Two Dorfs and a Mountain

November 8, 2008

plungerIt hasn’t been a huge week for me, play-wise, mostly due to personal schedule and a nasty penguin attack (we get lots of those in Michigan).  Plus, mourning about the Presidential election.  Why oh WHY didn’t Lee Mercer Jr. win?

But I did get a couple of opportunities to leap on with Wotworks, who is the babysitter to Snafzg’s suicidal Ironbreaker.  I’m not sure what runs through that man’s head in scenarios, but it must go something like this: “Hey, I can tank two enemy players at once without dying!  I’m awesome!  Why not three?  Three, going pretty good!  Four?  Ha, four is piddly-sticks!  Five is a breeze!  Gee, my health bar isn’t even dipping too much!  LET’S TANK THEM ALL AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” and then there I am in a corner, spamming my “Z” button, which is linked to the “Snaffy Life Support System”.  It’s only when a Witch Elf slices me up into compost that Snafzg notices a problem, which he then chalks up to a game glitch.  “I’m too pretty to die!”

So last night’s adventure was in the Chapter 1 Dorf PQ, which we maxed out pretty quickly (oh, those were the days), but then I spied something interesting.

Something fascinating.

Something that I needed to do.

Above the PQ is a hut with some Greenies, including a rank 40 Hero mob, who get wiped out at the end of the PQ due to some explosives and an avalanche.  But… but next to them is a path.  A path that leads up and to the west/northwest.  I finally found my purpose in life.

I had to get on that path.

“We HAVE to get up there!” I commanded my short, stout friend.  “Pile the corpses high, if need be!”

We must’ve spent a good half hour trying to explore all sorts of tactics for climbing and/or leaping up to the path, but never could.  Do you know?  WHY ARE YOU NOT TELLING ME THIS WILL DRIVE ME INSANE!!!

By the end I was shaking my fist, in and out of the game, calling down ancient curses upon the staff at Mythic for tempting me with that which I could not attain.  Do they think this is funny?  Did Carrie prepare a special Tome unlock, perhaps a “World’s Greatest Explorer” title, if we can climb to that summit?  Is that where dreams go to die?

I am a broken man, now and forever.



  1. It is possible to get back there, if you are facing the Hero, go to the right hill and jump kinda sideways left and up at the same time. Hit it just right and you will get up there, my wife and I got back there and it leads to a HUGE, I mean HUGE open area with lots of crags and mountains and there is a bridge which seems to go no where. Looks like unfinished content, but fun for exploring. Unfortunately there are no tome unlocks back there. I think I have some screenies of it.

  2. Spoken like a true explorer! I feel your pain.

  3. Incidentally, I’m quite suicidal with my ironbreaker and your little description just made me laugh in real life. Good job.

  4. I bet Grumbleboom can get there. I’m serious. The guy has basically climbed and clambered over every single face and ledge in the Dwarf 1 area. Give me coordinates, I will see if Grumble knows how to get there.

  5. Screenshots too 😉

  6. tab 4 3 2 1
    tab 4 3 2 1
    tab 4 3 2 1

    I’ve got a job t’do!

  7. This does sound interesting. I have no luck finding stuff like that on my own, but I will gladly look into it when I get bored sometimes. Like that keep which appears to be outside of the RvR area in Black Craig (alas, it is not where the map says it is).

  8. The keep in Black Craig is there, just underground in a huge cave/tunnel. The entrance to the tunnel is just east of the southern-most BO, just right of the exit/entrance to the RvR lake there.

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