What Shall We Talk About Today?

October 31, 2008

Hm… (flips open the newspaper)

Oh, it seems that amid some bad financial news for EA, Warhammer Online’s sold 1.2 million copies and boasts 800,000 subscribers. Not too shabby! Of course, it remains to be seen if that number goes up or down by the year’s end, especially with WotLK and the Holiday Season approaching.

(turns a few pages… weather report, blah)

Despite what your parents taught you, Mythic says sharing is bad — even if it’s with your brother or sister. Chalk this up under the “things they have absolutely no ability to monitor or enforce, so they’ll frighten you with big chunky text” column header.

(flip flip… oh Marmaduke, you ARE a big dog!)

One of today’s biggest events isn’t Witching Night, but the free server transfers for both characters and entire guilds, to help spread out the population and balance it somewhat. To sweeten the deal, they’re offering NA players a renown/XP bonus once you’ve transfered for a limited time. Good luck with those on the move!

(rustle the paper and feel all old-timey for doing so)

Anybody watch the Black Guard/Knight of the Blazing Sun podcasts? Good descriptions, nice concept art, but no in-game footage (boo).

According to Paul, Black Guards are “very upset 14-year-old teenagers”. Wow! I can’t wait to roleplay one of those! “With a bit of emo… give them a good slap.” So the Black Guard is comprised of 100% forum trolls? Or you can go with KotBS, which are (quoting him) “pompous adults”. Gosh, it’s so hard to choose!



  1. Emo > all!

  2. Are we sure that isn’t just how many shipped to retailers as well as the number activated for the free month. Actual subscriptions may be much lower. That being said even 250K subscriptions would yield $45M in revenue annually.

  3. It’ll dip, but a solid base is pretty good.

    I wonder what the decay rate will be even without WOTLK. I think WAR is a great game, but I canceled my sub just because I really think I’m just done with MMOS in general. I just don’t care enough anymore to play them, and without that addiction, I might as well be playing LittleBigPlanet (which is awesome btw).

    I wonder how many people like me are out there.

  4. It says sold, and it says subs.

    Since it is less than 1.2 million, that’s how many stuck around for the 2nd month.

  5. Here’s hoping they keep 800k subs, but that seems a little far-fetched.

  6. You got the point of the xfers wrong. It’s to condense the population, not spread it out.

  7. @ Toxic

    I take breaks from MMOs, but in the past thats been on games I was pretty meh about anyways. I think this game will have my attention for a while, and when I am finally burned out from it…I may be done with MMOs altogether.

    naaaaaah who am I kiddin

  8. Anyone know if they will have paid character transfer’s like WoW does? I had a friend that wanted me to level with him on one server(Drifting Castle) , but now I have family on a different one (Skull Throne). I really don’t want to give up my 21 Zealot to be able to play with my family 😦

  9. It takes no time at all to lvl up to 25. I would just start a new character rather than pay for a server transfer if you are only in your 20’s.

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