Do I Miss WAR When I’m Not Playing It?

November 12, 2008

That there above question was posed by Raegn to me, who is obviously struggling with it himself. When I’m not playing Warhammer Online, do I miss playing it?

The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind.

Also, it’s “no”.

I don’t miss it when I’m not playing it. And that’s for a very simple reason: I’m not addicted to it or obsessed about it. I just like it very, very much. I enjoy my time playing WAR, it doesn’t take me much prompting to log on, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the game develops in the future. But does the drive to play it consume me? Not really.

I guess that might be a bad thing, if you measure fanboyism on a scale where you have to be 100% obsessed about the thing even when you’re not interacting with it. I’m sure Mythic would sleep better at night knowing that more players simply cannot wait to log in versus players who like it, want to play it, but can equally not play it and do something else. MMOs are founded on addictive principles, but if the addiction doesn’t take hold, it doesn’t mean that it’s lost its entertainment value. I might enjoy going to a casino once in a while, even if I don’t have a crippling gambling addiction, because it’s fun — not a necessity.

Part of this just comes with growing older, I think, and becoming more balanced. I have dozens and dozens of things that go on in my life every day, and I can’t afford to let a hobby grow to dominate my thoughts or interests to the exclusion of others. I don’t miss Warhammer when I’m not playing it, because that’s when I’m spending time with my wife, or with God, or with my work, or writing, or reading, or taking up a parasol and crooning “Singin’ In The Rain” down 8 Mile road. I’m still interested in WAR, to be sure, and I almost like my time reading up on it through other blogs as I do playing it (I’m like this with all games, so that’s not indicative of WAR’s gameplay). I don’t feel that I *have* to play it every night. Some weeks I do, some I don’t.

If I’m ever “missing” a game that I’m not playing at the moment, more often than not it’s because I’m having a cruddy day or week, and the thought of a fun game gives me an enjoyable goal to shoot for. I don’t think WAR is ever going to cross the barrier of addictiveness to me — few games have — but if it ever did, that would be a massive danger flag in my life, and probably would prompt me to leave it for a good while. So I guess it’s good that that’s not the case!



  1. In bloged the other day that WAR has gone into “Steady State” gaming.


    I think this year with all the ups and downs (AoC, closed and open beta of WAR, beta or Wrath, etc) its been sometime since lots of us, MMO gamers, have had a game we play a few times a week and not every gaming second. It goes from “hype state” into what I call “steady state.”
    And we start see some of the games flaws, read posts or blog posts on folks who quite and why; and we start to doubt things.
    For some WAR will not be their game .. and that’s ok. Some will find home backs in Azeroth or the new areas of Middle Earth. I know I have realized WAR is my game. However it’s now in a state where play a few times a week, have a good time, and have time for others interests gaming or non-gaming.
    It’s like if we are not 100% hyped on the game then something must be wrong with it. When we should be happy we found some where we can escape a few times a week and become our inner greenskin or high elf.

  2. I miss it when I know my friends/guildies are playing together without me. However, I do not feel the strong urgent need to play like every other game I have ever had. I am finding it very hard to explain this to people who are asking me what am I playing and once I tell them they ask how its going.
    I love the game more than most I have played BUT I am also doing alot of RL things that I am also enjoying.

  3. I’m on the other side of the fence here. At work, I try to read as much blogs and forums about WAR, just to experience what’s happening in-game… out of the game.

    I get home pretty late and I can’t log more than an hour when I do get time. Sometimes I’m just so tired that I don’t even bother. On weekends, I play as much as I can before going to the gym and I savor every moment. I might still be in the honeymoon stage with WAR but I hope that isn’t the case.

    Although the part about growing older, and being a more well-rounded person holds true. If I was any younger, I’d have skipped work just to play. Now I have more responsibilities and goals. I just can’t let go of them for a game.

    Even if it *is* what I think about most of the day.

  4. Not trying to disagree with a feeling you have, but I think it depends on how you look at “being addicted”. I honestly dont think that any person who maintains a blog or does a podcast (hey what happened to chaoscast anyways?) about a specific subject matter(in this case a game) can say that they are not inundated with love for it. In some way, this can be seen as “obsession” but I dont think its a bad thing. I wouldnt say you are 100% glued to it like other people are, but I’d still say you are a fanboy, because you DO love the game. And again….not a bad thing, and even better that you aren’t a fanboy that would stick up for a game even if it has faults. Im pretty sure you wouldnt do that.

    I fully understand the “not missing it” angle, I on the other hand DO miss the game when I’m at work. I would rather be at home relaxed and playing the game or playing with my kids or watching TV, movies, going out….etc etc….than being at work. Thats when I miss the game, and thats when I get a chance to check blogs and write stuff like this. I dont get the chance at home, im a bit busy up until the kids are in bed. When they are asleep, I get on WAR, and I love that time of night when the house is quiet, I can relax, chat with friends, and kill people.

  5. “Do I Miss WAR When I’m Not Playing It?”

    Do some players actually like being that obsessed with a game? If I ever get to that point with any game it’s time to call it quits. I feel the same as you Syp. I enjoy playing and I log on as much as I can, but life comes first.

  6. Yep, been counting days till WotLK and haven’t put much time to WoW or WAR, and find spending time with my 2 year old, watching Tom and Jerry dvd’s more fun.

  7. I think this pretty much hits on what Paul Barnett said about WAR way back in beta.


    We’re making a hobby experience. We’re not making a game you will play until your wife leaves you and your house burns down without you even noticing.

  8. I also think it’s a balance when you have a lot of things going on in RL. For this gamer, the days of 30-40 hours/week in game are over.

    Also, Syp the pictures that accompany your blog are always spot on. Nice work and I hope that you’ll still have pictures at gameriot.

  9. Hey Syp,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree with your sentiments but I can’t help but feel like I may be getting characterized as a little overzealous about the game, so allow me to elaborate.

    I, like an above poster, tend to read blogs while I work. It’s a nice distraction from the monotony of the grind.

    My feelings on “missing” a game are predicated on the ideal that a game should make you want to come back to participate in whatever it’s offering. It’s not a matter of addiction, like when you’re obsessed with something, in my mind. It’s more about “Hey, I had fun with this, I’d like to get on later” as opposed to “Yeah, it’s fun but I could go forever without trying it again and not think twice” which makes the game more of a throwaway product.

    Sure, all of us *could* fall into that second mindset. But, wouldn’t that also indicate how much enjoyment we’re really finding in the game? An MMO such as WAR is fundamentally about progression. In some form, you should want to progress – be it in levels, social relations, skills, etc.

    I think that’s where most people are coming from when they’re talking about “missing” the game. Less about obsession and more about whether or not you care.

    All that being said, real life should always come first. There’s far more to be hand in enjoy the real instead of the virtual. A hobby shouldn’t ever become an obsession, no matter what it is. Spot on there, Syp.

    Hope this clarifies my thoughts a bit. Thanks again for checking the blog out 🙂

  10. I just thought I’d add that I think Slurm is 100% spot on. I’m glad you shared 😉

  11. I don’t miss it either. And really after about 1-2 hours of play I start looking for something else to do.

    Certainly won’t miss it once my subscription ends this billing cycle.

  12. Nice post and I agree totally. With AoC I felt obligated to log-in because I was paying the monthly fee which I terminated as soon as I felt that way. That hit post level 20. I stopped playing WoW when I felt no urge to play.

    And with WAR I rather felt that way getting near 20 with my Chosen. A guild-mate turned me onto a Black Orc and the game is fun again. I play when I can but don’t miss it. Playing WAR is more of a release for me, like it seems to be for those who watch sports on TV.

  13. When I loose interest in a game I know its done for me. I don’t think you have to be obsessed with a game for it to be successful for you. But if you don’t miss playing it all then why continue to pay for it?
    You should actually look forward to the game, rather than just going through the motions.

  14. […] Do I miss WAR when I’m not playing it? By Sip. […]

  15. readying all the blogs and comments atm i am starting to wonder if the use by date on war is coming up?? Persoanly i Love War. its a great game with a lot of potential. but every thing i have heard or read at the moment is a little “damp” on War??

    This is a question i have been pondering anyhow

  16. I think all of these comments are pretty much premature as there are only small clusters of people at 40 and no guild is at full rank yet. The game is still growing, developing, finding it’s way, shaking off the bugs, and when only a very small number of servers have actually even had the capital cities attacked, not many of us knows what the “end game” content really looks like and this is what the game is actually built around. This is why you fight in all 4 zones, this is why you do PQ’s and scenarios. Going to lvl 20 and saying “that’s it?” is kind of silly.

    My Magus is 31 and I’m struggling to enjoy T3 as much as possible before he dings up to Tier 4 next level. The masses on my server (Red Eye Mountain) are all in Tier 3 and we have EPIC battles that last for hours, going back and forth, especially in Avelorn. Tier 4 doesn’t have that yet but in a month, yeah Tier 4 is going to have those same battles, if not more since those that are already 40 are salivating for us that have lives to get there.

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