What’s Your Favorite Tier 1 Scenario?

November 9, 2008


  1. The first time I played Khaine’s Embrace I thought it was great and the first time I played Gates of Ekrund I really didn’t like it. Nordenwatch has always been meh for me. I really don’t understand why it’s nearly the only scenario that pops for T-1. The only way to play a different scenario seems to be to queue for them and wait an hour for one to pop.

    In the end, Gates of Ekrund became my favorite though. A lot of Destruction don’t realize it, but you can run over to the catapults and be catapulted onto the top of the building. Great fun when you’re RDPS and land someplace obscure.

    I hope you’ll be having polls for the other tiers.

  2. Khaine’s Embrace FTW! Love the twist on the capture-and-hold mechanic, the others just paled by comparison.

    I think I’ve logged more hours in Khaine’s Embrace than all of Tier 2+3.

  3. You need a fourth option: “I have yet to see all three scenarios, even though I’ve been in the game since it was released. 😦

  4. Ekrund for its speed, action and how in the space of 30 secs the game can change from a distant sniping match, to close quarters madness and back again.

  5. Honestly I don’t know since only one pops.

  6. Gates of Erkund are far best scenario IMHO, but that cannot change the fact, that it is only Nordenwatch what pops lately… I played GoE and KE maybe a month ago last time… My hopes will live or die with 1.05 patch, that mechanic for scenario popping looks really good…

  7. Khaine’s Embrace is my favourite by far. The mechanic in there makes it real interesting and the map is a good size. I just wished it popped more these days …

  8. I am sick, so I’m slower than usual, but I’m failing here. I tried to vote in the poll, and got no response that it got my vote, and I can find no way to view the results. WEren’t you using some other poll addon before that was much nicer?

  9. KE – Can be quite fun but many times the game ends with no clear winner. I dislike that.

    GoE – Usually quite fun and this is a close second for me.

    NW – The most fun because of the openness and general abundance of fighting. You can also come from behind in this scenario, which happens less frequently than in the other two.

  10. It seems like I’m with the majority in Gates of Ekrund being their favorite. Sadly though, I’ve played through two characters now without it ever popping, ONCE. Just another of many annoyances.

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