Poll: What WAR Feature(s) Do You Like Best So Far?

October 23, 2008

We’re not trying to give the impression that the honeymoon period’s worn off to such an extent that all that’s left are the dregs of complaints and unwashed dreams.  Truth is, we wouldn’t be playing Warhammer Online if the good didn’t far outshadow the bad (or broken or borked) — and we need to revel in the goodness from time to time.  So check out this poll and honestly check the features of WAR that have and continue to thrill you:



  1. Lol, I hope you put Mail/Auction house up there as a joke 🙂

  2. Any way to show each item as a percentage of total (i.e. 4/5 votes 80%)? Hard to read otherwise.

  3. This post is 12 minutes old and it already has 435 votes? I envy your traffic! 😛

  4. @Snafzg: I’m gessing it counts the checkboxes, not people 😛

  5. Dyes… silly, isn’t it? Well, maybe not so silly since I’m female and I formerly worked in the fashion industry. But I see I’m not the only one who voted for it! 🙂

  6. What exactly is this living city system? I mean , the whole five star system is new to me but the city itself is no different than FFXI, SWG, Everquest or any other MMO I’ve played.

  7. Well the good is barely outweighing the borked. What’s keeping me in the game is the feeling that Mythic could fix it if they put their mind to it.

    PQs and RvR have potential to be great, but they aren’t living up to their potential.

    The jump-in factor somehow fell apart after the first few weeks. Now we’re left with a game where the fun elements were scaled for crowds, so the only way to approach the content is to make your groups ahead of time. It’s large scale raiding all over again, ugh.

    I’d like to see Mythic either get the jump-in magic back somehow, or re-scale their content for normal groups. Some sort of anti-zerg / anti-focus fire mechanics would really help RvR.

    By my reckoning most MMO players don’t naturally roam around in groups of 12-48. And by my personal experience, being part of a zerg just isn’t fun.

  8. It’s asking for your favorite features but it seems from the results everyone is only selecting one.

  9. I think a lot of the things I like would have an * next to them and the big word BUT, because pretty much all of them could be better in a lot of ways.

    I like Open RvR and Keep Sieges BUT they need to work on the horrible performance problems.

    I like Scenario’s BUT they need to work on getting things more spread out.

    I like dyes BUT they need more options and more availability and recipes.

    I like trophies BUT they need more slots so we can fill all out belt and shoulders (8 slots).

    I like PQ’s BUT they need to lure more players into doing them by offering bigger rewards.

    You get the idea. A lot of good things in the game, BUT they all can and do need to be made better.

  10. Howdy,

    I love the game – or, perhaps I should say I love its potential.

    But I see huge icebergs looming just over the horizon…
    – population imbalances
    – empty worlds
    – RVR lakes = RVR deserts
    – scenario pumping

    Let’s face it, this game is in trouble. I’m not a hater, and I have faith in Mythic to address these issues. My concern is that the fixes will come too late.

    Another poster said it best – war is nowhere right now except for scenarios. I don’t think this game has months and months to prove itself. It has major issues that need to addressed – now.

    Not sure if you agree. If so, I’d love to read your take on it. Thanks

  11. Yep I felt I could only vote for things that are working 🙂

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