My Name Is Syp, and I Am Dwarf!

October 29, 2008

Paul Barnett, to TTH:

“I have to give a hearty ‘Well done!’ to people that play Dwarfs. I have a very simple theory about the people that play Dwarfs. Dwarfs are generally played by people who have come to terms with who they are. Most of the people I’ve met who like Dwarfs basically look like Dwarfs. Where as people that play Witch Elves don’t look like Witch Elves. There’s more of a reality mask with the Dwarfs. These folks go ‘I’m short. I’m bearded. I like beer. I think I’m going to be a Dwarf.’ And then they get into the game and have this dense gravitational field around them that draws people in.”

Am I short? 5’6″ baby. Bearded? Yup. Like beer? Not so much (out of game). Dense gravitational field? I do seem to attract nutters…



  1. I’m pretty much like a dwarf IRL and I DO love Dwarves, but I just don’t get the right feel from the Dwarf classes. I cant wait til the dwarf DPS class is put back in; it will no doubt become my main if they do their jobs right!

  2. I have the beard, I grumble and swear at lots of things in life, and I dont mind the occasional pint so I guess its fitting I play a dwarf then 😀

    At 6’2 though I think I’d be shunned by the Dwarf community

  3. I’m making another batch of homebrew right now. My Ironbreaker would be proud!

  4. I play a dwarf in LOTRO, but I am definitely not dwarf-like IRL. However, I am grumpy and bad tempered. Does that count?

  5. I play a dwarf ironbreaker, and my highest level alt is an engineer. I was about to say “Hey! I don’t look like a dwarf,” and then I realized that I’m short (5’7″), like beer, and have a beard.

    Maybe I like being short in-game. They should make dwarves even shorter.

  6. He’s right about the beard part. Everyone i know that plays a dwarf is bearded. Well once a dwarf always a dwarf. Baso the runepriest.
    I would pay extra monthly fee if Mythic puts Paul as a NPC entertainer in game. Right there on the marketplace where we could throw stuff at him when he goes bears, bears, bears again.

  7. I have stubble.

    Frankly, the dwarfs in WAR had me at /grumble.

  8. I love my dwarf, and in real life I’m a 6 foot tall woman on the skinny side. Do I need to mention that I don’t have a beard?

  9. I can definitely see it.

    My character screen contains a Witch Hunter (just too cool looking) and then three dwarfs. I love ’em.

  10. @ Fred

    Dwarves shorter would be halflings… they are in War TT, but pretty much can’t do anything…

    Stuntie’s are fine as they are… perfect in every way. If they were any shorter, us Orcs wouldn’t be able to see you to give you a good smashin’!

  11. 5ft 11inch female (no beard) playing a male Rune Priest (big beard).

    Stereotypes FTW!

  12. I like everything about dwarfs except them beig very short. But I can deal with that. Being 6’4″, shaved-headed, and beardless IRL, I don’t look much like a dwarf… but then I don’t think I look too much like any character I’ve had in an MMO. Except City of Villains; I do have a villain that looks a lot like me. 🙂

  13. Poor Paul. He’s comparing a race (Dwarf) to a class (Witch Elf)? 😉

    My main in a Dwarf Rune Priest which I look nothing like. I wanted to play a healer. It was a tough choice between Rune Priest and Archmage, but the Dwarf finally won out 🙂

  14. Im a 6’6” non beer drinking Dwarf player. I take your rule and breaks it!

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