Political Entry #1

October 28, 2008

So are all game blogs taking a leave of focus to diverge into political blogging?  Because today’s been a heap of “Hur?” as I’ve made my rounds.  I guess I should start drumming for the TRUE underdog, the REAL candidate for change, the RADICAL maverick, the lipstick KING: Syp.  Nevermind that I’m not 35, on any ballot, interested in politics, or affiliated with either of the two major parties (which, let’s be honest here, are BOTH borked beyond belief and need nerfs all around).  Syp!  The progressive candidate!  My platform will be XP boosts for all!  Also, a time machine in the garage of every American.  Because if we’re not giving our children the opportunity to kill Hitler as a baby, then what are we leaving as our legacy?



  1. if mccain or obama played an engineer in war would you vote for them?

  2. The big question is…

    Does Syp support beer or hard liquor?

  3. And how would you handle gold-sellers? 😉

  4. @ Anonymous – Really, THEY should both vote for ME. I’m not Joe the Plumber, I’m Syp the Engineer.

    @ Mitsubachi – I am in full support of (root) beer and (ginger) ale.

    @ Zizlak – I’d change the currency to kittens. Let’s try to see them farm those.

  5. Sod the time machine. I want my transmogrifier.

  6. Finally a candidate that I can back!

  7. Syp, you have my vote! by the way I love kittens… they taste like chicken ( I’m an Orc what do you expect?!)

  8. Mmm Kittens…Wait did Syp just say he wears lipstick.

  9. I vote Syp!

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