Three-Card Monte

November 17, 2008

Both expected and unexpected, in a way, Mark Jacobs announced via the Herald (good boy for using the Herald!) that the “Combat and Careers” portion of 1.05 — you know, pretty much all of 1.05 — was being moved to a newly created 1.06 patch. 1.05, which begins more or less whenever you read this, will house the Heavy Metal event and some other changes. This means that we’re in for at least one more patch (1.06) before we hit the fabled 1.1 content patch and the Tankly goodness.

Mark gives the reasons behind this last-minute changeup: in making such widespread changes to careers, they want to make sure they get it right before it goes live, and right now that’s not the case. Read into that what you will or what has been said — controversy over some of the bigger changes (grudge tinkering, healing nerf), the knowledge that a major misstep at this stage of the game could severely hurt WAR in the PR department right as Wrath is running rampant, or Mythic listening to the playerbase and responding in a way that perhaps is going above and beyond what they did in beta. All of these are acceptable, in my book.

We’re going to have enough to do with Heavy Metal to keep us occupied, but… yeah, people are anxious. We want class balancing, we want some new hefty content, and perhaps most importantly, we want to hear more about what lies beyond 1.1 — what’s in store for WAR in the long run. I know that’s a tall demand and perhaps unrealistic for a MMO that’s in its toddler year, but it is what it is.

One thing I especially like from his post:

We are looking at several interface changes geared to make target selection, spell-casting, etc. easier and more reliable especially in RvR.

As Mr. Burns would say — excellent.



  1. Healers not nerfed? O frabjous day! BW and Sorcs not buffed? Callooh! Callay!

    Both of those make me very happy, and very supportive of the PTS system. I’ll gladly accept a week or two of extra vetting on changes in exchange for avoiding change for change sake.

  2. I wonder if this means right clicking on a players icon in party/sc/etc to bring up a drop down list to be able to /tell, /invite, /ingnore etc
    its just the simple things i miss as i am just a simple girl 😛

  3. Excellent. Well put. Now, Smithers, release the hounds!

  4. Ugh. And I was looking forward to actually playing a scenerio again since I swore off t4 until the changes. Nothing like a 500 to 2 fifteen minute RP farm fest with five BWs owning you in the face. Feh.

  5. I find it perfectly ok, if they see that the changes don’t work and postpone them rather than having severe problems in the game after the patch.
    It’s easier to life with an existing unbalance..than exchanging it with a new one. The one thing I especially like is the reverting of the changes on the PTS to the hot’s (yes, I’m a healer, but you can’t buff dps while nerfing the heals heals).

  6. Still no mention of fixing CTDs or the nvidia memory leak bug? 😦

  7. Understand the reasoning behind the delay, but was so looking forward to my upgrade as a Shadow Warrior. Either way can’t wait to get home today and see what task I most do for HM event.

  8. I can’t believe they aren’t dedicating more resources to career balancing. This career patch is going to be too little too late. I am trying my damndest to stay in love with WAR but I think EA has Mythic by the balls already is causing some serious misdirection.

    I can’t believe they haven’t implemented oRvR lake PQ-style influence to all lakes, yet. I know they want to get it right, but its been two months already. With the huge sucess that witching night was, I am really suprised.

  9. I think some people here don’t realise how difficult it is to make an MMO… You say it’s been two months, why haven’t they done this or that… They are still trying to fix things from day one, let alone juggling adding in class balance, new content, world events, etc… give them a break! WoW could only dream of a Dev team that is this on the ball and responsive.

  10. I assume that 1.0.6 will hit in 1 week and be the balancing AND the addition of the new classes for those who completed the Heavy Metal event, and then 1.1 will be at the end of the event, opening the tank doors to everyone?

    Do I get a cookie? Or was this already obvious?

  11. @ Ossigor

    “huge success that witching night was” ??

    Im glad you liked it, but most posts I’ve read seem to give it the thumbs down. And Id have to agree, witching night was a good effort, but not how alot of people want the ORvR direction to go.

  12. I think the fact that they are already looking at additions speaks volumes about Mythic.

    If anyone here remembers WoW’s launch…the servers weren’t up long enough for people to really get into complaining about the game!

    Maybe that was all part of their plan…hmm….

  13. @ DaPoets agreed.

  14. Wow… the class balance in this game is actually really great.

    If you are a shadow warrior that is trying to solo the other team/ melee tanks.. you fail.

    But for whatever it’s worth I saw a 38 shadowwarrior do 260k damage in serpent’s passage while literally the geared 40 brightwizard that has the most kills on the server did 330k.

    If you cant get enough dps out of a shadow warrior you aren’t doing it right.

    I’m really pleased they are pushing this careers patch off as really balance is good enough already.

    Fixing morale is huge, but in general fixing all the little abilities that are not quite working right is way more important than a dps buff for n00bs.

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