The Bear Necessities

November 14, 2008

The other day I opened my e-mail to see a message from my friend Moxie entitled “Merry Christmas A Bit Early!”  I was intrigued.  It turns out that her hubby bought a copy of Red Alert 3 and got the code for Warhammer Online’s Korssar’s Helm inside it, so they passed it along to me as an early Christmas gift.




Could I be entrusted with such great responsibility?  Would I know how to properly wield this helm, that made Syp look like a midget Communist and could transform her into the awesome power of bear once in an hour?  Would I charge small children for bear rides around Altdorf market square?  The possibilities were endless, but I knew this: the Age of Bear had begun:


Bear doesn’t look like one of those happy-go-lucky types, like Fozzy the, or Yogi, or Teddy Ruxpin.  Bear looks more like one of those chastising, ticked-off bears that want to make you realize you’ve done something terribly wrong in your life before mauling you upside your head.  You know.  Like Smokey.


Bear is a little stiff in the animation department, but he sure likes to jump!  See Bear jump!  Jump Bear Jump!


“So you use that axe to execute people?  Yeah, I guess that’s okay.  I just rip their heads off with my claws and then devour their children with my massive jaws.  But, hey, axe.  Nice to know you have that to fall back on.”


Whew!  What smells in here?  Why, it’s Bear butt!  Bear butt in the palace!  My work here is done.


When Bear needs to get to his manicurist ASAP, he transforms into Bearcopter!  Go go gadget bear!

Thanks again, Moxie and Norbert!



  1. These pictures made my day. Thank you =)

  2. Yeah, I should be getting this as an Xmas gift as well. Go little commie go!

  3. The best thing? The “Main Course” title you’re wearing.

    Bear… it’s whats for dinner! Behold the power… of BEAR! 😀

  4. Like the bear-copter, i would like to see it on a horse or some of the Destro pets. It would look like a circus act!

  5. “Stiff in the animation department” could be used to describe 90% of the animations in WAR. Still cool looking though.

  6. It pleases me to see other people become totally strange and giggly when given fluff to play with.

    Go bear go!

    I assume you said the following to at least one person:

    “Look out! You’ve got a bear behind!” 😉

  7. Yesterday I saw an orc in bear form riding his boar… that made me double take.

  8. Did anyone call in the Bear Cavalry?

  9. Is this just a costume that once you attack or cast it drops off, or can you still fight and everything in it ??

    The Crow’s Tavern

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