“b” as in “nerf”

November 15, 2008

With Patch 1.05 coming, y’know, sooner or later (PTR players are having a hoot, I’m sure), it’s nice to see that some nerfs are so extremely important that they need to happen now, before any goodies were released.

Let me back up. In 1.05, the “class and combat” patch, Engineers and Maguses were getting a pretty serious nerf to their EM/CR ability — which I agree is deserved and necessary — along with a load of damage buffs and skill tweaks. A bit of the bad along with a lot of the good. As a player with an Engineer main, of course I have a lot of interest in seeing improvements in what I and popular opinion consider to be an underpowered career meandering for clear purpose and utility. There’s a lot of bias from me for that, as long as we’re being straight.

But what left a sour taste in my mouth this week is how the EM/CR nerf was so extremely important that Mythic couldn’t wait for 1.05 to leave the PTR (along with promised buffs), and the nerf got shoved up to the 1.04b patch.

To make a poor analogy, Engineers were kind of the sickly, weak kid on the playground whose only real strength came from a grenade launcher they carried around. So the other kids complained enough to the point where the weapon was taken away and they could go ahead with ramming the sick kid’s face in the dirt.

In effect, my weak, shaky career lost our nuclear option, leaving us wide-open for butt-kicking from here to Nashville. Yeah, things will get better in the future, but how is this supposed to make us happy now? Why not temporarily take away every other career’s big strength for the time being to level the playing field?

This stinks. Not a big deal in the long run, but I don’t have to like it. Promising a combination of both nerfs and buffs to a career and then fast-tracking the nerf smacks of poor planning and execution.



  1. They also said they would improve the way SCs popped in 1.05 but, ended up putting it out earlier. I did not hear any complaining about that.

  2. I’m pretty comfortable limiting this to class discussion at the moment.

  3. Because other classes’ big strengths aren’t game breaking, which EM in certain cases was.

  4. Cheer up Syp. I recently turned 30 with my Engineer on the Grenade path. I am feeling pretty good about the class. The Tinker Line needs some love though (http://werit.blogspot.com/2008/11/engineer-idea-robodwarf.html).

    During scenarios and Open RvR, I can dish out a decent amount of damage and interrupts. While I lack the burst power of the BW and Sorc… I can also kill them or take them out of the match.

    Flashbang and the Concussion Grenade are actually very useful tools.

  5. That nerf made just about everyone else very happy (as opposed to the healing nerf which will make no one happy). That’s how miserable that power was in practice. I think you have to try not to take it personally.

  6. I don’t doubt it was overpowered, nor in need of change. Just that the timing of it was such to send the message that nerfing this class was far more important and urgent than buffing it, which I DO disagree with.

  7. I sympathise Syp.

    I had absolutely no problem with with EM / whatever the Magus alternative is, because after 30 levels of pounding Magus’ into the ground on my WP I thought “awww…at least they can do something effective”.

  8. I feel you on that one bro, it sounds like a dev got smacked around by an engineer with a Noob Tube too much one night and logged on and hotfixed it. If a class needs to be adjusted, and they know that there needs to be tweaks, some considered nerfs and others powered up than they should do it together. There is no real purpose to putting half of the tweaks in, unless its gamebreaking.. which in this case doesn’t sounds like it. This post kinda makes me want to play an engineer thou for my Dwarf, or atleast search the web all morning for more info on the class.

    The Crow’s Tavern

  9. Especially poor after they claimed that they would not nerf classes–they would boost classes to balance. A couple weeks later and they are swinging the nerf bat.

    So how are Bright Wizards not only overpowered, but getting buffed? Are they the majority of the whining population?

  10. I find it ironic that this is literally a post above taking it easy and enjoying the game when things aren’t always going your way hee hee

    Chin up, Syp. You *know* Engie’s are getting a LOT of loving come patch time. As you said, you have the right not to like the change, and I respect that. (Nerfs are never a good thing for the party on the receiving end.) Mythic has been very good about nerfing things that needed it and not falling for the whim of the loudest on forums. Because of that, I think there must have been either some loophole and make it even worse than normal or guilds were doing it en masse, compounding the issue and forcing their hand to change it lest guilds exploit.

    But take it easy. Kick in the pants now, but in the end all your dps will be higher. I’d say you are still way ahead in the end, it’s just *right now* it’s kinda lame…

  11. Engineer/Magus’s need the love. It’s rare to find em’ online – it’s even less common to find them happy.

  12. Yeah when I 1st saw another fellow Magus using CR in Tor Anroc, I knew it was going to get a big nerf… It was just silly having a couple of us in there using CR… I think we won 500 – 10 that round…

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