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October 29, 2008

Upon a guildie’s suggestion, I’ve been plowing through a cool little site called Waralytics, which purportedly tracks all sorts of stats pertaining to Warhammer Online’s population and class makeup. (From their FAQ: “All data is pulled from the Realm War site. Right now there is a major problem with the Herald not updating regularly. Also, it appears that it updates some guilds on each server, but not others. These statistics are drawn only from GUILDED players. From my observation, there is <5% error for tier 3 and tier 4 data, but lower tiers, especially tier 1 are more inaccurate due to the large number of unguilded characters.”

So this should all be taken with a huge grain of salt-substitute. Check it out for yourself, but here’s a few interesting numbers that I noted:

  • Total population (of characters, I assume): 464,874, presenting a 1.3:1 faction imbalance in favor of Destruction.
  • Feel like everyone’s outleveled you? Think again: Tier 2 holds the most players out of all of the tiers, with T1 the next-most populated.
  • Ranged DPS is the most popular archtype on Order (32%) with Tank and Melee DPS tied for the least (19% each). With Destruction, HEALERS are the most popular archtype (30%) with Melee DPS the least (20%).
  • Most popular Order career is Bright Wizard (14%) and the least is the White Lion (6%). It’s interesting to note that all three of the Empire careers are all over 10% each, which makes Empire account for 37% of the total Order population (Dwarfs have 25% and High Elves 31%).
  • Most popular Destruction career is Sorcerer (12%) and the least is Magus (6%). Greenskins account for 27% of the population, Chaos 36% and Dark Elves 31%.
  • The Magus (6%) and Engineer (7%) careers, which have been seen as somewhat underpowered, are underrepresented as a mirrored pair. Same with Squig Herder (7%) and White Lion (6%).
  • Most populated server is Skull Throne (20K), least is Tor Achere (1.2K).
  • I’m pretty pleased with my server, Phoenix Throne, which not only has a high population (19.5K) but a fairly balanced population (49% Order, 51% Destruction). <Tome Raiders>, my guild, is the 19th highest guild in terms of Renown, and 19th highest in terms of members (157 characters). Our first rank 40 character was a Witch Hunter.


  1. “Feel like everyone’s outleveled you? Think again: Tier 2 holds the most players out of all of the tiers, with T1 the next-most populated.”

    Yes, but is that characters created or active characters, I wonder.

    It’d be interesting to see those stats based on “characters that have been played in the past week”.

  2. Thanks a lot for the statistics, but I’m wondering how legitimate they really are. Our server, Wurtbad, seems to be dying off pretty fast now.

  3. Oh definitely, Pete. Stats can only tell you so much.

  4. On my server (Chaos Wastes) population seems to vary more by time of day than anything else, but it does seem to be dropping off a bit. The nice thing is the scenarios have been pretty evenly matched the last couple of nights. Even when you lose 450 to 500 I feel it was a good fight.

  5. Wish there was a DB with all characters, with a sortable “last login date” to mine from. I started doing the same analysis using the WARDB but stopped once it was only guilded characters. While any sort of sampling of data can be considered with a +/- accuracy I would just feel far more comfortable with a full set of numbers. Although I suppose they would be closely guarded at this stage in the game.

    For the record – Averheim T1 Order there are lots of people running around with PQ’s and the like, and I can still barely get a quest done in between scenarios.

  6. Stats can be very misleading, since they don’t take into account activity.

    You really have to look at the important stats, Rank 40, T4, and T3. Below that, you don’t know how many are just alt’s and were trying things out.

    If you look at those important area’s, you’ll see something interesting for Order, Bright Wizard’s and Ironbreakers ranking at the top by a large amount. Why? They are the two most overpowered Order classes.

    I also find it interesting that on my server, Badlands, Order outnumbers Destruction in those key areas, T3, T4 and 40.

    I hope they do something to fix the imbalances in class power, give Destruction a boost.

  7. The Warhammer Herald is horrible at updating large guilds. My guild, The Wanderers, on Ostermark, hasn’t been updated in weeks. We have one R40 and a number of people in the 30s, our guild rank is 16, and we have many more members than are listed. So given I know for certain how inaccurate the Herald is for us, I don’t put a any faith in conclusions drawn from parsing Herald data.

  8. PT is an extremely well balanced server. In fact, I almost wish I’d rolled Order here and destro elsewhere as all the other RP servers I try Order on are grossly outnumbered and Order has that “We’re defeated anyway. Just give up.” attitude that drives me nuts. I never see PT’s Order give up. (I see you turtle like wheenie with a 10 point lead to win Phoenix Gate with zero flag turn ins … but not really give up.) 😉

  9. Yeah, I’m so happy I’m on Phoenix Throne. But the server I have my destro characters on, Ostermark, also looks pretty good. Not only are we reasonably balanced overall, we are even balanced by tier.

    It’s so interesting reading the above comments. One guy says Order is usually so discouraged they just give up, and another guy saying destro is way underpowered. I titter.

  10. […] population totals T1: 170,716 T2: 183,526 T3: 85,867 T4: 10,853 More Stats Than You Can Shake A Dead Monkey At Waaagh! A Warhammer Online Blog If you have any questions, comments or problems please send me a Personal Message, […]

  11. I’m shocked that so many people overlooked the mighty Magus! My Magus is lvl 21 and I do have a DoK that’s 28… The DoK I love to death but the Magus is the damage bringer. I out damage everyone about 50% of the time in scenarios like MT and Tor Anroc by a lot. The damage is serious, and due to the range I don’t die all that often. I don’t really see the Magus as being the counterpart to the Engi as I tear engi’s to fleshy clothing scraps and they are never top on the damage charts like the Magus is. YES you have to play the Magus very very smart and pick your targets wisely to get the most amount of damage possible and lay down your pets and “bomb” pets often and wisely too. It’s not a point and click class by any means and I had to key map nearly every key that my left hand can easily reach w/ out looking because there are sooooo many ways to kill people, interupt spells, lay seeds (oh man that one is freakin awsome) and of course dot aoe’s.

    Magus is going to be a riot at 40… can’t wait.

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