The Airspeed Velocity of a Laden Goblin

November 1, 2008

So yeah, as Snafzg said, last night I offered to roll a brand-new toon to duo-level with Mr. The World Is Ending, partially to see what it’s like to duo-level with a dedicated team (I’ve never really done that in a MMO) and partially to see if we could combat this malaise that’s been hitting us lately.

Enter Wotworks the Runepriest and Snaffy the Ironbreaker:

I think that’s a Squig Herder that we strapped down to add a bit of wind resistance to the cannon shot.

New characters are always fun — brand-new mechanics to learn, quick leveling, Tome unlocks hitting us left and right.  I don’t usually play healing classes, although I’m not adverse to them (in WoW I had both a Shammy and Druid at 70, but rarely in a full-on healing capacity).  I’ve admired the Runepriest’s cool visual style and spell effects since launch, and they’re reportedly a very versatile healer.  So there we go.

Snaffy is like a little kid who likes to whack things repeatedly, so the Ironbreaker was a good choice for him.  Nordenwatch was a lot of me tagging along like the fat kid going “wait up! wait up!”, and him slicing through the enemy like butter.  BUTTAH.  Spinks commented “Everything is fun in Tier 1. If they could just figure out why that was…” — well, I have a few theories.

First of all, it’s for the reasons I mentioned before (newness, fast leveling, learning skills and abilities).  But there’s no doubt in my mind that T1 in Warhammer Online is tight and polished to a T.  Each of the newbie starting areas has a lot going on, with scripted NPCs running all willy-nilly, cannon blasts impacting on the countryside, a high density of easy-to-do quests, Public Quests that don’t take you two hours to max out the INF bar, and lots to see and unlock.  Finally, the scenarios are small, very fun, and classes are pretty simple to understand, use and counter.  I’m not worrying about knockbacks, insta-kills, roots or anything like that.  Just simple damage, healing, blocking and taking flags.

We’ll see how this experiment goes.  WAR is pretty accommodating to friends who want to pair up and do stuff quickly together, and with Wotworks I’m not going to be as obsessed with “hitting everything” as I’ve done with Syp.  If we only do RvR, that’s fine.  As long as I can get the phat loots, I’m happy.

Syp’s been stagnating in the upper 20’s for a good while now, and when she hits 28 I’m going to shake the dust from my boots in Badlands, erase my impossible-to-do quest log, and move on to T4.  I die fast anyway, might as well be in a fun zone to do it in.



  1. Alts are so fun in WAR, I can see why you wanted to make one. it’s more fun to experience everything that the game has to offer.

  2. Duos and Trios are the best fun I’ve ever had in MMORPGs. Way less fuss (or waiting around) than bigger groups.

  3. Which server did you guys roll on?

  4. We’re on Phoenix Throne.

  5. Catch up so I can lay waste to ya in T2 (15 witch elf right now on PT– Nevena)

    I made literally 1 of each Order class except SM, RP and got them all to level 10 along with a handful of Destruction characters. WE i’ve had the most fun with so far… Yet to see anything past T2 though (19 IB is my highest)

    I agree full heartedly that T1 captures the essence of the game perfectly. Got a lot of polish (I know in beta thats the only tier I really tested besides some of the pre-made templates for PvP in upper levels)

  6. Yeah, I’ve been thinking the same thing lately. I’m actually taking a week or two off from MMOs–and then I’ll be jumping back into WAR with some RL friends who will be picking up the game.

    I just need some time to shake the isolated feeling that comes with 90% of players doing the scenario grind to level cap. I think I’m gonna go Shaman if they choose Destro and Runepriest if they go Order.

    They’re big PvPers and tend to play DPS types, so it’ll be fun to heal and have a small core group to quest with.

  7. Rune Priests and Ironbreakers make the best combo imo – use the RP aoe buff and pull loads of mobs and voila!

  8. I have written about it before. If the fun in 1-12 was mirrored the rest of the way this game would be incredible. It isn’t really the shiny and new as I have done 1- 12 6 times now. I think the reason why players like it is because it is such a change from typical 1 -12 in MMOs so it shines. Once you get to upper 20’s it is just back to more of the same and lustre is lost.

  9. I sent both of you some nice goodies (blue gloves for you, green chest and something or other for him), syp. and masks.

  10. Woohoo! Twink us out! 😛

    After getting my SH to rank 27.5 this weekend, I needs me some IB-lurv!

  11. Playing an alt occasionally is great fun when you pair up with a friend. Its my (questing solo as an engineer) stress relief.

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