Wrath Today, Bonbons Tomorrow

November 13, 2008

Unless I want to look exceedingly ignorant (it’s Thursday, right?  Friday’s my exceedingly ignorant days), I’d be remiss not to mention that today is the day that many Warhammer fan has held in trepidation: the release of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.  Frets and fears of players swarming back to the folds of WoW and abandoning WAR forever are tangible, and about the best most can hope for is to put their heads down, weather the storm, and look forward to the better months ahead — patch 1.1, the holiday shopping season, 2009.

It’s okay, little grasshopper.  People will do what they want, but we have good reason to believe that WAR has a very solid population that isn’t going anywhere — and will continue to grow in the near future.

What I do think is interesting is how even mighty Blizzard isn’t free from problems ranging from technical (their servers have been down a lot lately, and there’s been a lot of issues that WoW Insider’s been reporting) to social (players upset over the zombie invasion, etc.).  Mythic, Turbine, NCSoft, SOE… none of these companies have it all mastered.  MMOs are so insanely complex to design, run and develop that you’re always at a risk of failing hard as much as rising to success.

Days like today, when another company and game have the full spotlight, can be discouraging to denizens of another game, but remember: it doesn’t matter.  All that matters is if you’re where you want to be, having fun, hanging out with friends and enjoying the grass on your side of the fence.

Mmm… chewy grass.



  1. These few months between WAR’s release and Wrath’s release were critical for WAR’s short term success and I’m not sure they capitalized on it enough. Most people who left WoW did so because they wanted a completely different experience than more battleground and rep grinds, and it’s turning out that WAR doesn’t offer much different so far. Regardless if you argue it’s the devs fault or the players’ fault for not taking advantage of all the game’s systems the fact remains that people are just endlessly queuing for scenarios.

    I don’t think that WAR is going to die or anything, I just think they’ll lose a big chunk of people who were checking it out hoping for a truly different experience, and didn’t really see enough to switch from the game they’ve invested a few years in.

  2. You know, it’s kind of awkward how many people tend to forget all of the negative and tedious things WoW used to have and still has, and yet they go back to the game to the same old “grinding” that hasn’t changed… well ever!

    I know that the whole level 80, new places to visit and whatnot, and a few additions here are there are appreciated and all, but hey wake up! it’s the same old game you left for a reason (assuming you left WoW for War that is).

    1.- Several grinding hours getting you virtually nowhere.

    2.- The repetitive and annoying instances where we you had to wait twenty-five minutes because for some reason tanks and healers always, and I mean ALWAYS had to go eat or walk their dogs out of the country.

    3.- The same four pvp battlegrounds since level… 10

    4.- The well-known “cookie cutters” from Arena PvP where if you weren’t one of those teams, your rating would not reach high enough to get the arena gear (there were exceptions of course)

    5.- Cities that were controlled by crafters spamming their incredible 375 abilities over and over… Yeah remember those “375 enchanting can enchant even your underwear” people

    6.- And the list keeps going and going.

    So I wonder myself, since I am one of the several people that left all WoW for one reason or another… Why do people go back to it knowing that things will NOT change? Are people so forgetful about all these issues that they are willing to give the game another chance?

    It’s a rather picky topic that we could even have blogs only about it, but let’s not get to that; let’s just enjoy War and all its beauty.

    PS: I apologize for the lenght of this post. I got a little carried away with it =)

  3. I honestly thought about going back to WoW then I reminded myself….. I din’t leave just because I wanted to play Warhammer. I left because I wasn’t having fun on WoW lol.

    A higher level cap and a few new areas aren’t going to change the game.

  4. I’m sure there will be some people bailing out for WoW, but I believe most folk that prefer WoW to WAR have already left. WotLK is nothing more than a speed bump for WAR; their player base is well established and will not drastically change because of the expansion.

    People (naturally, unfortuantely) compare the success of an MMO to that of WOW. Keep in mind, however, that even Mythic said they can’t compete with the Beatles, nor was is their intent. WAR is RvR-based, which is a niche that WOW does not cater to. Mythic is focusing on RvR in an attempt to make WAR the shining star of that niche. Are they there yet? That is open to debate, but they are well on their way.

  5. Just playing devil’s advocate here (god I hate Keanu Reeves) but is it possible that its not always a bad thing to see some people go? I mean, probably not to Mythic… but if suddenly a bunch of WAR’ers left to go back to WoW, and they were the ones who were griefing / gold spamming / whining endlessly, I’d be pretty happy! Especially if the people who stay are really into the Warhammer fluff.

    Love that fluff.

  6. More WAR for me please…

  7. I just went to BB and bought it 10 minutes ago, and heres why:

    1) I’m weak for new games/expansions. I don’t care, its new and exciting and I can’t help myself

    2) WoW offers a lot more rewarding experiences in regards to character development and itemization. Yes, I spent a talent point and get an instant upgrade. As oppposed to spending many, not seeing much change, then having to spend MORE just to unlock abilities. (Who came up with that idea?)

    3) WARs combat system is laggy — I will be watching closely with 1.0.5 addressing some of these things, and log in to run scenarios on my shaman in the meantime. I hope to see WAR with a more “instant-response” skill/spell system, opposed to the delayed reaction system in right now.

    Side note: Cashier tried to get me to buy the 70$ CE version for the pet.

    IMHO people who actively seek in game pets need help IRL.

  8. What is this WoW you speak of… hmm it’s 2:50pm… 2 hours 10 minutes until I get back into the fight in WAR!!

  9. speaking of MMO server issues, I was unable to get onto the war server most of the morning today, and when I did it was SUPER slow. Even the mythic website appears down?

    Has WotLK broken the internet ??? 🙂

  10. /agree They will bored of it in one or two months anyway when they realise its the same thing all over again. My prediction is after WAR is polished and fixed a bit people will start coming back and it will generaly become more popular.

  11. it cant possibly be more boring than WAR is. A complete boring ghost town

  12. Passing on WOW hamster wheel. It’s WAR for me. I agree those that like WOW-style solo play and push button 5 at minute 3 belong in WOW. I’m looking at you, Tobold. I’ll take the game designed to foster RvR thx.

    Now, how to get some more WOW casuals over here…

  13. Most of my guild has left to go back to wow.. (i just said hi to them all lining up at the games shop to collect there orders) I am sad that it has taken away some people but each to there own i spose

  14. I cant play again a big cow instead of my kickass White Lion. I stay.

  15. Does WAR have a ‘comfort server’ where we can all cozy up together and sourgrape?

  16. WoW is dead and buried as far as I’m concerned. I played it for about a year and a half a month after release then quit (except I forgot to take my card off so they got an extra $150).
    I have a group of friends that keeps begging me to go back to EQ2, and after playing WAR since launch I don’t think I can go back. Now I just need to remember to cancel my sub for EQ2!

  17. Went back to WoW, no second thought.
    The expansion is the best thing they ever made, in terms of content, lore and polish.
    Their siege weapon mechanic (y maybe they took the idea from WaR) is far superior than WaRs.
    Leveling to 76, I had more “open RvR” in WoW than I had reaching Rank 40/RR42 in Warhammer…
    As far as the grind is concerned, at least in WoW you grind for Epics, in WaR you grind for what? Renown?

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