Mother of All Polls: Nurglings vs. Snotlings!

November 18, 2008




  1. Snotlings of course!!

  2. Nurglings of course!!! All hail the Children of Nurgle 🙂

  3. as long as they both obliterate each other!

  4. Nurglings wobble but they don’t fall down.

  5. Nurglings are just so damn cute

  6. Papa Nurgle, of course. The Great Unclean will show you the light.

  7. ‘Cause I like the word ‘snot’ … SNOTLINGS!!!

  8. I want a plush Nurgling!!!

  9. SNOTlings! Duh

  10. I don’t understand the difference. Isn’t

    nurgling = snotling + bicycle air pump?

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