Contest: Give Syp A Last Name!

November 11, 2008

At rank 20, you not only are given the opportunity to purchase a mount/flying keg of beer, but the chance to bestow on your character a surname. You don’t have to, of course, but some people can’t resist the urge to pair up a pithy first and last name to create a pseudonym that they only WISHED their parents would’ve given them.

So here’s the contest of the day: I’m going to be giving Syp a last name. But one of YOU guys are going to come up with it. Write down your suggestions in the comments section, as many as you like, and I’ll choose the best and go with it!

(Want to know how to get a last name? You have to find a “Name Registrar” in your respective capital city, which would be Saldis Stormrend in the Inevitable City and Registrar Harlen in Altdorf. Pony up four gold, and come up with a last name that’s between 3 and 14 letters long! Last names are not permanent — you can change them for four gold any time you want, or delete them altogether.)



  1. Syp Sap :).

  2. Syp Onthis

  3. Syp Nsyd

    Very first thing I thought of when I read the title. I don’t know how apparent it is to you, but to me it reads as sip and side and comes from me thinking of slip and slide. Why? I don’t know but there it is.

  4. Syp Orcsapper
    Syp Greensapper
    Syp McFlee

    ill see what else I can come up with

  5. Syp Rowsdower!

    (For any MST3k fans out there)


  6. Syp Nwhiskey

  7. Syp Erhero

    Ok im already out πŸ˜‰

  8. Syp Wordwriter

  9. Syp O’Beer

    What better name for a dwarf. Then again it would depend on if you are on a RP server. You would not want the name police after you.

  10. PeeKup

    Sippy Cup πŸ™‚ Ya know the things babies drink out of.

  11. syp yabeer

  12. Syp Mcguyverpants
    Syp Popotamus
    Syp Delgado
    Syp Ndip
    Syp Nslide
    Syp Watermelon
    Syp Snacks
    Syp Starheartlove
    Syp Unicorns

    the name of my character (marauder) is Rainbows Kittles

  13. I like *hammer/axe/any-tool-name as dwarfen surnames.. and ores, metals and such are also nice…
    So.. Goldhammer, Ironaxe, Firehammer (though I saw an NPC with that name, so my dwarf took another name πŸ˜‰ ), Frostaxe .. all imo good dwarfen names.

  14. Good dwarf surnames – Ironfist (the name of the King)

    Or son after any of the first names listed here
    ok it’s a cop out but nevermind. My dwarf Groki will have the surname Thorgrothson as this was a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay character I used to have

  15. Syp Stoutheart
    Syp Sturdykeg

  16. Syp Sypalous

  17. McFly!

  18. Why not:

    Syp hilis = Syphilis

    Although I don’t know if an STD name would be funny for more than a week. You could always change it again!

  19. @ Inquisitor goody

    Syp cant do Sonof….unless theres some unique roleplaying going on…

  20. Ok, I can’t resist posting this one. It was the first thing that popped into my head.

    Syp Estrah (Sippy Straw)

  21. Hilis?

  22. Syp .. Hic!

  23. Syp Deadagain
    Syp Owmyeye

  24. Syp O’Phantic

    Syp LidaBest

    Syp N’Slide

    Syp TwoKegs

    Syp Builtfercomfort (I know too long!)

  25. Peekup took mine

    but spell it

    Syp Pycup

    syp pintea
    syp ofjoe
    syp pinonjinnjuice

    syp hilis

    or for actual last names


  26. Well I decided the Rivs my toon should be like Madonna no last name. I think you should do the same.

    Syp should go last nameless.

  27. Mclargehuge

  28. Syp Nonsyrup
    Syp Keypuncher
    Syp Mouthranter
    Syp Keyhammer
    Syp Letterfist
    Syp Ironscribe

    I really like the idea of mentioning you’re a blogger somehow. Syp Nonsyrup was my first idea: “Sippin on some sizzurup!”

  29. Syp Penfire

  30. Syp Alicious
    Syp Aholic
    Syp Hon
    Syp Hilis
    Syp Her
    Syp eekaiyemfer
    Syp SellsSeaShells

  31. My vote would be for Syp Wrecked. This manages to include not only a clever play on words, but also the general alcholic levels of a dwarf, and even a reference to Syp’s habit of getting squashed πŸ™‚

  32. Syp Grimtext
    Syp Grimscript
    Syp Irontext
    Syp Texthammer
    Syp Steeltongue
    Syp McDuck…..eh maybe not

  33. Syp Pys
    Syp Sup
    Syp Erdyper
    Syp Ale
    Syp Per

  34. ooh i like Syp Wrecked.

    nice one

  35. Syp Inonsizzurp

  36. Syp Inabag

    In a bag?

  37. Syp Sprocketsocks

    He keeps sprockets in his socks πŸ˜‰

  38. I like both of these

    Syp Ekup, Syp Pycup, Syp Ycup


    Syp Enslide, Syp N’slide, Syp Nsyde

  39. syp spy

  40. Syp Surlybottom

  41. Syp Asquig.

    Okay, that doesn’t sound pleasant.

    Syp Smartestpants.

  42. Syp Adeedoodah

  43. Syp Pinwalker

  44. Syp Gritschticker

  45. Syp Kegogit

  46. @ Slurm

    I was having a bad day lol. It does mention on the site the female alternative though. πŸ™‚

  47. Syp Drow

    word pies backwards :p

  48. omg

    “Syp O’Beer” by Griz up above…when I saw that, any thought I had of a name was completely scrubbed from my brain. While the real Syp may not enjoy beer (iirc?) the Dwarf Syp wouldn’t be a proper dwarf not to. However, I think it’s common knowledge that no dwarf “sips” beer…but Syp is an uncommon and sophisticated dwarf, so I think it fits.

    It’s got my vote.

  49. hmm

    Syp Yalip

  50. How about Syp Hered

  51. Syp Erbonbon
    Syp Ergirl

  52. Syp.

    The name is short, noticable and to the point. If you add a last name, I find it is harder for people to tell that it’s you while they are stomping your face into the ground.

    My name in game is “Poets” and I feel it stands our rather nicely, compared to “Poets lastnamehere” and add a title and guildname after that, and you then have a small paragraph.

    “IT’S SYP! KILL HIM!” Is much easier than “IT’S SYP LASTNAMERHERE so go kill him!!”

  53. Syp Foggybottom

    2 ales + a Karaoke machine and you’ll be knocking them dead with “Man of Constant Sorrow” (the Foggy Bottom Boys hit from the film “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”).

    Much as I like my own entry though, Syp Wrecked rocks.

  54. […] November 11th, to be precise — I asked the hallowed members of the Warhammer Online community to bestow upon me their best and brightest ideas for a surname.Β  Syp lacked lineage, but I’m happy to report that today… that is no […]

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