Game Changer or Status Quo?

November 7, 2008

With the advent of Patch 1.05’s possible changes (I say “possible”, because they will be tested on the PTR and could be subject to further tweaks), it looks like classes are mostly getting buffed across the board, particularly in terms of damage. Some classes a bit more, some a bit less, but there are reasons to rejoice no matter what you play.

However, my concern is this: if not only my class is getting buffed in damage but others are as well, does that really change the board whatsoever? I can take others out faster, but presumably they can now take ME out faster, and there aren’t a lot of defensive buffs present in this patch to compensate. Not to mention that healing’s taken a bit of a hit (although longer HOT durations will allow healers to spread the healing joy a bit further without worry of HOTs wearing off as quickly). Dying too slowly hasn’t been a concern of mine in WAR up to this point, and it doesn’t look as though it will change.

Anyway, I’m not trying to be the Grinch to this patch’s yummy goodness — there’s a lot to be cheerful about, and it does continue to give us hope that major patches such as 1.1 will simply rock the house down.



  1. Yeah, waiting to see hwo this plays out, but worried as I play mostly squishy classes. Seems I may die faster and more often with this patch. Sounds great for my SW and Engineer to hit harder, but without any additional survivabilty, might spend mroe time at the loading screen.

  2. Just seems that they want to get more people dying more often with the patch. You think one of the members of the Dev team just sits at the meeting and constantly inturrupts other by shouting,


    “Yes we know Gary, more death…anyways where was I, oh yes, does anyone have suggestions regarding the cooldown timers on-” “DEATH!”

    “Hey guys you see the new intern? I think she was checkin m-” “MORE DEATH!”

    “You guys ready to get some lunch, I was thinking Applebe-” “SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THR-oh yeah Applebees sounds great, I could go for some Boneless Buffalo wings”

  3. @ Slurm

    Man you made my day with your post. Everyone at the office are wondering why am I lauging. If anyone asks i’m going to say “It’s a joke I heard from Gary”

  4. You just wanted to post a Status Quo pic. Admit it.

  5. Though the damage increases, crowd control should get less or be better defendable (or at least you can get faster out of it). I think this will speed up the action, but I’m not so sure how the lessening of the hots will improve action other than running from the spawn point back to action or healers casting more often a rez.

    What bothers me the whole time is the possibility ..better said strengthening.. of instant-deaths by assist-trains (especially after 1.1 with main-assist and target of target).. this combined with overall damage-increase is critical in terms of fun (/duration of fights).

  6. As someone who plays a T4 healer I can tell you that spreading the love via hots is not a problem and the change to them just makes this less effective since the heal amount hasn’t increased the effective heal per tick will drop noticeably.

    This change to hots and this patch in general has me worried about where the game is going damage vs. healing wise. The healing per second a healer can put out “if” uninterupted is only slightly higher than the dps of most classes and it is almost equal for careers like BW/Sorc at max combustion/dark magic or WH/WE on a squishy. Then you consider all the major healing debuffs and silences that are available as you reach T4 and your ability to keep people alive takes a major nosedive at endgame. Watching people go down in a couple seconds even as you dump your entire AP pool on them with heals is pretty frustrating and disheartening.

  7. I think they missed the boat on this one… the good news is this will be tested first and not just propogated to the servers…

    My experience lately is that burst DPS and focus firing rules the day in RVR.

    Tanks try to close on the enemy, but get burned down before they even get in melee range.

    Burst DPS is too powerful.
    Tank defences are rather too weak.
    And heals – if anything – need to be improved – not scaled back.

    There are a great bunch of other stuff here – but this is the negative side as I see it.

  8. “Then you consider all the major healing debuffs and silences that are available as you reach T4 and your ability to keep people alive takes a major nosedive at endgame.”

    They’ve cut back the effectiveness of at least some of the healing debuffs.

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