The Devs on 1.05

November 7, 2008

Here’s a few compiled dev comments on Patch 1.05 from WHA that I thought were interesting:

  • Andy Belford: “As has been stated, all of these changes are for the Public Test Server. You, the players, will have the opportunity to copy your character to the PTS, test the balance changes for yourselves and then provide feedback, preferably both in game and on your message board of choice.”
  • Mark Jacobs: “Apparently there’s been some confusion with our patch notes and how IB gain Grudge. IBs still gain a full 5 grudge from being hit in most cases as well as can still gain grudge from their Oath Friend ability. The only change to grudge generation is in the case of an IB who is getting hit by more than 3 attackers and even then, the change to grudge generation is really small.  Sorry if there has been any unnecessary confusion.”
  • Mark Jacobs: “It’s really pretty simple. We’ll test the heck out of this patch before it goes LIVE and if we made mistakes, we’ll correct them before it does go LIVE. Our intention is not to make any career OP nor any career GIMP. We’ve made some preliminary changes and have added a Public Test Server for the purpose of testing patches like this in a LIVE player environment. The vast majority of careers got buffed and some classes got debuffed a bit. As I have said here for 3 years, we’ll do what we need to do in order to make WAR great and if that means pissing off some people, we’ll do that. We’re not going to leave overpowered abilities and/or aspects of careers untouched simply because they are currently in the game. We always won’t leave underpowered abilities and/or aspects of careers in their current state (once we can prove that they are underpowered) because that would be foolish.”
  • Mark Jacobs: “I’ve been playing a ton the last few weeks. I’ve been focusing on Order mostly but I’ve raised a WP, BW, IB and RP up a bit… In terms of oRvR, that has been my other focus and we have made changes and will continue to make a lot of changes over the coming months to boost the population in oRvR.”


  1. /hug Mark Jacobs

    Gotta love that he plays

  2. Uh oh, Mark gave out too specific of information (i.e. The fact he was playing Order and what classes). It will now be used against him.

  3. @ Werit,

    I know what you mean, people will jump all over that and say they are helping out Order and buffing Order only. I don’t know why people cannot draw the simple conclusion that there is a possibility he also plays the Destro side. He only mention Order to make a point.

    Why are people so stupid?

  4. I want my guild cloak to no blank out on us everytime we zone, spawn from death, or look at somone oddly…

  5. Meh, he can fix it by saying that next week’s focus is Destruction.

  6. Hey, he’s just trying to help solve the population imbalance, can’t blame him for that! 😛

  7. I’d like to see where the heck I am bound to in my book of binding. Yes, I know what it does – why can’t it tell me where I’m bound?

  8. I can’t help but ❤ Mark Jacobs. He’s like your cool older brother who won’t take any crap from others about you but will still beat the snot out of you if you’re dumb or annoying. Tough love for the community.

  9. Hopefully they rethink the nerf to healing. Feels too weak as it is. Other than that, everything seems like good ideas.

    The other thing people need to realize is that this isn’t the only patch the game will ever get. I’ve seen a ton of people bitching that their class didn’t get any changes, as if this is the only chance and if it doesn’t happen now it will never happen.

  10. @Crackola — I’m fairly certain if you mouseover it and read the text, it tells you where you’re bound. Unless I dreamed it…

  11. @Crackola: it does tell you, the last line of the tooltip tells you which camp you bound at.

  12. Crackola, just hover over the Book of Binding and it will show you your bind location.

  13. @ Crackola

    You can look to see where you are bound. Just rollover the book of binding then at the bottom of the text in green it will tell you where you are bound. Kinda hard to miss if you actually read the text.

  14. I’m kinda concerned about the HoT debuff that is going to happen across the board.

    It’s going to severely limit healer survivability

  15. I can’t help but think that if Mark Jacobs has the feeling he needs to “test” this game (as big boss of Mythic) he doesn’t rely on his own employees to do that what they were hired for.

  16. Crackola, hover your mouse over the book, at the bottom of the tooltip it will say where it is bound to.

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