Random Thoughts

November 6, 2008

…How I look in game and what I see should be the same as what other people see. That includes whether I’ve toggled my helmet/cloak on or off, and any pocket item emotes/animations I use.

…When Snafzg and I play together using Skype, we have a weird habit of singing about what we’re doing: “I’m killing… an OOOOOORC! He is… quite DEAAAAAAD!”

…Don’t get my hopes up by actually popping another scenario in T3 than Tor Anroc, then shutting it down within a minute because the population in it is imbalanced! Arghh!

…Don’t ever, ever get me started on how much I loathe Badlands in vent. There is no end to my spit-flecked ranting.

…I’m waiting on full patch notes to comment on 1.05… so stay tuned!

…I feel bad for the guy at GameRiot who has to archive every single post I’ve written for this blog so far.

…People still don’t seem to be using general chat channels (zone-wide) that much.

…I can’t wait for another live event.  I feel a bit bad — hanging my head low — that I didn’t max out my Witching Night INF bar, but the rewards didn’t motivate me so much to get it done.

…I just want to be in T4 already, and I’m getting impatient of watching the slow-as-snails XP bar creep up there.  I don’t think I’m alone in wishing for the salad days of faster leveling in beta.

…I’d be perfectly okay with a severe reduction of the number of quests in this and other MMOs if the quests they developed are repeatable, memorable and offered elements outside of killing/grinding/collecting.  And if they told a great story.

…I went into Nordenwatch the other night on my Runepriest, and I kid you not — my entire group, apart from Snafzg, were all Runepriests.  I guess they’re a pretty insanely popular career to play… or at least to alt!



  1. Isn’t it ironic that only a couple of minutes after you post about waiting for patch notes 1.05, they get posted on the Herald? 😛

  2. …When Snafzg and I play together using Skype, we have a weird habit of singing about what we’re doing: “I’m killing… an OOOOOORC! He is… quite DEAAAAAAD!”

    My wife does similar things. The has a “butchering” song. That’s about the only one that is consistent, but other things will occasionally cause us to randomly burst out in song.

  3. Just FYI, Google Chrome browser is telling me that your site is using something from blogtourusa.com and apparently blogtourusa.com hosts malware at some point. Not sure what it means, but thought you might like to know.

  4. “…When Snafzg and I play together using Skype, we have a weird habit of singing about what we’re doing: “I’m killing… an OOOOOORC! He is… quite DEAAAAAAD!””

    When Iridar and I run our Destro characters on Ungrim using Skype we have a weird habit of speaking on Orc-speak … “Stunties are fer killin!”

  5. I don’t think it’s malware — GameRiot is working right now to archive all my posts, so it might be something from their end.

  6. Well here is a bit of randomness…

    My guild on Ulthuan called Exceed have been going through some heavy recruitment and excitement and activity was at an all time high as of Tuesday Election night. Everyone is getting ready for Guild Night Thursdays and so we have a high number of people log in the next day Wednesday only to find Mythic has marked our server for death. As you log in a big prompt comes up saying “Your server is lame and you should transfer to another server right now. Click this BIG BUTTON to do it.” Well I click ignore because I’m not leaving my guild and other friends I have on the server just because Mythic thinks of us a peons. More people start logging in asking me questions about the Guild possibly transferring to one of the 4 possible servers Mythic has allowed (with a gun to your head) to go to for free. Suddenly we start to get in game prompts saying “Why the heck haven’t you transferred your characters yet!” and you have to hit OK to get it off your screen. It’s also in the chat logs as well when you load a zone “Get the heck off this server now!!”….. So I log in initially at 6pm EST, and by 10pm EST the entire server is a Ghost town, no scenarios popping, our capital city filled with nothing but lonely NPC’s, and the Warhammer Alliance Forums for our server has all the guilds and alliances we know jumping ship to Red Eye Mountain server, and our guild night isn’t until the next day. So with me being 2nd in command and talking to our GM via cell phone, I go ahead and give the orders “ABANDON SHIP! ABANDON SHIP! WOMEN AND MOGS FIRST!”

    Now the sad thing is, we have plenty of new recruits, probably like 15 that were in mid process of learning how to get on ventrilo and register to our website, so I’m sure we are going to loose 75% of them out of plane confusion of where everyone went… and I mean EVERYONE. I logged in this morning and did a /who and there were lots of 0 results for guilds… When Mythic has your server marked for death, it’s best to come together and run for the hills as a group.

    With us all being on Red Eye Mountain, the game is actually a lot better and we get xp bonuses for our troubles which is ok I guess. I don’t want to level too fast though so it’s a double edge sword. I am really enjoying knocking Order into the lava w/ my lvl 27 Magus and then turning them into horrors that mindlessly attack their friends… a little bit of payback I guess. But this server has plenty RvR everywhere you look so we are all happy. But our guild that had 82 members consisting of about 30 being alts, is now down to about 20 until the once or twice a week login crews get on and try to find us. Many of our officers had to change their names as well unfortunately.

    As a /golf clap to Mythic, the transfer process is 1,010% more efficient, quicker, and easier than World of Warcraft. You click a couple buttons and your character is there instantly. And I mean Instant, like faster than the webpage could even refresh to say it was done and an instant email confirmation. /golf clap once again.

  7. The singing is a side-effect of the crazy suicidal playstyle I’ve adopted with my tank. You don’t hold back with your tank in WAR – you rush in and hope people are backing you up with healzes!

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