Google Reader

November 11, 2008

I continue to see a sprinkling of comments where people are lamenting that their company firewall blocks sites such as GameRiot.  I’d like to once again suggest that if this is problem and yet you’d still like to read WAAAGH! during the day, sign up for a free blog reader program, like Google Reader (my favorite).  You can subscribe to as many blogs are you like, and they’re automatically downloaded to the reader as soon as they’re updated.  I’m pretty sure most companies won’t have Google Reader blocked.

I’ll let you all know the new URL/feed as soon as I have it.



  1. I know that this is the case for me, and Google Reader allows me to view a bunch of blogs that are normally blocked.

    Plus it keeps everything in one nice place and lets me know when there are new posts.

  2. I agree. All my workplaces have blocked pretty much everything good and wholesome on the internet but Google Reader remains true and strong. Another plus is that Reader displays all posts in black and white, which just seems more work related than hot pink.

  3. I use Sage in Firefox and for the past few days waaagh wouldn’t load. Firefox would freeze up and I would have to kill the process. Today I decided to leave it loading and see what happens.

    It took 10 min to load because it loaded everything all the way back to March 16, the post is titled “One small death….” 499 posts.

  4. Hey Syp, when you’ve got a spare post, could you write something up on how you (and others if you know) phyiscally play WAR? I’m still new to MMOs (I used to only like strategy Warcraft II type games). Everyone moves quicker than me and I’m thinking it’s because I’m using my right hand on the mouse, but my left hand does all the driving and attacks. Do you use macros and funky things? Thanks.

  5. Google Reader is a god send! It’s amazingly simple to use and free. Also, Goodlr has made a great cell version which is awesome as well. It is how I stay in touch with
    The world I care about whole I’m at work!

  6. Totally agree with you Syp, discovered google reader about 6 months ago and aint looked back. its literally the first thing i look at when i power up firefox in the morning and one of the last things i check before logging out, i like how you can trawl back through all the posts aswell.

  7. Hurrah! Thanks for the link! You’ve saved me from dreary days with nothing to look forward to but work.

  8. As far as I can tell, this will allow me to read the blog I add to Google Reader…but not comment, correct?

  9. @ Slurm — correct, since commenting requires you to visit the blog itself. At least, as far as I know.

  10. Commenting is harder with Google Reader, I guess that’s the only downside.

  11. Syp,

  12. test comment from google reader iPhone. 🙂

    A bit slower but useable!

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