Give Syp A Last Name Contest Results!

November 18, 2008

Way back in the day — November 11th, to be precise — I asked the hallowed members of the Warhammer Online community to bestow upon me their best and brightest ideas for a surname.  Syp lacked lineage, but I’m happy to report that today… that is no longer the case.

Thanks to all the suggestions!  Here are a few great runners-up that tickled my fancy bone:

  • Syp Sap
  • Syp Nwhiskey
  • Syp Wordwriter
  • Syp PeeKup (and variations thereof)
  • Syp Nslide (and variations thereof)
  • Syp Adeedoodah
  • Syp Mcguyverpants
  • Syp Snacks
  • Syp Stoutheart
  • Syp O’Beer
  • Syp Ironscribe
  • Syp SellsSeaShells
  • Syp Texthammer

Congratulations to Dastion, however, who struck the perfect note with this last name:


According to the picture above my head, I’ve been to Northrend!  (What, too soon?)  Thanks again to everyone who helped brainstorm, great suggestions by all!



  1. Feels awesome that my idea, Ironscribe, was up there, but I sooo wanted to win *insert frowny face*

    Methinks it’s a conspiracy against orcs…

  2. You picked my favorite! I think it suits you Syp.

  3. I’m surprised “Syp Phillis” didn’t make the cut!

    Perhaps that’s a bit much though, even for WAR…

  4. Holy shit, that’s awesome LOL. Way to go, Dastion!

  5. Yeah, that’s the one I would’ve picked. It’s the best of many great ideas. Of course, you have to change your title; Death Defier just doesn’t fit the name now. 😉

  6. I think it’s cool that you play a ‘lady’ Engineer!

    I have yet to see a female Swordmaster – almost wished I had chosen that route with my main, just for variety’s sake…

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