Realm War: Changed or Standing Still?

November 18, 2008

In the patch notes for 1.05 we got this eyebrow-raising tidbit:

The Realm WAR offers many new features to help you stay in the game even when you can’t login! Check out the changes for yourself and visit realmwar.warhammeronline.com.

Changed Realm War section of the web site to reflect new navigation options.

Added Realm War selection page with server status and direct links to RvR Racial Pairing pages of each server.

Racial Pairing pages display current status and level of each city, status of the Tier 4 campaign, and victory point sliders for each zone.

Added maps of each zone focusing on RvR lakes with the status of each objective and keep, as well as Guild keep ownership, and when the keep was last taken.

Provided a Campaign status pop-up so players can keep a discrete tab on the progress of the war on their server.

Yet an examination of the Realm War page (as of 4pm EST), it looks more or less the same. Does anyone else see different? Am I missing something?

Update: The new changes are now in effect — go explore!



  1. As soon as that was posted I investigated to see what was new. I left asking myself the same things. What changed, it looks the same? Is that a line in the patch notes that should have been omitted? It looks the same as it always has to me…

  2. No you’re not missing anything. I believe this is something they talked about before release of the game and talked about it quite often, yet it was not implemented.

    I think what happened was, they have it ready to go and released the News, yet did not update the site to reflect this. That seems like the most plausible explanation, to me anyway.

    Or maybe they will release a statement in a few hours or days saying they found a glitch and are working on fixing it.

  3. @Sepp Rofl very funny
    …no change for me either but it isvery hard for me to to to realm war it lags my phone bad

  4. Nope, nothing. And I’m looking forward to scraping all of that info off of there too. 😦

  5. The new Realm War is OP, bring back the old Realm War!
    Cancelling my sub, epic fail, grumble grumble…

  6. The change is up.. it looks different too me.

    (Although I don’t go there often, i think I see the items in the patch list.)

  7. actually.. it appears broken too. I get some JSP errors, and empty pages when clicking the links..

  8. Unfortunately, they seem to have some issues with the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. Patch notes frequently state things that turn out to be unintended, or else not done. I can think of several examples:

    -The Balance Essence buff they gave to Archmages a few weeks ago never actually happened.
    -In Beta, Restorative Burst was changed from 40AP per crit heal, to 40 over 3 seconds, and then suddenly to 120 over 3 seconds (though it never actually did the latter). And now it was corrected back to 40 over 3. 120 was obviously an oversight in the patch notes/tooltip. But surely someone would have looked at that and said, “Wait, didn’t we just nerf this because 40 per crit was too much?”
    -Also in beta, there was much praising when Guard was(per the patch notes) intentionally made targettable on non-party members. Unfortunately it would drop off a non-party member after sharing 1 attack and was never fixed. Then suddenly they acted as if it being used on non-party members was a bug?

    I tend to expect a certain amount of unmentioned changes in patches. It’s inevitable things will be missed, not worth mentioning, or else simply slipped in. But I hate to think that they’d put something buffs to unused abilities or much praised ability enhancements in and then either never do them or pull a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on us.

  9. It’s updated now, Syp

  10. It’s updated and working very well if you use Internet Explorer. If you use another browser, like Firefox, it looks/works like crap. It’s not difficult to make pages that work in all browsers. Epic Fail!

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