Happy Halloween (and Witching Night) From WAAAGH!

October 30, 2008

(am i pretty now?)



  1. Hawt.


  2. I’d hit it.

    ❤ Happy Halloween

  3. “(am i pretty now?)”

    *Pulls out gun*

  4. You are every Night Goblins mushroom-induced worst nightmare. 😀

  5. Very nice

    So how did you end up getting the mask? I still havent seen any of the mobs needed.

  6. Slurm – Check out Garrison of war hereFor a great guide top tier 2 and 3 locations of mobs.

  7. it’s an improvement 😉

  8. I love the Gobbo mask. My Ironbreaker has been running around in one since last night.

    I need to get started on the Crones so I can get more masks. I have no illusions of getting the PQ accomplished, since T3 we were being dominated by Destro and T2 was just a mess. I did have the honor of fighting (more often dying) next to Syp on my witch hunter, Tinius, on Thursday night.

  9. Kathy Bates as Jason from Friday the 13th.

  10. Rkik, any fool knows that if you see Syp you back away because death is his best friend…

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