Da Bloody Twenty – November 13

November 13, 2008

Da Bloody Twenty is a weekly countdown of the 20 most interesting, well-written or weirdest Warhammer Online articles and posts… to me.


Welcome to the Community: Mage Destruction!


“The Grass is Always Greener On The Other Side” @ Stunty Stomper – Order does have all the Starbucks, however.


“Chaos Wastes Under Assault” @ Classy Gamer – Imbedded journalism at its finest.


“The Dead in the MUD” @ GameSpy – On the eve of WotLK, this journalist testifies as how WAR is keeping his mindshare occupied.


“WAR: An Incentive Problem” @ Serial Ganker – Ranks, Renown Ranks and Righteous Renown Ranks of Respite.


“When is it okay to tell your healer they suck?” @ /random – I guess the answer is “When you never, ever want to be healed again. Ever.”


“What it means to be a Druchii” @ Obsessive Focus – It means hugs and snuggles and butterfly kisses!


“Where is the Loot?” @ Warhammer Vault – Gimme gimme gimme, I need, I need!


“Good Choice Not To Shoot Yourself In The Foot, Mythic” @ Keen and Graev’s – Did we just avoid Trials of Atlantis number two?


“The Sky is Falling” @ Order of Destruction – 10 suggestions for how WAR could steal WoW’s thunder on Wrath’s launch day.


“My Plea For Not Making The Dwarf Slayer” @ The Raven Calls – Mythic, don’t listen to this guy!


“Zone Control – Scenario Madness Continues” @ Ark’s Ark – More thoughts to complement my own on the Zone Control article in the Herald.


“Warhammer in my World” @ Dragonchasers – Some suggestions for improving WAR’s world.


“Gear and Stat Choices” @ RP That Way – Saddle up and ride hard, Mr. Healer!


“Grab Bag No. 4 – Zone Control Review” @ The Herald – Do you have any clue what “zone control” does for your gameplay? Yeah, neither do I. Here’s Mythic’s attempt to explain!


“Death of a WAR Server” @ Serial Ganker – Did the server drop any good loot?


“10 Tips to Get Your Heals” @ Blame the Healer – Just… don’t do what the title of this blog says to do.


“Say Hello To My Little Friend” @ Book of Grudges – Siege Weapons and You: A Love Story


“Immersion and Lore Heresy” @ Tome of Knowledge – WoW meets WAR, with disasterous consequences.


“Behind the Scenes of Heavy Metal” @ TTH – Trophies! Cloaks! Scenarios! And a little matter of two new tank classes…



  1. #11- That guy is a genius!

    Thanks again and again for the link love Syp.

  2. Yet another awesome collection of links.

    On a side note, #4 and #9 links to the same article;)

  3. Syp,

    Just a quick FYI…

    The link for number 4 “10 Tips to get Your Heals” @ Blame the Healer is pointing at the wrong article.


  4. Yeah, when I try to look at both the healer articles, it takes me to the zone capture guide. I had to resort to google to read those articles.

    But thanks for making me aware of them.

  5. Thank you for the welcome. The quality of your blog is an inspiration. Keep up the great work!

  6. […] Syp acknowledged the existence of Mage Destruction in Da Bloody Twenty. […]

  7. I think I’m going to make a big graphic on my blog with sparkly gold stars for each time one of my inane rambles gets “Featured on Da Bloody Twenty!”

    You know, like the ads for prescription drugs that inexplicably ask you to “See our ad in Elle magazine.”

    And you forgot fluffy bunnies. (Thanks for the plug ^^)

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