Witching Night! Witching Night!

October 28, 2008

So today we got a few more details about Warhammer Online’s first “live event” (you’ve been playing the dead events, I guess), Witching Night.  You can read about it here and here, but for the Cliff Notes version, here’s the salient details:

  • Witching Night will come with Game Update 1.04
  • It will last from Wednesday (that’s tomorrow!) Oct 29 through Sunday, November 2 — five days total.
  • There will be four new PQs, one for each tier (Chrace, Troll Country, Black Fire Pass and Caledor).
  • The PQs will be located in the middle of the RvR lakes and will reset much slower than normal PQs.
  • You can kill ghosts in the game world for cool loot.
  • Same with witches and their nasty cauldrons, which will be situated around the game world.
  • There are four unique face masks to attain, one through PQ influence (presumably the RvR PQs) and three from random drops.
  • Other loot includes cloaks, trinkets, potions and a new title.

There’s a few things to deduce — like the craftsy Sherlock Holmes that I am — from these features.  The first is that all of the Witching Night events will take place in the regular game world, which should draw people out of instances and scenarios.  The second is that the RvR PQs should prove to be an interesting incentive to get people into those areas and engage in a little BO or keep taking between the PQ resets.  Finally, it seems that no matter what rank you are, you can participate in pretty much all of this, which is very applause-worthy.

Five days.  Will that be enough time?  Syp wants a mask, so it better be!



  1. I am looking forward to this, I really hope this draws a lot people in the open world RVR. It should make things very interesting.

    To me, this almost seems like a tests, to see if certain incentives will draw people to the RVR lakes. I hope it works, and I hope Mythic learns from this pseudo test…

  2. 5 days? Time to use those extra vacation days at work?

    I want masks… Hope they’re not too hard to get a hold of.

    Sounds awesome, and its great that they are adding incentive for ORvR. I just need those server transfers so I can get to a High pop server and get in on the action!

  3. *flails around like a maniac*

    Oh my girly stuff collecting side loooooves holidays. Must get masks…Hurrah!

    I bet the xp will be great in the lakes for once as well.

  4. This should be a blast!

  5. I am very much looking forward to you telling me how I can get that purple elf mask. 🙂

  6. I just got the best piece of jewelry i have ever seen in warhammer out of a witching night pq bag. I’m sold bigtime.

  7. I tried doing the open RvR PQ last night but there was just an insane amount of people fighting. It made it so when the PQ finnaly popped, it took less than 5 minutes to complete. Also, the area to be in for the PQ was reeeeaaally small (at least small for 200 people to be in.

    I think this could be great but it needs some work. I think it needs to take place around the battlefield objectives so you have a more defined area to be doing battle, and it needs to pop more often.

    my $0.02

  8. SCORE!!! last night was such an incredible blast that I stayed up till 3am even though I had to be in the office at 8:30am! My new main is my Magus who dinged 20 yesterday pretty much when I logged on, and I spent the entire evening just pretty much doing Open RvR due to the Witching Night PQ’s and I got all the way up to 21 JUST FROM OPEN RVR baby!! I think I did like 6 scenarios, 4 MT 2 Tor Anroc. (Mythic did mess the patch up a bit as many were experiencing EXTREMELY long load times for scenarios and zones) So not only did I lvl just from Open RvR, but my guild just hit 14 so we were very eager to help take a keep in StoneTroll Country last night, some BO’s, and did a couple of the Witching night PQ’s. In between the PQ’s was nothin but PvP and the occational Scenario Queue. It was a complete blast! Now I think Mythic is on to something here for making Open RvR more fun and worth the time. The Witching night PQ’s dropped Gold Bags, lots of purple bags and was just fun!



  9. The idea of RvR PQs is pretty good, but it needs refinement. It took over three hours for the PQ to start last night, and that was after I was logged in and wandering the RvR area. Because everyone was waiting for the PQ, regular RvR pretty much ground to a halt. After the PQ was completed the first time (by Destruction, props to them), it restarted within half an hour. If the timer was more predicatable, it would probably work better.

  10. The RvR PQ’s are fun! Unfortunately, some servers don’t seem to have enough people to do them. And finding the PQ chest in the black fire pass is a bitch. I know at least one friend who managed to get the gold bag.. And couldn’t get her loot because she couldn’t find the chest, got killed and had to respawn.

    Other then that, it’s awesome. I’ve got to get myself the purple mask!

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