last name for 4 gold at city registrar.
  60. /emotelist brings up an Emote list.


  1. Great list! You know i’m going to have to try #42…I just can’t help myself!

  2. Hey Syp,

    Regarding the UI removal, it’s Shift+Z I thought?

    The rest, are mucho-beneficial. I especially like seeing that WEs and WHs can unlock get in through the Postern Door later on. Should make good bait to get the enemy to come off the wall while we break down the front door.

  3. Thank you so much for #27!
    About #33, you have to type /pvp twice. The first will flag you (even if you were flagged already) and the second will start the 10 mins countdown.

  4. More Tips!

    61. You CAN dye cloaks! Unequip everything except your cloak and then go to dye it at a merchant.. and select “Dye All” option… this way you can change your cloak color (usually only a subtle color difference) but it does work.

    62. Fast Travels – You can fast travel back to camp or town if you die in the vacinity of the area and don’t want to walk all the way back. Just die and visit the healer for a cheap and fast fix!

    63. Across the City – Don’t want to walk all the way back to the middle or flightpoint of the City? Just jump into the void or die and you can save alot of travel time in cities too!

    64. Give Give Give!!! Give away your useless green items, your low end talismans or potions… give them away to other players. Why? They will do the same… it is very helpful to give to a new player instead of selling the item for a measly 1s or so… Karma!

  5. @JoBildo: No, it’s ALT+Z. I’ve verified this.

    I see some of my contributions in there. :3

  6. Oh and by the way, here’s the full compilation.


  7. #48. You can exit a scenario instance by running towards the WAR logo-shaped transparent wall near the spawn area. It only works IF the match hasn’t started yet (i.e., the 45sec timer is still ticking).

    I’ve left scenarios much later than that. I believe you can leave a scenario any time you want. You just won’t get any bonus xp or renown.

  8. Good tips, I learned a few things, thanks.

  9. After someone discovered that #42 was possible, I wonder how many hours they wasted clicking on everything within reach. I will also have to try that out though.

  10. I think the UI removal is ctrl + shift + z, could be wrong though.

    I had no idea WE could pick the lock on postern doors, that is worlds of awesome. I now very much look forward to sneaking up and ripping up that one BW that stands all mightly like and nukes us at 4 a.m. when I’m trying to get one more capture before bed.

  11. Alt + Z may work, but Shift + Z DEFINITELY works for UI removal.

  12. Thanks for #27, definitely a big help for people who never actually have to click themselves.

    I don’t know if this is very useful but I’ll put down #65: For those that don’t know, in Altdorf there is a Steam Tank in the War Quarters. If you right click on it you’ll make it “blow up”. It starts a really basic PQ that can be done solo and only takes about 90 seconds. It’s very useful for Tome Unlocks relating to taking money from PQ rewards.

  13. […] tips 60 Minutes with WAR Waaagh! A Warhammer Online Blog Some obvious ones there, but some really useful, unknown ones too. eg, – You can use pocket items […]

  14. Maybe it’s been added since I last checked, but /addon only works if you have libslash installed. If you have any mods you’ll probably have libslash, though.

  15. Fantastic compilation. I learned a couple of things I didn’t know, and #27 is one of them. 🙂

  16. Great list.. thanks.

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