50 Small Attractions of WAR

October 28, 2008

Because sometimes the smallest detail can overwhelm the hardest heart.

  1. You don’t have to run around getting “flight points” to use the flight master.
  2. You can fly to your capital city at rank 1.
  3. Arrows on the circle around your character that point you to your group members.
  4. City Buff — whenever your city ranks up, you get a hefty bump to your xp, influence, renown and money.
  5. You can resize and move the UI anywhere you’d like it to be on the screen.
  6. There’s a separate bag for quest items — no more sorting through full bags to find them!
  7. Your characters swear and mutter when hurt.
  8. Using siege engines to blow away bad guys from across the playing field.
  9. Trophies — because we like frivolous fluff!
  10. Being able to queue up for scenarios from anywhere in the world.
  11. Getting xp AND renown AND loot in world/scenario PvP.
  12. The thrill of watching the PQ loot roll.
  13. Mythic devs actually talk to the players.
  14. Mirrored classes — so you don’t have to fret too much about choosing the “wrong” faction in terms of careers.
  15. Hoverboards! Er… Magus discs!
  16. Guild recall scrolls for a quick port to your capital city (once your guild hits 17, that is).
  17. There’s actually combat in capital cities — dungeons, PQs, even Skaven! — instead of just another vendor/quest hub.
  18. Explodey barrels in Altdorf.
  19. Bragging rights from the Tome — impress your friends with how often you’ve died!
  20. /special
  21. Secrets littered across the world, waiting to be discovered.
  22. PvP that matters. PvP that’s at the core of the game.
  23. Renown ranks that give you a feeling of progression even after you’ve hit rank 40.
  24. Being able to torch houses. Lots of houses. Yay!
  25. Taking a ride on a Greenskin catapult.
  26. Queuing up for scenarios from anywhere in the world.
  27. Right-clicking on your character to hear them crack jokes and say quirky phrases.
  28. Dual-targeting (one foe, one friendly)!
  29. Being able to play in a scenario at rank 1.
  30. An evil faction that is actually, y’know, evil — not just “misunderstood”.
  31. Having scores of titles to pick from.
  32. Large buildings that make you go “Oh wow…”, like the beautifully-designed keeps.
  33. Raining down boiling oil on an enemy force at your gates.
  34. Actually caring about your guild leveling and your city leveling or being attacked.
  35. Riding gyrocopters and dinosaurs!
  36. Nurglings: disgusting but cute.
  37. Snotlings: cute but disgusting.
  38. Standards: immersive, cool-looking and useful.
  39. Things that “age” with levels: War Lions, Magus’ discs, Marauder’s mutations.
  40. Character collision during PvP.
  41. Beer that heals you (props to my Engineer buds!).
  42. Spinning your character around on the character selection screen makes them dizzy.
  43. Not being forced into just one type of gameplay to level, but having several.
  44. Lots of ugly and deformed (scars) facial options.
  45. Knockbacks. Admit it — they’re fun.
  46. Healers that have more options than just heal-heal-heal… they can fight, too.
  47. Dyes, dyes, dyes.
  48. A more mature in-game community (cross fingers).
  49. Awesome ambient sounds, especially for creepy places.
  50. You can play alongside the legendary Syp! And probably die as I do!

P.S. – Two of these are the same!Ā  That’s a secret game for you to play!Ā  Yeah, I meant it that way!Ā  Really!



  1. Gotta do 1 more. 10 & 26 are the same!!!!

  2. Queueing for scenarios is twice in the list šŸ˜‰

  3. 50.You can play alongside the legendary Syp! And probably die as I do!

    hmm tempting

  4. #10 and #26 are both Queuing up for scenarios from anywhere in the world but honestly it deserves to be there a 3rd or 4th time, depending on how many scenarios are in your tier!!!

  5. “Being able to queue up for scenarios from anywhere in the world.”

    …except the main city.

  6. I know for a fact my male engineer yells “bloody hell!” when he gets hit particulary hard. And I am fairly sure he yells “bastard!” also. But I find the “bastard!” line so surprising that I almost can’t be sure he says it. Can any engineers confirm this?

  7. All dwarves do that…my IB yells quite a lot bastards as he take a fair amount of damage before going down šŸ™‚

  8. Yeah my chaotic sensibilites are hurt when dwarves call me bastard. Good thing running my sword through the nearest runepriest makes me feel a whole bunch better

  9. I agree with most of this. Love 3,6,10,28.

    Don’t agree on the following:

    1. This description makes flying around sound convenient, its not. Some areas don’t even have a flight master!
    5. While customizable, the UI is lacking in many ways. The chat functionality is something out of a first gen MMO.
    13. Right now we have to track down dev post across multiple fan sites. How is this an improvement?

  10. @slurm

    I haven’t tried this recently, but I thought you could queue T4 from the main city?

  11. My Black Orc will scratch his behind (when standing still and weapons are sheathed).
    That should be 51.

  12. I was just thinking, I’m not convinced collision during pvp is a good thing when it’s a healer on the same side as you decided to look around on the stairs heading to the lord room.

  13. and here i was thinking that Collision during pvp was a bug .. a rather anoying bug.. stoping my bug fixing reports for this now..
    it would be one of the only thing that i dont like about the game so far
    the rest of the list is purfect

  14. I will never admit that knockbacks are fun. Because they’re not unless you happen to have them, and a very small number of destro classes do. So I’ll maintain that they’re cheap gameplay and that no one should be able to “one shot” four people with a single button click. šŸ˜› I don’t mind getting knocked away if it doesn’t equal instant death. I will always maintain that knockbacks plus lava is just cheap as hell.

    I agree with about everything else. There’s lots to love about WAR. In fact, my dislike list is quite short, under five šŸ™‚

  15. […] & have fun..anyways, heres a quick link to 50 things I agree with that makes the game fun 50 Small Attractions of WAR Waaagh! A Warhammer Online Blog […]

  16. I know I’m probably alone in this, but I just love the lottery aspect of combining a talisman and seeing if I got a rare or even epic talisman. Every time I make one, I hold my breath. The first time I made a permanent +18 wounds talisman, it made my day.

    Another thing that stirs my blood is riding into combat in a large warband. The other day I was in one of three warbands storming through praag, and the destro players had at least 2 warbands after us, and it was so exciting I was shouting and bouncing up and down in my chair!

    When I was tier one, one day in Eckrund, I went out for RvR with an entire troop of dwarves, and something about all of our squat little bodies racing towards the greenskinned invaders was soooooo stirring!

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