The Face of a Gold Spammer

October 27, 2008

I’ve noticed, upon starting alts in the newbie zones, that sometimes you find a guy at the new player spawn point who’s doing something like this:

Obviously, it’s not a roleplayer who’s just really into numbers, but some sort of scripted / macro / bot program running. I thought, briefly, that it might be a Mythic employee who’s paid to stand there and count out loud all the new players who were created that day. But that’s crazy talk. I know. Crazy.

Nah, it’s Mr. Gold Spammer himself, as evidenced by his next action:

Aww. I can’t hit /rg fast enough. But since they’re a dying breed, it’s sort of special to encounter one in the wild like this. Why doesn’t Warhammer have a /slapyouupsidethehead command again?



  1. So far, warhammer online hasn’t had any use for gold… but when guilds hit lvl 14 and see the WHOPPING bill for claiming and holding a keep for even a day, they may resort to gold spammers unfortunately. Kind of silly to spend money on E-Gold (yes I just made up a new word, yay me!) just to hold a keep for an additional 24 hours but hey, some people have less of a life than WoW players I guess 😉

  2. Lol, I love how just after you received the /tell, you left your rested state. Seems the gold spam negatively affected your character as well 🙂

  3. I highly recommend the Spam Me Not mod. It has blocked 100% of the spam tells I have gotten. Instead of getting an annoying spam message, you just get a “Thanks for submitting a CSR request!” as the mod autoreports the spammer.

  4. Death to gold spammers! They are a dying breed, even in WoW.

  5. I’ve been wondering what the hell those people standing spouting #’s were doing. I tried ti imitate then to see what woudl happen and nothing worked.

  6. I wonder what the counting thing is all about.

  7. Ha, I saw spammer right in the starting spawn point when I started an alt about 10 days ago. Soon after I got the gold /tell from the little bastard (I was making a dwarf…). I really did want to violently attack him.

  8. I spent about 5 minutes standing next to one of these fellas while talking to a CSR about him. Needless to say, we both thought he was being very silly.

  9. So that’s what those numbers were. I just bought my copy of WAR this weekend and the second I logged in, I saw this dude just saying numbers.

    At first I thought it was an NPC but it was a real dude. I assume the counting is the number of /tells it made.

  10. The spam me not mod works great its also on my site if your interested. (iam not sure if this is considered spam)http://warhammeronlineleveling.blogspot.com/2008/10/spam-me-not-new-war-mod.html

  11. Actually, with the only use for gold we’ve seen so far being the extreme cost of keeps, most members of my guild have taken to tithing 50% or more of their income on their own. And considering the rate at which money comes in while questing just past lv20, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a larger increase once approaching the late 30s.

    That’s pretty funny that they have output to /s; it’s like “Hey look! I’m a gold spammer revving my engine!” I wonder what the intended purpose was? Probably antiquated debug code that they didn’t pull out before bestowing it upon “click the button and make a buck” spammers.

  12. well seems they should have a new tool to ban spammas..

    or at least a new way to auto identify them .. nice find

  13. […] Then I found out he was just a gold selling bot. […]

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