Heavy Metal or How Mythic Is Making It Very Hard For Me To Post Pre-Written Articles When They Keep Announcing New Stuff

October 29, 2008

And hey, I didn’t even talk about 1.04’s patch notes (which to my eyes aren’t anything special outside of Witching Night)!

In a most excellent, most triumphant counterswing to Wrath of the Lich King’s November 13th debut, Warhammer Online is coming out swinging on November 17th with its anticipated major content addition: the Heavy Metal live event, leading up to Patch 1.1.

Two live events in as many months is pretty impressive, in my opinion, and Heavy Metal comes as a surprise, as we all more or less assumed the Blackguard and Knight of the Blazing Sun would just be rolled out in a 1.1 patch all of the sudden. Not so! No, we get a week’s worth of a live event leading up to the two careers being re-added back into WAR. Here’s some of the highlights:

  • We get a new Live Events tab in the Tome of Knowledge that will point us toward daily tasks (WoW, you don’t mind WAR borrowing daily quests, do you?).
  • Daily tasks contribute toward a special influence bar with basic, advanced and elite rewards, just like PQs.
  • The elite reward will be the chance to play one of the two new tanks a full week before they’re officially released!
  • New scenario just for one week only: Reikland Factory, which players of all tiers can participate in, with a 10% bump to renown gain.

Wow. Color me stunned (it’s a rare Crayola color, look for it sometime). A full week’s head start on one of the new tank classes will be an awfully huge carrot to dangle in front of players’ faces, and I won’t doubt that quite a few people will kill themselves to get that reward.

There’s a lot we aren’t told here, which presumably will come with the November newsletter, such as better details on the Blackguard and KotBS (although the concept art still looks full of feathers for that last one), what the timeline looks like after the Heavy Metal event ends (will it instantly start the one-week preview for the tanks or will that come later?) and when 1.1 will be released. Hopefully, we’ll know soon.

P.S. – James Nichols confirms, “Both careers can have both Male and Female avatars.”



  1. “chance to play one”

    Wonder if that means you will get to play one, or just be in a lottery to play one.

  2. Just another reason why I don’t think my gamer ADD will kick in with Warhammer. They just keep on adding new an exciting things to do. Now with the added goal of a week head start this will diffidently get me to play a feather wearing knight.

  3. Wrath’s release date is the 13th of november not the 18th. By looking at my friends, events are not going to bring them back to WAR. All of my friends left WAR to go back to WoW, same for me. They’re going to need a lot more to bring people back.

  4. “When the Heavy Metal live event begins on November 17th…”

    I presume this is when 1.1 hits. And then people can start the head start of the tanks on December 1st (or 2nd) since thats when the live event ends. THEN on December 8th the classes would become playable to all.

    I presume…

  5. Haha, that’s exactly what I thought when I saw that post. But I am still excited, it sounds fun!

  6. Daily quests for a rep grind? Sweet!

  7. Quoth Syp: “WoW, you don’t mind WAR borrowing daily quests, do you?”

    I think you’re being slightly unfair to Mythic there.

    /pauses to see whether me saying that to Syp triggers the apocalypse 😉

    Seriously, at least as the event is described on paper, the Metal event will be substantially more interesting than WoW Daily quests, in that you’re actually going to be doing a DIFFERENT one every day. WoW’s daily quests are as good as any other PVE quests out there (perhaps even slightly better than your average WoW quest), they just get old because players repeat them every day.

    Also, with Turbine’s decision to launch the LOTRO expansion that week, we might be looking at the most crowded one-week period in MMORPG history.

  8. @ Green — I’m being fair in a broad sense. If I take WoW to task for liberally borrowing WAR’s features, I’d be a bit of a hypocrite not to reverse the charge. Besides, it was a side comment said tongue-in-cheek. WoW’s proven that people like daily quests and respond positively to that mechanic, so it makes sense to incorporate them into other titles as well.

  9. Holy.Crap.

    My boyfriend, who’s fanatical about having a druchii tank, is going to lose is freaking mind. That is an awesome event.

  10. I have to say that this sounds like a really clever way to introduce a couple of classes back into the game.

    I’m with those who consider this an added bonus to WAR rather than a bribe to get me to stay or come back.

    It makes me happy to see that Mythic doesn’t automatically shoot clever (in a ‘live game’ sense) developers on sight.

  11. WoW made us all think that is how an MMO should be just like a toilet with toilet paper. WAR is like a toilet with a bidet next to it. It is different in how you play but same ending. It would be stupid for WAR not to put toilet paper next to their toilet and bidet.

  12. I will be playing WotLK, and I will be playing War. Btw, I sent you a twitter.com invite, I love the little one line blogs…micro blogging.

    I am excited about the next careers that will be available to play.

    Do you know if there are any blog utilities that I can do a plugin to get all of the blogs delivered on one page? I know blogspot has something like this, but I am wondering if there could be an all in one subscription plugin for my wordpress (as WordPress is my favorite utility ever.)

    Btw, I played a dwarf too, and I am 6′ and do not have a beard, do not look like a dwarf or a witch elf…but I think you were right, I do feel comfortable with who I am 🙂

  13. Nice event… 1 week of daily quests so you get to debug the new tank classes for them for 1 week!!! wow. It’s funny how they can make the worst things look appealing to some people.

    And what about leveling alts, in a 1 1/2 month MMO? I’m an alt fun my selft, have 4 70’s in WoW, but rolling and playing an alt a month after the game release… There must be something wrong with the end game.

  14. “Do you know if there are any blog utilities that I can do a plugin to get all of the blogs delivered on one page?”

    Messer – recommend installing an RSS feed reader or simply using Googles. Simplest way to get all the blogs/sites you read daily in one place. Google Reader will even highlight the sites as they update.


  15. I love to roll alts so this is great! Also i like that fact they are adding another scenario to play during this, I cant wait. Thumbs up to Mythic for a good introduction idea.

    However what would really make me happy is to hear when the Hammerer is making its way back in.

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